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Most Common Types of Corporate Events

  • Trade Show Expos
  • Gala Dinner Events
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Networking Events
  • Presentation Awards
  • Industry Summits
  • Product Launches
  • Supplier Demonstrations
  • Product Training
  • End of Year Corporate Party

Photography at Corporate Events

Trade Shows Expo

You’ve just secured a space at a yearly Trade Show and to maximise your investment you need to have it documented. Paying for your space is just the beginning. Maximising the ROI on running the Trade Show is of utmost importance these days. Especially with the prospects of having the additional costs of a virtual events.

Depending on the event, the expo may last for several days to weeks, so your photographer in Sydney has to be well organised and capable of meeting your needs.

Documenting all the milestones at the trade show is where you can count on a professional photographer. With the right photographer on your side, you can let your staff focus on their job and worry less about capturing the right moments on their phones.

Professional photos can be used for everything from entering new markets, to promoting your staff with fresh headshots, and promoting your presence at future shows to increase your brand awareness. Sharing regular content to your audience means you will not be forgotten amongst all the messages your competitors are sending out.

There are plenty of photographers out there, but sending anyone other than an expert in trade show photography is taking a risk. Sure, a studio portrait specialist may have the right equipment. But business event photography presents unique challenges that can have a good portrait or general photographer struggling.

Before the event, you and the photographer will need to discuss the scope of photograph y services, which includes the number, type and variety of photos you want (see the Shot List example discussed in this article). Typically, your photographer will work with you and the venue management to discuss any specific conditions before or after the event.

Experienced business photography specialists will work with you to meet your particular requirements.

Gala Dinner Events

Once a year, your team, clients and supporters dress up for a night of wining and dining to celebrate. You have to put in some hard work to create a stellar experience, but one of the most important things is to ensure you hire the right photographer.

Gala dinner types of events are often bursting with anticipation and filled with excitement. Many old business friends gather and new connections are formed. Through photography, your photographer can capture the atmosphere, stunning stage designs, lighting displays and of course, the guests enjoying themselves.

Example Gala Dinner Program:

  • Drinks and canapes with networking to start the evening
  • MC for the night welcome message and introductions
  • Guests take a seat usually at tables of 10
  • Sponsors’ messages
  • The main course served
  • Entertainment
  • Award presentations – what everyone has been waiting for
  • Networking time
  • Entertainment
  • Networking and final drinks

Like most corporate events, annual galas and dinners present the photographer with a photo journalistic challenge in that they must capture natural, candid moments without making guests feel awkward. For instance, an experienced gala dinner photographer knows to avoid taking photos of people as they eat because it makes them uncomfortable. Not to mention, nobody wants their photo taken with their mouth wide open or with a glass of wine to their face.

Here experience with business events is a must, and when to take photos is just as important as when not to take a photo.

While the main meal is being served presents an excellent opportunity to take full room photos, demonstrating how well the event is attended and show off the venue in its best light.

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Conferences, Seminars and Summits

Conferences and seminars are about building or strengthening bridges between businesses, so a photographer has a vital role to document your most important events. The typical conference will have a schedule of events and speakers that have been arranged to ensure there’s a seamless flow of activity.

Conferences which are typically larger than seminars, gather like-minded people to discuss related topics. While conferences differ from other types of events in terms of size and purpose, it is still an important gathering for delegates representing all associated groups. Many of which rarely come together except at yearly or biannual events.

Professional photographer’s images are an essential way for the delegates to relay the essence and narrative of the day to their respective professional circles.

The photographer’s job is to try and make someone who wasn’t at the conference, seminar or summit know what the event was all about, who attended and where they should be the next time. And in so doing, he/she will watch out for themes, logos, details, colours, and features that make the conference unique or different from others.

Often at these types of events, the photographer has to deal with a variety of lighting conditions, some of which can be harsh. Moreover, multiple activities could be happening at the same time. Prioritisation is therefore essential to make sure the photographer captures everything required. A photographer with experience is necessary if they are to tell your story and advance your brand’s image.

If you can find a professional photographer that has the personality and business experience your guests will relate to, even better.

One benefit of hiring a competent photographer is, of course, to sell more tickets and increase the number of attendees to your next conference or seminar.

Often the photos are used immediately for social media promotion or in future for PR and advertising.

Presentations & Awards Nights

After months of planning, getting things in order and making necessary preparations, it all leads up to the big day, the presentation and award ceremony.

Also, the award night might include speeches and maybe a few stage interviews. Photographers have a huge role to play in capturing the most important moments throughout the event. With proper preparation, a seasoned events photographer will leverage their creativity to capture the emotions of the crowd and find the right moments for the perfect shots.

By understanding your expectations, professional photographers place themselves in a position to best capture the excitement, attendance and entertainment that define the award ceremony.

Media and Photography Checklist at Awards Nights

  • Will any other media be present?
  • Have you sent out press invitations?
  • When do your Marketing or Media teams require the photos?
  • Is there a list of the panel of judges and the winners?
  • Will influencers be using the photos to create brand awareness?
  • What are the rules for the use of the photos?
  • Can we use flash photography, re churches and heritage buildings?

It is essential that the awards night photographers work together with event planners so they can create the perfect setup and capture the best shots of the award winners and other important people. When it comes to photographing award ceremonies, timing is very important, especially if the event is running ahead or behind schedule, so it helps to have the right information and prepare well. Great two-way communication is a key element in getting the photos you need.

Industry Expos

Industry expos and other large business functions provide great platforms for B2B networking as they’re often large in scale and scope. Most industry expos will have public exhibitions of various commercial or industrial products.

Photography is the perfect media tool and should be at the centre of your marketing program. Expos vary in style, i.e. indoor or outdoor. An experienced photographer knows the ins and outs all too well. Given the potential for industry expos to be huge, professional photographers will work as a team of several photographers to capture various aspects of the event simultaneously. Or for example, if it’s in one of the halls at the ICC, one photography may be all you need.

Types of Trade shows List

  • Franchising expos
  • Fitness expo shows
  • Lifestyle-focused trade shows
  • Building and Construction Expos
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Security and Safety trade shows
  • Technology expos
  • Independent Living shows
  • Government services show

Product Launches

Product launch events are necessary in today’s businesses world, but for startups, they are even more critical. Product launches aim to create product and brand awareness as well as publicity for a particular product or service. You want to generate lots of buzz and excitement and get the online world talking about it.

In today’s world of online shopping, the price is a key determinant when making purchase decisions. Nonetheless, you can’t afford to discount the value of great photos at your product launch event. See this page for a detailed guide on photography prices and rates.

The majority of your clients and supporters will want to see photos from your product launch if they can’t make it in person.

A great place to use the photos is for e-news on your website or for your email newsletter campaigns. Words are great but including photos will add value to your message.

You could have your in-house marketing staff taking photos, but poor-quality images may be more detrimental to your brand than having no photos at all. That’s why you should hire a professional event photographer to capture high-quality images.

For product launches, be sure to have enough photos for digital marketing. Having a wide variety of shots to choose from helps to create continuity across different channels with similar photos. Consistency in imagery, tone and voice of your marketing messages will have you standing out from your competition.

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