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Trade shows in Sydney NSW are a great way to re connect with your industry, buyers and suppliers. Create impact in your sector with creative world class events and great photos. Quality photos for consumer, retail, gift fairs and business to business trade shows. (Photo gallery examples below)

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Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in Sydney

The business trade event market in Sydney is huge and Exhibitions and Trade Fairs make up a large portion of the spend. Industry leading Companies can pay up $100k to be gold or platinum sponsors, then add $50k for elaborate trade stands, staff time and giveaways.

There were over 50 International Trade Fairs in Australia scheduled for 2020, most will take place in Sydney and Melbourne and mainly for trade and industry professionals.

These large investments mean that you need to engage vendors that deliver results.

Orlando Sydney can help ensure that your single or multiday event achieves maximum effectiveness to give you the edge against your competitors.

What is the economic Importance of International Trade Shows in Sydney?

Research done by EY and Deloitte both conclude the contribution corporate events add to the national economy.

In 2015-16 38m people participated at 429,500 business events in Australia directly generating $30 billion and nearly $14 billion indirect value. This keeps a lot of people employed and connected to each other providing thousands of niche professional communities, over 193,000 jobs.

“One in five dollars spent by international visitors in Australia is spent by an international visitor attending some form of business event.” Deloitte – Economic value of Australia’s international business events sector.

How to make your trade show booth or stand present at it’s best?

Most trade events are well attended and you’ve booked your booth, perhaps a single or event a double Stand. After taking countless photos we notice what works best visually.

Firstly yo want to appeal to the exhibition visitor so they don’t keep walking past. Typically an open booth style is more inviting than having your display right up against the front boundary. Set all your products back if you can.

Capturing photos of you in action interacting with prospects is another important aspect of your attendance as an exhibitor. Empty stands can look good in photos sometimes. But you will want photos while your stand is full of interest from attendees. Experienced photographers will position themselves to highlight the high level of interest in your stand including your branding elements in the background. Action shots where possible is also ideal.

How much is trade show photography pricing?

To accurately provide rates for these complex events, Managers are best to ask for a quote directly from vendors.

We’ve got this handy photography prices and rates article for those who are looking for some ball park figures, these might be enough to allocate some of the budget to photographers and media teams.

What are common outdoor fairs in Sydney?

The common ones in Sydney are the outdoor community fairs that many local government bodies, aka Councils run annually.

These provide a place for the local community to come together and celebrate but also increase local trading opportunities.

We’ve photographed a few of these over the years. Outdoor fairs need a different approach to the indoor Convention and Exhibition venues.

Weather can play a major part in pre event planning and during the day. Councils put a lot of effort into these Fairs and require fast thinking and agile photography. Photographers will need to be well rested and well planned to perform in the heat of the day and be at the ready for everything from family photo request to stall holders, Mayoral and local Minister speeches all within a few minutes and meters from each other.

What is a good trade show shot list?

Shot lists are important at conventions and exhibitions. Usually we receive a progress program a few months out.

Then the locked in program for the event photography together with the shot-list outlining who the sponsors and VIPs are. These two documents are usually enough plus a phone call or early on location orientation. There’s a comprehensive shot list on the corporate event photography page as an example if you need inspiration.

Are photography brief’s good to have?

A photographers brief is a very handy document. We’ve got some samples and templates on that page you can use for inspiration.

What are some photography tips & techniques for expos?

Wear a camera harness and really comfortable shoes, carry water and wear a hat outdoors are a few essential tips on personal safety and performance. Comprehensive event photography tips and ideas on that page.

For these typically crowded events you won’t be able to go back and further from the media tent to pick more kit. Carry all the equipment you’re likely to need for at least a few hours at a time. Hang a camera on each side of the harness with zoom lens and speed light / flashes.

Outdoor photography will likely be very contrasting in full sun so use fill flash to ‘fill in’ the shadows on faces.

How can photographers prepare for a trade show?

Trades show photographers must have stamina, typically trade show photographers in Sydney need to be on their feet for at least 1 full day, many trade shows run over multiple days.

This requires great experience not only at the Show but in pre show preparations. Multi day events require finely tuned systems and processes that ensure attentive service is able to be provided over what is common, 20 hours of photography time over 2 consecutive days.

Professional Trade Expo photographers are able to capture the overall ambience or voice of the event and also capture the fine detail that most of the Exhibitors put into their product displays.

We also add rapport building with commercial exhibitors and particularly the attendees high on the list of important aspects of delivering top quality service.

Are there security considerations at trade shows and conventions?

This subject does not get covered very often online. We’ve photographed many trade shows where is has been important either due to confidentiality of what’s on show or the value of products on display.

Some Trade Only events are very specific in their audience. Government, Defence and high value products such as high end jewellery comes to mind.

Event manager and venues need to go to greater lengths to ensure not only the attendees are appropriate to attend (Trade Only for example) but also of their suppliers, vendors and their staff.

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