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What’s this Photography Blog about

A collection of all our latest articles and posts about the Photography Industry with research on photography, pricing, predictions and expert commentary on the sector.

Together with guest writers sharing tips for photographers and market intelligence. We edit every single post manually for consistency and accuracy. We only use our original photos (unless others indicated which is rare).

Most blog post articles are written and rewritten for constant improvement by us. We have a focus on the following subjects: Photography, Commercial and Event, and a big interest in our local area Sydney, Australia.

Who are we?

We’re are full time professional photographers actively running a photography business. Sharing tips and ideas on our specialist genres and subjects we love.

Get professional photographers inside knowledge by reading, sharing and linking to the articles.

This page also includes our photography services and portfolio pages.

Some articles are focussed on detailed photographer tips and ideas for both beginners and intermediate photographers with a few advanced techniques to keep it interesting.

The photos on the articles below are all captured by us at the hundreds of events, parties, festivals, corporate shoots and other bookings, with a few we’ve shot just for fun. We do not use stock photos, ever. Google won’t rank them and progressive businesses don’t like them either. If you’d like to use any of our photos just get in touch with us for the correct attribution first.

If you have a collaboration idea that needs thorough detailed coverage (most articles are 1500 to 4000 words long), email us and we may just co-write it.

Recent Articles Section

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Corporate Event Photography Articles

A subsection of our latest posts with a focus on corporate and business events. Common subjects such as trades shows, conference, gala dinners. These also include portfolio pages with photo album examples and some general sector specific informational pages.

Articles for Photographer Tips and Ideas

Selected articles highlighting research on pricing, rate predictions, the broader event sector and lots of tips, techniques and ideas for up coming photographers.

Event Photography Articles

This section is a summary of the head term ‘Event Photography’ and is a larger collection of pages. You will also find niche events we’ve photographed in the past.


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We provide photography services primarily to leading event managers, coordinators and assistants. Local and international marketing managers, business owners, editors, office managers, media outlets.

Typical event ranges in size from 100 to 10 000+ people. Personal service with an honest, hands-on approach and great value based photography pricing. Integrity and transparency with a commitment to ensure your success.

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