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Corporate Headshots for Individuals, Team and all Staff Group Headshots in Sydney, Australia

We Provide Headshot Photography to both Metro Sydney and Sydney CBD

We’re proud to provide our friendly headshot photography services to businesses of all sizes throughout metropolitan Sydney and in Sydney CBD. Our goal is to help you protect your business by creating beautiful professional headshots that will make your staff look their best and increase performance.

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Women’s Corporate Headshots, great for Websites, Annual Reports and LinkedIn

Gradient or Solid Colour Headshot Background

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Headshots for Individuals and Staff

Mobile Studio Comes to you for Business Headshots

We have many Mobile Headshot Station solutions that are perfect for events and office spaces. Our photographers are experts in directing and capturing the best angles, and we provide instant previews of the shots. While maintaining a fun and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the session to ensure a great experience for your business and staff.

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Set up During The Session and Results

Premier Mobile Headshot Station Service. At Sir Stamford at Circular Quay. Black Background. By

Premier Mobile Headshot Station At Sir Stamford Hotel at Circular Quay. Black Background option. 2.5mx7m

Behind The Scenes photo on a Orlando Sydney Photography shoot

Results from the Executive Board Headshot Session

Traditional or Creative Headshots for Annual Reports, Executives or each and every Staff member

Corporate Headshots with your unique personality can accelerate the careers of both women and men not only in the commercial sector, but also with personal branding and life. You’ll be appreciated more by staying real and approachable.

Get a quote today, we’ll guide you and each staff every step of the way. Studio Results at a location convenient to you

A few of the benefits of professional headshots are; Staff retention, employee and executive satisfaction for years of loyal service, that’s the power of professional corporate photos.

Whether it’s just for you or for volume headshots, request a free quote today.

Popular Styles of Headshots for Profile Photos

Studio Style Business Profile Headshots Perfect for both Men and Women – Zoom meetings, ID Cards, Tender Bio, Social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles

Photographer in Sydney with 5 star google reviews

“Orlando was excellent in ensuring everyone was comfortable and relaxed during the session. The corporate headshots turned out great and we are extremely pleased with the result. Highly recommend him.”

Theresa N – Haymarket City of Sydney)

Photographer in Sydney with 5 star google reviews

“Prompt, professional and personable! Really appreciate the great service and results!”

Doug Archer (Eastern Suburbs)

Photographer in Sydney with 5 star google reviews

“Orlando Sydney is a Great Photographer, and very personable who takes his time with your shoot. I had my headshots done by him in Sydney University. Highly recommend.”

Thabiso Premium Consulting

Photographer in Sydney with 5 star google reviews

We recently hired Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography for our corporate headshots, and we were thoroughly impressed. The quality of his work was exceptional, capturing our team in a professional and engaging manner. His service was top-notch, with a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Orlando for his outstanding services.

Aurora Research Sydney – Sophiya Shakya

Staff Headshots with White Background Examples

Corporate Headshots Photography with White Background EXAMPLES

Sydney Group Headshot Examples with a Traditional White Background at their Office

Example of Sydney City Headshots, Dark Background

Corporate Headshots Photography with Dark Background EXAMPLES

Corporate Headshot Station Packages Available for your Staff Photos. Portraits Photographed at their Conference in Sydney CBD. Or at your next corporate event

Let’s Capture your unique Natural Style and Premier Corporate Headshots

For a start we can stop using the plain white studio background. Over the last 20 years that is mostly of what we’ve seen, a slither of shoulders, and sometimes even the tops of heads cut out of the frame. Not a great look in modern times.

Whether it’s your first time getting headshots or you’re updating them every year or two. A good experienced Photographer can can help you look your best. Show the authentic you, how you are current in style, show off the influencer, and look professional with your personal and business brand standing out on LinkedIn and all the other business platforms.

For something different head outdoors in fresh air and use a natural backdrop such as plants or sandstone textured walls, cityscape with natural light and fill light from the Photographer’ kit.

