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Event Photography Cost?

Event photography pricing this year is going to fluctuate more than usual throughout this year. Prices will be impacted by unusual market conditions, consumer spending and business budgets. A prediction is that some types of events will keep the same pricing structure and others will have greater fluctuations in price due to external factors.

Two factors will remain for Event Managers looking to book photographers; one is the experience of the photographers vs their budget allocation for photography. The other is photographers’ costs of doing business. Will the photographer be able to afford lower rates than previous assignments?

Photographers business costs and matching the level of the experience that an Event Manager is looking for will be an additional challenge for some.

Trend in Event Photography Predictions

In 2020, we may end up with a shortage of available experienced professional event Photographers; Photographers that can capture the essence and pressure of larger events. Full time photographers may need to look for supplementary work due to the shrinking available shoots during business hours. Conversely, there may be more part time photographers for out of business hours events.

Professional photographers and event managers will need a bit of extra communication to get that perfect match and overcome any budget challenges.

How much photographers charge for event photography will continue to vary greatly. Compare the prices to experience and the quality of the photos and service you need.

This article focuses mainly on event photography prices for business and corporate events.

Event Photography Pricing

Event Photography Price List

  • Prices Per Hour – $200-$280
  • Half Day Rate Average – $880
  • Day Rate Average – $1600
  • Minimum Charge – $440
  • Typical Cost – $440-$2500
  • Average Travel Charges – $0 – $1200
  • Preliminaries – $0
  • Standard Editing – $0
  • Photo Use Licence – $0
Event Photography Price List 2020 Info graphic

Event Photography Price List 2020 Infographic

Types of Events and Pricing

Event Photography Pricing in Sydney

Sydney event photography prices vary greatly. For example, weddings are the most costly and small family events are at the lower end. For full day events the average rate can be up to $2500 depending on the type of event.

To book an experienced event photographer in Sydney you can pay from minimum of $440 and up.

Price factors include; are they based near the event venue? How much equipment and type will they need? The experience of the photographer will also be a big determinant on price. We are located within walking distance to all the best event venues in Sydney.

Small Event Photography Pricing

Small indoor events are usually dimly lit so the photographer will need to be good with flash photography. Not many beginner photographers are as it can be a little daunting. For small events, without flash, you may be able to charge less. Quality flash equipment costs can be high. Beginners at a lower cost point for some types of events are perfectly fine.

Small indoor events may have an oversupply with many part time photographers trying to make a few extra dollars in a tightening economy.

Event Photography Price Package 

We offer price packages to our regular clients and when they have multiple day events. Photo Booths and instant print are sometimes used at corporate events. These can be booked directly with one of the many excellent photo booth suppliers in Sydney or we can book and co-ordinate on your behalf. Video packages can also be added to a photography package if you prefer us to manage that process too. If you have a favourite video team, just let us know and we can arrange all your media needs.

Corporate Events

Trade Show Expos, Gala Dinner Events and Conferences & Seminars will need a photographer with experience in those niches. Particularly a corporate event photographer will need a strong understanding of the demographic of your attendees and be relatable.

Corporate event photographers equipment list is very similar across these 3 niches and pricing will have little variance.

Corporate Event Photography Price Summary

  • Full day events of 8-10 hours, the average photographer day rate is from $200-$280 per hour.
  • Prices for event photography have a minimum average charge of $440.
  • Typical event photography pricing in Sydney averages from $440 – $2500.

Commercial Photography Costs in Australia

Commercial rates can range from $150 and $400 per hour. By its nature, commercial photography requires a professional freelancer with considerable experience, a large assortment of camera equipment and at some bookings, an assistant or two. For speciality shoots they may have an additional charge for dedicated camera gear.

Can I Book an Event Photographer Per Hour?

Professional event photography hourly rates in Sydney Australia average from $300 to $400 for a single hour booking.

