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Everyone loves an incentive especially when there’s a corporate event to celebrate the achievements of individuals and team performance.

The term incentive events does not get used a lot these days except for in the trade. When you break down what it is you can quickly appreciate the breadth of the inclusiveness of the expression, and we are not talking about buy one, get one free incentives either.

Money is a good short term motivator, incentivised experiences are better for long term loyalty and performance.

Your team has worked hard and achieved great results, the company budget is looking strong and you want to reward your staff and best clients.

Not only as a thank you but also to encourage and support greater business growth the following year as well. And who doesn’t like a good party while traveling too.

Incentive Event Group from Asian Enjoying Sydney Harbour on a Boat Party Tour

Incentive Event Group Photo. Boat Party. Sydney Harbour Tour

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Incentive events are the moments that bind your business and your customers.

So forms the basis of the incentive events and rewards sector which quite often includes travel interstate or overseas for some ‘lucky’ people.

Some of the definitions of incentive programs around the internet vary so if you’re new to the sector or doing some research this is ours.

An incentive event is designed to motivate, create synergy between people with shared goals, group affiliations and outcomes.

For this context it is usually in the form of formal events where you may need to travel and attend gala dinners and awards nights or participate in team activities. Typically all expenses are paid by the host or you may need to contribute a fee for the ticket.

Other incentive programs are geared towards consumer loyalty programs such as such a points system, non cash rewards or with free merchandise. These are not covered in this article.

This article will focus on;
Experiential rewards, which simply means an experience provided by the host or organizer. Travel, usually to major cities and venues, employee development with motivation and loyalty programs built in, sector celebrations and recognition and how photography can help add some glue and boost the results.

Incentive Tour on Sydney Harbour

Photos Onboard a Yacht During an Incentive Corporate Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Incentive events are a win for everyone involved

Incentive events are a win for everyone involved, from the hosting company, sponsors, venues, clients and to the lucky invitees.

  • People are highly motivated on a psychological level.
  • Team bonding and shared memories out of the office are priceless.
  • Important employee retention and loyalty
  • Employees feel appreciated in ways money doesn’t
  • Memories that last a lifetime.
  • Highly shareable photos
  • Builds excitement about employee performance for next year.

Plan and budget for your events are for photos to be captured of your teams coming together, celebrating and being motivated. Also a great reward for the executive team to see as an acknowledgement of the nurturing business leaders can have towards their staff.

Experiential Incentives

Rewards in the form of an experience are very common nowadays. This gives businesses the ability to gather their best employees and clients for special lunches, motivational guest speakers, live or music entertainment, sailing in the harbour or meeting celebrities.

Some companies will organise these special events inhouse by their event or marketing manager and on occasion lease out to freelancers or event organising specialists who will arrange everything.

Photography Suitability

The experience sector lends itself very well to photography. Any time you have even small teams of people catching up to celebrate a milestone or rewards achievements at any venue is great to have photos captured.

Not only to enhance the experience at the time but to also share on Social media and expand the reach of your good news for a few more accolades to your industry peers.

Employee development

A critical path to organisational growth is employee development. Having great candidates join the company is a good start, when or if they are able to achieve their targets is just the beginning as most companies have target increases every year and the market, many markets change frequently with competitors taking advantage of their strength and changing consumer needs.

For a business to thrive they must continually invest in employee development or risk stagnation and or the good staff leave to your competitors.

The solution is a continuous program of training and development such as conducting inhouse or external workshops, structured training, Self-Directed Learning, unstructured tutoring and one on one with more senior experienced staff.

We’ve even worked with company’s that provide professional headshot session to boost moral, keep a consistent looks across the business and motivate the staff. And why not as it is likely during an incentive event the staff will be all dressed up already and feeling relaxed.

Each one of these in essence can be broken down into either group training events or individual one on one development.

Photography opportunities

Workshops and grouped training sessions lend themselves well to being photographed. Individual sessions are ok but usually not required unless you are using the photos for promotions activities.

Travel Incentives

Some of the goals for developing a travel incentive program is to increase productivity, client engagement, and promote sales growth that has a lasting positive impression.

Usually these are to major city hotels and venues for industry or company catch ups that can include training on new products, supplier presentations and crowning sales and achievement champions of the year.

These travel experiences carry a high level of interest and work well in motivating people into action.

Photography options

Professional photos capturing some of these experiences are essential. For one, if the major stakeholders are in another country it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the attendance and effectiveness of the initiative.

Post travel these digital assets will be used over and over for reinforcing the benefit of achieving the results throughout the year and increasing anticipation for the following year.

Travel attendance is usually by invitation and who doesn’t like to travel year on year and great photos are one way to recharge that motivation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an incentive event?

An incentive event refers to a special gathering or occasion organized by a company or organization to reward and motivate its employees or stakeholders.

These events are designed to recognize and celebrate achievements, foster team-building and camaraderie, and provide unique experiences and incentives to participants.

Incentive events can take various forms, such as trips, conferences, retreats, or exclusive parties, and are intended to inspire and incentivize individuals to perform at their best.

What is an incentive example?

An example of an incentive could be a sales competition within a company, where top-performing sales representatives are rewarded with a luxury vacation package for achieving or exceeding their targets.

This incentive serves as a motivating factor for salespeople to put in extra effort and strive to outperform their peers.

By offering a desirable reward, such as a vacation, the company incentivizes its employees to achieve their goals and contributes to a positive and competitive work environment.

What is an example of incentive travel?

An example of incentive travel is when a company offers an all-expenses-paid trip to a tropical destination as a reward for outstanding performance or meeting specific business targets.

For instance, a technology company might organize an incentive trip to Sydney for its top-performing employees who have exceeded sales targets.

This incentive travel experience not only acknowledges their hard work and achievements but also serves as a memorable and motivating reward that encourages continued success and loyalty within the organization.

How can event photographs be utilised for marketing purposes?

Event photographs can be leveraged for various marketing purposes. They can be used in promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, or banners.

Additionally, they can be shared on social media platforms, incorporated into blog posts or articles, and featured on your organization’s website.

These visuals help showcase the success and vibrancy of your incentive events, attracting potential clients, partners, and employees.

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Photographs are digital assets

It takes a lot of people, effort and significant budget in hosting or organising major corporate incentive events so make sure this is captured by experienced professional photographers.

They will capture people, branding, emotion and all the activities the team participates in. Leverage your event many times over with quality photos.

Corporate Incentive Travel and Events that are sponsored by you will supercharge your team’s success.

All types of Audio-visual methods can be used to teach the skills and procedures required for job functions and processes but in person incentive events stimulate the most in motivating teams.

Incentive events are the moments that bind your business and your customers.

The key to capturing these moments is to have a dedicated incentive event photographer, who knows your brand and can create authentic, organic images that will be cherished for years to come.

Photography for Incentive Events

City of Sydney based photographer specialising in incentive events and photography for medium and large organisations.

The company behind this blog, Orlando Sydney Photography, have been capturing these moments for many years. Our professional and dedicated photographers capture the authentic moments surrounding incentive events in order to create an everlasting memory for all of those involved.

At Orlando Sydney Photography, we understand what it takes to provide an incentive event that will motivate and reward your staff.

We are able to capture the moment: whether it be a product launch, award ceremony, conference or corporate events.

With our experience in corporate photography, we have the talent to provide you with quality images that will communicate your goals to your employees.

There is no better way of adding to the reward and motivating your employees, than high quality incentive event photos.

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