Studio’s have their place but find a head shot Photographer that has the skills to blend in a variety of light and styles for your next business headshots.

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Staff Headshots Setup Fly Through Video

Behind the Scene Video Example of Headshots Set up

“Common Backdrops Include; White, Grey, Black, Outdoors or Office. We Bring Lighting And Equipment (and Backdrop) to Show You at Your Best!”

Group Portrait Photography Example

Group Portrait Team Photo. Photography by

Infographic for Headshot Services

Infographic for Corporate Headshot Services. Mobile Headshot Station, Group Team Photos, Annual Reports. Sydney, Australia. By

Infographic for Corporate Headshot Services. Mobile Headshot Station, Group Team Photos, Annual Reports

Corporate Headshot basics

Let’s demystify the ‘headshot’ and explore where and when headshot photography will benefit you and your professional career.

We’re also going to dig into personal branding and give you an overview of corporate headshot prices. Headshots will also improve your love life. (well, we’d like to think so)

According to LinkedIn Research, people who include professional headshots in their online profiles receive over 20 times more views and connection requests. (They would say that though wouldn’t they)

Your messages will have a higher rate of being read and responded to if you show care about your personal brand and career. A professional photo says, “you’re ready to start and excel at work.”

You’ve got a well-fitting modern suit, an up-to-date resume, and of course, a pro headshot to tell the new employer you are ready to start work!

Alternatively if you want to book a business portrait, just let us know via the form or head to the contact page.

Unlike headshots, portraits can be more artistic and expressive, showcasing the subject in a variety of poses and settings.

The primary focus of a headshot is the person’s face, including a clear view of the eyes in a relaxed manner, so it is important that the lighting and composition are carefully chosen to showcase you in the best light without distractions.

Is a Professional Headshot Worth it?

A professional headshot is worth it if you’ve set yourself goals and there is an expectation or your situation demands an impactful first impression.

If your personal image or Brand impression is to help you sell a product or service can you afford to not make an impression that you take the offer seriously enough to invest $300 in your appearance.

Is a less than $300 dollar suit acceptable to wear to the office or a sales meeting as a comparison.

For instance, Real Estate professionals sell property worth millions of dollars, does your image reflect that? Sales professionals, are you selling services worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, many are and don’t invest in their development and lose to those that do.

If Actors, Authors and Models want or need to stand out from a crowded market place are you willing to risk that with selfies.

If you go too cheap you just may end up looking cheap.

Find a good middle ground on price of say $300 per session for a come to you service if there’s a good Studio nearby.

Show your confidence, professionalism and your character with a headshot.

Cheap, Are you tempted by Cheap Headshots?

Investing in bargain headshots in Metro Sydney for your professional image is an ill-advised move that could prove costly.

Although the attraction of a lower price tag may appear enticing, the actuality is that low-priced headshots are frequently tantamount to substandard quality.

Are you willing to jeopardize your career and reputation with a mediocre headshot? If you need dirt cheap headshots, get a friend to do it on their modern mobile phone rather than a professional photographer that is just too cheap.

If you desire to create a powerful and long-lasting impression, it is imperative to invest in an established headshot photographer.

Don’t cut corners with your professional image. Opt for a photographer who possesses the proficiency and know-how to encapsulate the essence of your character.

The name Cheap Headshots may sound like an advantageous option, but it’s a risk that is simply not worth taking. Prioritize quality over price and schedule a session with us today.

Definition of a Headshot

A headshot is defined as simply a photograph of an individual’s face, usually including their shoulders, including only the person who is the focus and subject of the photo created by a professional photographer.

What are professional headshots used for?

  • Linkedin profile
  • Social media profiles
  • Directors briefs
  • Podcasting
  • Website about page
  • Author bio
  • Models
  • Publicity
  • Casting
  • Media stories

Are Professional Headshots Really Necessary?