On some occasions booking an event photographer per hour is a good idea. Hourly rates are good for the times when you are not sure how long the event will last. Or when you have a fixed price and may need an extra hour or two on the day. Knowing the hourly rate upfront can give peace of mind. Event photographer hourly rates in Australia are on par with other comparable countries. Booking in half or full day is our recommendation.

Affordable Wedding Photography

How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost in Sydney?

Prices for weddings start at $2200 for an intimate wedding at a local city venue by a professional photographer. There’s some nice inclusions for this price and the type of personal service a couple would want on there special journey.

Small Wedding Packages on a Budget

We’ve had the great pleasure of photographing a few small intimate weddings. Some alternative wedding venues have been on rural properties, Centennial Park Rose Garden, marquees and outdoor decking area at home. Small weddings packages are very easy to understand and affordable. Less fuss, stress and more love and lots of those warm fuzzy feelings.

Small or any size of wedding, the couple and the photographer should get to know each other. Over a few emails, phone calls or better still in person. Connection between photographer and wedding couple should be high on any check list.

Small intimate weddings are a very special type of event. Prices for weddings are dependent on how many hours and locations.

First questions to ask a photographer; Are there print packages bundled together? Any second shooters? What extras are included in the package. Do hi res files costs more? Can you take wedding portraits with the family?

The photography fee also takes into account the detailed photo processing for the web and preparing for print.
Common photo packages include; photography, agreed minimum hours, prints and a favourite of ours, the must book couples shoot before the wedding. All couple types are welcome to contact us for a chat about your upcoming wedding to see if there’s a connection.

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Australian Rates Compared

Countries like the US, England and Hong Kong have very similar rates when converted to local currency. Australian rates in capital cities compare well with other similar countries. Check out a few price comparisons.

Comparing Freelance Event Photographers Prices

You don’t want to pay too much. And just about every time, you don’t want to pay too little.

Low budget photographers have not allowed for their skills development, nor will they have the full suite of resources to deliver their services to a standard. Or have professional camera equipment and reliable backup processes. How about insurance, a professional will always have full cover for public liability.

Cheap photographers are cheap for a reason and you’ll find most photography booking service websites who aggregate beginners are of higher risk. With such low rates and the booking service taking up to 30% away from photographers leaves very little incentive to potentially even turn up.

Photo Use License and Copyright

Usage license fees are typically included in event photography. Usage rights differ to ownership rights. Very few if any professional or freelance photographer will give away ownership rights. Typical photo use licensees are perpetual. In special circumstances they may contain restriction on length of time and where the photos can be used. It is rare though.

Event photo use licences typically do not extend to all vendors automatically. Photographers will at the least ask for photo credit and link back to their portfolio. We appreciate vendors asking us the question. The booking Event Management Company and their clients can of course use the photos without credit. Helpful and nice when they are able to link back.

10 Tips on What to Ask Event Photographers

  • Do you have a photography pricing list?
  • What are Photography rates half day and full day?
  • Do you have photo price packages?
  • Are your commercial rates affordable?
  • Are the prices fixed?
  • Will the prices be in a written contract?
  • Is it per-image pricing?
  • Will you charge extra if the event runs late?
  • What doesn’t the fee include?
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?

Photography Payment and Bookings

Typically the booking process is; make an inquiry, exchange a few emails and share the event details and running program if it’s ready.

We’ll provide you with a quotation with all the details of inclusion and conditions in plain speak.

To book an event photographer, we accept a date retainer to lock it in the diary. This can be paid by either EFT or Credit Card. Most of the accounts are settled by payment during your regular monthly pay cycles. Standard commercial terms keep it consistent with your other suppliers.

Event Photography Posts

Pricing and Rates Feedback?

Note: We are event photography specialists and create our own content in house. We strive to provide it as accurate and up-to-date. However, our content is meant to compliment yours. Please consult your own lawyer, accountant, or other licensed professional for specific information to your needs. If you find an error, omission or have a subject you’d like covered, please contact us.