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Lifestyle Product Photography For Growing Your Business

Different products appeal to their target consumers in different ways. Some products are best advertised with an emphasis on the product itself, while others will sell better if their effects on potential consumers are highlighted.

Using professional Models to highlight your product or services benefits to a user is a great approach to advertise your product.

And this is where we can help you !

With experience in lifestyle product shoots we can attest that lifestyle product photography and using models is effective in advertising lifestyle products. It has a greater influence on the consumer and they can see themselves using your product, they can ‘feel’ and imagine how your product appears physically or how they’ll be perceived by society with it.

Perception and adoption of your Brand cuts across every industry you can think of, including beauty and fashion, tech, food and beverage, automobile, even health, to mention a few.

This article will help you understand the importance of lifestyle product photography with models. It’ll also help you to decide if your product needs a Model to enhance its acceptability, by exposing and helping you to understand the things you need to look out for in your product and the model that you may choose.

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Lifestyle Photography Campaign Examples: A Visual Way to Show the Benefits of Your Services

Photos of Lifestyle Photoshoot with Hired Professional Models. Lifestyle photography is a powerful way to show the benefits of your services in a visually appealing way. By capturing people in their everyday lives, We can create images that are both relatable and aspirational. This can help you to connect with your target audience on a deeper level and ultimately drive more business.

What is Lifestyle Product Photography?

Lifestyle Product Photography is defined as, does it advertise the product or does it advertise the Benefits of using the product.

Lifestyle products are goods or services that are meant to be used in real-life, not online or virtually, and they impact the outward appearance of their user or others perceptions of them.

Lifestyle product photography is a type of product photography that focuses on lifestyle use of the product. It is aimed at providing detailed information, usually in real-life situations, to spur consumers to purchase the product for a lifestyle benefit.

The product is usually subjected to a styled and curated scenario that is similar to the ones the target consumers are familiar with. Familiarity is an important factor in commercial success.

Generally, lifestyle product photography involves the product, the curated environment or scenario, the effect of the product on the environment, and the effect of the product on its user. However, including all these factors depends on the type of lifestyle product you have.

Example 1

A body cream that clears sunburn will stand a better chance at acceptance by its target audience if it shows the effect of the cream on the sunburn, and how the subject and its environment are affected by the cream’s effect.
The nature of the product determines the factors that need to be included in a lifestyle product photography session.

Example 2

A beverage does not have to be elaborate in its effect on the environment; emphasis is usually on the product and its effect on a subject.

Example 3

A gardening tool for example will emphasize its effect on plants and how that affects the gardener. If a lifestyle product influences the curated scenario and the subjects, the more elaborate the photography is. On the other hand, if only the subject or the scenario is influenced, you may not need elaborate photography, hence saving on cost.

Client Testimonial

“Kennards Self Storage engaged the services of Orlando Sydney Photography. Orlando has worked with our team now on two commercial photography shoots and also captured the fun of the evening at our Annual Company Dinner.

Orlando’s professional attitude, experience, eye for detail and overall great photography is why we keep coming back! Orlando captures the look and feel of what we are after in our brand images.

Orlando Sydney has a can-do fun attitude, turning what could be a very long day into an enjoyable successful one.

We highly recommend Orlando Sydney Photography and will continue to use them to complete our portfolio of lifestyle brand images.”

Sharon Munro, Kennards Self Storage

Peace of Mind Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography Sydney

Lifestyle Product Photography with Model. Relaxing, Joy, Peaceful.

Are Models Necessary for Lifestyle Product Photography?

Using ‘Talent’ or Models in lifestyle photography is subject to the type of product you have, and how they are used. Lifestyle products that are applied to humans or other living things, such as animals, usually require models. Products that need human effort to apply them on their subject need models. On the other hand, if a lifestyle product eliminates human effort, you may not need a model for your product.

On Model Photography is necessary for lifestyle products in the beauty and fashion industry, sports industry, fitness industry, and other sectors that have products that influence human appearance.

Services that make life easier or add positive emotional benefits also will highly benefit from using humans in the photos demonstrating the benefits and satisfaction, or simply saving people time in mundane tasks and freeing up their time for more fun and pleasurable activities.

The Insurance sector, an easy way to book flights online, Travel Agencies, Business services, they can all benefit from using Models and Lifestyle photography campaigns.

Whereas robotics and automation for example or an arm of the tech industry, health and safety, and aesthetics and design, may not need models.

Fashion product photography can be achieved either with photographing just the garments on a mannequin or even just using “Flat lay” type of Photo shoot. We recommend these types of shoots for low cost items.

For High End or Designer Fashion you will sell more for a higher price if it is shown on Talent that resonates with your ideal demographic or buyer persona. Ecommerce fashion photography is another area you can use either photography method for.