How important are they to your professional career? Do other successful people in your area of expertise have one? It is expected of you, or can you get away with doing it yourself photos.

Will the business hiring you need to be impressed with your presentation? Both women and men in business need to present well at first sight. Business greetings include handshakes, and people make assumptions out of that.

Business handshakes are one thing, we also now have at first glance how well our online LinkedIn image represents who we are in real life. You’ve got less than half a second to make an impression.

Personal Branding is So Important in 2022

Your brand must stay consistent across all media on or offline. Your look is an integral part of your brand, so make sure you are instantly recognizable. Quickly gain trust, and it will be easier for you to deliver on your brand promise.

Your business headshot should not be more than 5 years old. Updating it every 2-3 years is even better.

You evolve, and so can your personal brand, but no one will know about your personal growth unless you maintain your public image.

Who uses headshots;

  • Woman
  • Men
  • Actors
  • Business people
  • Office Managers for staff
  • Executives
  • Authors
  • Government officials
  • Media personalities
  • Entertainers

Compared to AI Headshot Generators

Advantages of using a professional headshot photographer instead of an AI generator:

  • Expertise: Professional headshot photographers have years of experience taking and editing headshots. They know how to pose people, use lighting, to create flattering and professional-looking images without going over the top on processing, you will never look fake.
  • Customization: Experienced Corporate Headshot photographers can customize your headshots to your specific needs. Based on your individual needs they can help you choose the right pose, expression, and background to reflect your personality and professional brand.
  • Quality: Headshot creatives use high-quality equipment and software to produce high-resolution images that will look great both online and in print.
  • Time savings: Professional headshot photographers can take your headshots in a single session, saving you time and hassle. Many individual headshots only take 15 minutes at the most. Bulk headshots session it is only a minute or two for each person. Significant time saving for your company.
  • Peace of mind: Hiring a photographer gives you peace of mind knowing that your headshots will be taken by a skilled and experienced creative and positively reflects of your brand that doesn’t cut corners in investing in your staff development.

How much do headshots cost?

The Headshot cost is an average of under $100 per person, for bulk volume staff Headshots. Contact us for best pricing.

It is common for Office Managers to book a full day for their staff to be photographed simultaneously.

It’s a less personal experience for the executives, but it gets the job done, and you save money.

Prices per person drop dramatically for large Team group headshots, as there’s greater efficiency. And our advise is don’t go too cheap on headshots as people are a company’s biggest asset.

Contact us for best price on bulk team group staff bookings.

Top tier headshot photographers can charge up around $550 – $1500 per person per session which is not cheap. (Check out our more cost effective solutions).

But they provide very high-quality headshots and service, including hair and make-up, by professional stylists.

Look good with professional headshots or you might get overlooked for that new opportunity. Our shooting style and your unique vibe will seal the deal.

To help you Budget, here’s a handy list of average pricing. Better still head to the headshots pricing page for more information.

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Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography IconOrlando Sydney Corporate Photography

