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After you’ve impressed your guests with incentive events with travel and accommodation. The next step is to host them with your Corporate Hospitality.

This two step process is an important part of any business management’s marketing strategy.

Whether they include corporate events such as trade shows, conferences, or sporting events, all these help build new networks and cement existing for long term business growth.

It’s good business practice and a sound tactic to stay active in your field. Good hospitality helps companies approach their potential clients and staff in meaningful way.

It never goes unrecognized to treat your guests with respect, courtesy, and politeness that shows you are prepared to go a long way to put a smile on their faces.

Corporate Hospitality Function photo

Photo of friendly service at a Corporate Hospitality Function

What is a Corporate Hospitality Event?

The definition of corporate hospitality is when business of any size invite their guests to a prearranged event at a venue with food, drinks and entertainment.

When planning for a corporate hospitality event, think about hotels, food service, beverages, entertainment or just an MC with likely some accommodation being required.

With all the event services required such as management and coordination, ticketing, booking venue, staff and all the audio-visual elements needed. Are you better off hiring an external freelance event manager or company.

Also important is having the event captured by a professional photographer, if the budget allows add cinematography too.

Make sure you cover all the basic at the least, if one crucial element is missing, it may not be perfect for creating a strong impression.

A more advanced planning idea to make your corporate event even better is by making it interactive. More on that below.

As an astute host, you should highlight the purpose of the event with branding elements throughout together with some extravagant arrangements to make it a much longer lasting impression.

“Otherwise, your guests may only remember the event happening and not your business”

Make your event as special as you can within your circumstances, capitalise on the investment. Highlight your events’ purpose as well as match your guests expectations then be proud of the outcome.

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Benefits of Corporate Hospitality

Incentive events with travel and accommodation is one way to show your valued clients you appreciate their custom.

As mentioned, the second step is to plan on maximising your and their benefit with your best corporate hospitality. The following are the key advantages in doping so.

Your First Impression is Very Important

First impressions always have a huge impact in the corporate world. And a great hospitality event manages to put it’s best foot forward for making that first impression one that delights.

It presents the side of your company to the new client or investor and enhances credibility.

If possible, have the newly arrived guests enjoy cocktails in a separate area and let them relax with drinks and canapes.

Make regular announcements that the main event will start in 20 minutes, then 10 minutes and so forth. Let the entrance to the main event start 10 minutes late to build excitement and suspense.

When your guests walk in, have indoor sparklers or fireworks lining the path. Give them gifts such as caps and other retail merchandise.

Have wait staff handing out more wine and beer. Have the DJ or party band playing in the background with the event photographer taking lots of shots of the smiles and they are indeed delighted with their first impressions.

Building Strong Relationships

Hospitality events also help your clients to build up trustworthiness towards your company.

Your hospitality provides them with the comfort of acknowledging their business. It creates goodwill with the business and strengthens the network to a greater extent than just the thank you lunches you host them too from time to time.

Relationships can be further strengthened by your clients meeting other staff in your customer service team. Have some group photos taken by the media wall and no doubt they will be shared on social media and help to promote your business even further.

Leverage Every Marketing Opportunity

These hospitality events reveal a great marketing opportunity for your company.

Whether it’s for a get-together, dinner arrangement, or awards ceremony purpose, guests get to know about your success and appreciate your effort to the community.

All the pre coms messaging to your mail list, posts on LinkedIn and social media will all be reminders of your business.

Same with after the event, all the best photos you are able to share across all your social channels. Your guests will share across their social media channel amplifying your marketing reach.

Arts & Entertainment Breaks Down Barriers

Your corporate clients are not just robotic identities who come to your event to show courtesy.

They enjoy your hospitality with the utmost regard. And if you arrange the event according to their entertainment taste, they will love it even more.

With this, they get to feel more relaxed and build trust in your network.

When organising your event in a hospitality venue you have so many choices. Being able to control the indoor environment by having low light for mood and special effects at any time day or night gives you lots of flexibility in tailoring entertainment to your invite list.

Successful Hosting has a Big Return on Investment

Not all in the corporate world will understand that a hospitality event can be an investment and not just a cost.

Most medium and large corporations do and should continue to invest in their staff and customers with great events. They may be more agreeable on that next big contract when they are there.

Corporate Hospitality Examples & Ideas

So far, we’ve been writing about a variety of corporate hospitality ideas and concepts.

But not all of them host the same interactivity and engagement approaches towards clients.

Below a list of some of the top hospitality event example ideas:

Interactive Food Stations:

Get a smart side catering station where your guests can take their desired meal on their own or in self contained fancy reusable containers they can keep.

Or you can arrange a buffet to let them customize their dishes according to their wishes (if that is allowable at the venue). Another option is to have a chef prepare some parts of their meal in front of them, which can be quite entertaining.

Contests and Competitions:

You can also arrange a contest or quiz competition for entertainment purposes.

Everyone loves to participate in these activities. Helps make corporate event even better by facilitating interacting with other guests to grow their own business networks. Be the enabler.


Caricature artists can draw funny portraits in just seconds and are perennially popular on the events circuit. Consider booking one to put a smile on your guests’ faces and they get to take home an additional gift.

Complementary Business Headshots:

One new trend is to make available a photographer specifically for taking headshots for your attendees. A great extra benefit your guests will be talking about for months.

Headshot Station:

There are great benefits of having a headshot station, costs are lower than individual headshots due to the economies of scale. Your company will save staff time by them not needing to travel offsite. Having one at your hospitality event will have everyone talking about you for months.

Professional Hair & Makeup Tips:

If you really want to be the host with the most, be impressive and memorable hire a professional photographer for the portrait station, together with hair dresser and makeup specialist and call it a pamper station. We’ve seen this at events be very popular indeed and the treat last for months in peoples minds about how well they were looked after.

Covers Band:

Find a talented band to come and play some funky music to set the atmosphere. Hire a trio or classical music as the last act of your event to finish with a touch of class.

You can also have attendees submit their favourite song or even surprise them with an unannounced request.

Ask your MC to shout out any members of the audience if they can play an instrument and join the band for one song. Perhaps a little karaoke too if you’re really friendly with your invite list.

Corporate Comedians:

Comedians are a great way to ensure that guests have an amazing time at events.

The humour and jokes in their sets will keep the audience engaged with plenty of laughter while also looking back on everyday life from an entertaining perspective.

When comedians come up with material for your event or company, they usually tailor it specifically for you, so all attendees get something different!

Full list of 28 corporate party ideas in this article.

Basic FAQ About Corporate Hospitality Events

What elements are necessary for a successful corporate hospitality event?

You can follow these three key elements for the perfect hospitality arrangement. Choose the perfect event according to your guests’ preferences. Be humble and polite enough to make your guests feel special. Focus on creating a commercial relationship by highlighting the purpose of your event in a friendly manner.

Why do businesses spend money on corporate hospitality?

Corporate hospitality events need a healthy budget, it allows businesses to advertise themselves. Attending an event allows employees to get out of the office and discuss business in a more relaxed environment.

What is a corporate event?

A corporate event, simply described, is any type of event, hospitality, or social activity organized or supported by a company entity. It’s intended to grow your business relationships with both new and existing clients.

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