Your product selling price will have a lot of influence on your decision to use Lifestyle Product Photography with Models.

What is the Difference between Lifestyle vs Product Only Photography?

The main difference between them is, does it advertise the product or does it advertise the benefits of using the product.

The big difference between product only and lifestyle photography is whether the product is demonstrated in use on a living being. Can be a human or animal.

Lifestyle photos can either be taken in a studio, outdoors or on location (by hiring a place).

Product only photos can also be taken in a studio, outdoors or on location to depict its intended use. That’s the same. Product only Photo Shoots outdoors is also a great way to show it’s intended use. In studio photos can be the simplest but if you want creativity, also the hardest to make them visually eye-catching.

Lifestyle vs Composite vs In-Use Product Photography

Compositing is an option for both lifestyle and in studio photography. Compositing is mostly used for in studio photo shoots to embellish or add a more dynamic element to the image. Typically a hero shot is used at in the most prominent location on the collateral.

For example, a drink bottle photographed in a studio may have water droplets or fizz added later by graphic artists that specialize in compositing. Adding steam to food photos are some of the simpler or common methods of adding compositing.

On Model Lifestyle photography doesn’t use compositing as much except for its use in changing the background on the photo. Think, changing a grey sky to a sunny one to tell a different story.

Compositing is not just adding text overlays on a photo.

How to Know if Your Product Will Benefit with an On Model Lifestyle Photo shoot

As a product owner, you want your target audience to accept and buy your product as much as as possible, and the most effective way to achieve that is to employ the most convincing advertisement you and your team can come up with.

While lifestyle product photography (with models) is more interactive – between the product and its subject, than product-alone lifestyle photography, you need to know if using a model has a significantly positive effect on your sales.

Here are some product properties and ideas that determine if they should use a model or not.

Product Use

Does your product affect the appearance of its users? Does it influence the physicality of its users? If your answer is yes, then your product may need a lifestyle product photography with a model.

What a product is used for determines if its application needs to be portrayed by a model, to show the right way to apply and use it. Also, if a product’s use is to satisfy a physical desire such as getting buffed or looking slimmer, using a model is essential.

Although products that affect or influence the physical appearance of their users, ranging from beauty products to fashion items, sports gears, fitness products, among others, don’t always need a model. Good clear images and angles of the product are fine but they will need models to show their target audience on how to use the product to achieve the desired effect.

Its Effect on How it Improves or Impacts Someone’s Life

The effect or result of using a product drives consumers to purchase it. What other way is there to show the effect of a product, especially lifestyle products, if not through models? Models show the target audience the effect a product has on their physical appearance, their mood, or how others perceive them. The effect of a product is more pronounced in lifestyle products that are inclined towards beauty, fashion, food and beverages, fitness products, and luxury products.

With fitness products, such as supplements or exercise equipment, the model usually possesses the physical goal of the target audience, making them believe they can achieve the same body image goals by using the supplement or equipment.

Food and beverages are meant to satisfy hunger, which affects the mood. The model for a food and beverage product may show their upbeat lifestyle as a result of the product they use. This type of product may use more than one model to drive home its message.

Luxury products are for a selected audience, and the model represents that audience, aspirational. Usually, luxury products are associated with comfort, affluence, and admiration. Hence, the product should provide comfort and cause the subject to get a degree of admiration and desirability from others.

Its Subject and Intended Audience

The subject of a product refers to its users, its target audience. A product’s subject should feel the need for the product and experience how it can affect them. The best way to show the subjects the effect and usefulness of a product is through lifestyle product photography with models. The model for a product represents the target audience; that is why a beauty cream for dark skin is usually modelled by dark-skinned models.

Relatability and diversity are important ingredients in achieving sales and Branding success.

Depending on the product, gender, skin colour, age, are important factors in choosing the right model for a product. A food and beverage product that promises to fill the stomach for longer hours is targeted at working citizens who have little time for food while at work, and those who are seeking to lose weight. Showing a worker who remains energetic for a long while after consuming the product is a more effective advertisement than describing the effects of the products.

Interaction Between Product and User

There are lifestyle products that should influence their environment in real life. The same should be displayed during lifestyle product photography to give the target audience the true effect of the product.

However, their influence does not affect only the scenario but the users. A product that improves the mood of people in a place means the place will be more fun and lively. Also, a gardening product that improves the growth of a plant makes the gardener happy, hence the need for a model.

Since every product solves a problem, the interaction between the user and the product, as portrayed by the model, always shows the user’s satisfaction and happiness after using the product.

A cleaning robot helps a homeowner keep their house clean; the direct subject of the product is the house’s floor, but its effect includes the house owner, hence the positive interaction – satisfaction – between product, subject, and user. Selling the outcome is very powerful in marketing.

Does Your Lifestyle Product Even Need a Model?

As impressive and effective lifestyle product photography shoots can be, sometimes they are unnecessary. Your products can reach your target audience by using other elements that are peculiar to them without using a model. You don’t have to incur the cost of hiring a model if your product;

Already has a lifestyle benefit

Don’t get this point wrong, a product can have more than one model, representing the same target audience, for one product. It is common with lifestyle products such as footwear, jewellery, and other beauty and fashion products.

However, one model may be enough for one product, especially if the effect is the same on every model that may try it. If your business is new and growing, you should use On Model Lifestyle product photography for your largest advertisement platform, but use product-only photography on smaller platforms.

If you have a series of products that have different effects on different subjects, you may need different models for each product.

Doesn’t Suit Your Advertisement Platform

Your advertisement platform of choice is important in determining the type of lifestyle product photography you choose. With a television advertisement, you can have a lifestyle commercial that uses a model to showcase your product. The same applies to any audio-visual or just visual advertisement platform, such as social media and digital ads boards. However, with audio only advertisements, photography is not needed accept to promote the audio Ad.

Also, if your ads platform supports only pictures and no videos, you may need to reconsider your product type and the best way to expose its use and effect without a video. Usually, before and after photography will work. Also, you can consider using product-focused lifestyle product photography strategies. Your photographer and Ad team will give the best advice on your options.

Does not need to show its effect and user-guide

Lifestyle photography with models is more interactive and explicit, showing a real-life scenario relatable to the target audience. However, if your product does not require that your audience see how the product affects the subject or how users have to use the product, you may not need a model.

Lifestyle product photographs can be product-focused; showing only the product, especially with automobiles, tech gadgets, and some beverages – depending on what advertisement story angle you’re shooting for.

An automobile advert on the pages of a magazine only needs to show the product in a scenario; a beverage that uses peculiar ingredients only needs to show the product in proximity to the special ingredients. A cleaning robot can accomplish its purpose without human interference, hence, you may not need a model.

You don’t need a Model when using a model is higher than your budget

Lifestyle product photography can be considered costly by some, but with the results they bring, they’re worth it. Lifestyle product photography with props only is considerably cheaper compared to ones with a model. If your product can achieve a significant sales improvement with props alone, you may want to opt for it. However, if models help to bring your product in a new light that appeals to your target audience, opt for On Model lifestyle photography.

What to Look for in Models for your Lifestyle Products

The right model for your lifestyle product is essential to the success of your advertisement. A professional photographer can help you choose the right model for your product. However, you should have an idea of what the ideal model should be. Consider the following, regardless of your product.


Is your target audience of a particular age bracket? Your model should be in the same age bracket as your target audience. A teenager and a young adult will help you sell hoods better than a middle-aged man with the best physique.
Models in the same age bracket as your target audience can relate with the audience better and express their expectations and worries better, giving your product more authenticity, and your advertisements are more effective.


If your target audience is gender-specific, use a model of the same gender as your target audience. However, if gender doesn’t matter, you may have to use all genders that can relate to your product.


It’s all about the appearance of models and how they portray your product. If you’re selling a gym supplement, you need models with the right body type and build to advertise your product. If your target audience is the working class, you need a model that can pull off the general appearance of the working class during work hours.

How much is Lifestyle Photography Pricing?

The pricing for lifestyle product photography is dependent on the type of product, the number of products, and the complexity of the shoot. Pricing can range from $150 to $500 per hour.

A commercial lifestyle photographer’s daily rate can vary from $2200 and up depending on the type of campaigns they specialize in.

There are many different types of lifestyle product photography to choose from. There is lifestyle photography for food, fashion, health care products, and more. Lifestyle photographers can also specialize in a particular type of lifestyle, such as travel photography or pet photography.

For example, a photographer specializing in high end product photography will have higher rates than one specializing in still life.

In many instances you may only need a half day shoot to achieve the shot list, always talk it through with your chosen photography services provider.

High end Lifestyle On-Model Shoots Photography Prices

Pricing for professional photography is dependent on the photographer, the number of people in the shot, the time and location. Talented photographers who offer a high end lifestyle on model shoots may typically charge between $370 and $1100 per hour. That’s what it takes to deliver those amazing images in glossy luxury living magazines. This does not take into account the images license fees on commercial shoots.


Lifestyle photography is effective with props but it is more effective with models.

Your target audience can relate with the model, and they buy into the effect of your product and how the models interact with it to get their desired results.

Take note of the things you need to know before deciding on using models for your lifestyle Photo shoots.

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