5.0 48 reviews

  • Avatar Phi T ★★★★★
    Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography did an amazing job capturing the best moments at our industry seminar in Sydney last month. Great communication and easy to work with. Images were also received promptly following event. Thank you again … More Orlando :)
  • Avatar Mia A ★★★★★
    Orlando photographed one of the first Wix events in region which was part of our 12-city product launch tour. He interacted well with the guests, provided a little art direction and delivered the photographs faster than expected. He understood … More our brief and added his creative flair which helped us to capture a truly special milestone for our business. Also, Orlando is extremely friendly, understood the format and agenda of our event and communicates well. He used this knowledge to ensure he made the most of the time capturing different images.
    Thank you Orlando for being an extension of our team at the event ☺️
  • Avatar Georgina G ★★★★★
    We booked Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography for a 50th birthday party. It was a simple process from inquiry to booking and the photographer at our event was a pleasure to deal with throughout the evening. Our event was very fun focused … More and the photos captured the moments very well. Would recommend Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography for any private events.
  • Avatar Sophiya S ★★★★★
    We recently hired Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography for our corporate headshots, and we were thoroughly impressed. The quality of his work was exceptional, capturing our team in a professional and engaging manner. His service was top-notch, … More with a high level of professionalism throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Orlando for his outstanding services.
    -Team Aurora :)
  • Avatar Vivian W ★★★★★
    Thankyou Orlando Sydney Photography for your work. I engaged Orlando to take photos for our official office opening event in Sydney at the International Towers in Barangaroo. our event required a level of flexibility due to the people that … More we were working with but Orlando was very flexible and experience with our scope. I found Orlando to be efficient and coherent in all of his communication, he provided a great level of detail and exceptional professionalism on the day. Thank you very much!
  • Avatar Louise H ★★★★★
    Orlando Sydney Photography were brilliant to deal with, and very accommodating. The photographs turned out amazing and we are very happy. Would definitely use them again.
  • Avatar Flora S ★★★★★
    We used Orlando for two years. It was consistent and professional service. We will continue to use him for our annual conference.
  • Avatar Cathy-Anne J ★★★★★
    Orlando and his team are very professional. We needed a photographer for an event with 200 attendees, a professional event held at Establishment in the city. His photos are real, formal, fun and really captured the vibe and importance … More of the guest speakers and proceedings. Very happy with the results which, for us, are for our media, website and comms following the event. Great job!
  • Avatar Theresa N ★★★★★
    Orlando was excellent in ensuring everyone was comfortable and relaxed during the session. The corporate headshots turned out great and we are extremely pleased with the result. Highly recommend him for all types of events.

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What Makes A Great Traditional Company Headshot?

A great Headshot usually has a neutral background, focused directly on the face, and is either a three-quarter or full-face portrait. Eyes are almost always looking straight down the lens.

Head tilt is optional and, if not overdone, can look good. Your choice of either slight submissive chin or slightly pronounced. We’re not a fan of eyes that are too squished together. Like there’s some discomfort.

Your character, your story should always shine through your portrait or if you’re aiming to grow in a specific direction, use that future as your persona.

Headshots are used in professional settings, for example, on resumes and social media sites like LinkedIn, for high profile business meetings, symposiums and seminars, and a range of other networking and personal branding situations.

While it might sound like a very simple photograph – and in one way it is – the headshot [Wikipedia] is a real test of a photographer’s skill.

Capturing somebody’s personality in a single picture, whilst also remaining within the constraints of a standard head-shot, is not simple at all! It requires a Sydney Corporate photographer who can rapidly build a relationship with their subject and put them at ease.

Photographers can work from various angles to obtain the most attractive image and understand the role of light, background, pose, and facial expression in creating a headshot that truly represents you.

Can a Friend Take my Head Shot?

Yes a friend can take your photo, no it shouldn’t be used to further your career.

It’s really tempting to use the digital camera in your phone, but will it take a flattering portrait? Assuming your friend can do the same with their camera will result in your personal appearance being missed in a sea of selfies. It will not meet the standard of a professional corporate photographer, don’t make that mistake.

If your friend uses a modern camera phone, that camera can cost less than $50. A portrait lens that professionals use costs upwards of $1500 – $3000. It definitely has a different look. And that has an influence on photography prices.

While corporate headshot prices are very reasonable, it’s unavoidable that most people can tell whether a photograph has been taken professionally or not.

In part, it’s about the technical aspects of the shot, which make it eminently shareable and memorable. But it’s also about the connection between the person in the photograph and the person viewing it.

A professional photographer manages to take the place of the viewer and create a connection in person that then translates to the eventual viewer.

It’s indefinable, but if you look at an Author’s book jacket photo or the main images that people place on their websites, you’ll find that the most compelling photos nearly always have a photographer’s credit.

Media professionals always know this: Actors and models invest so much in their portfolios because they see an Actor headshot can make or break an early career, and what’s true for those professions can be true for everybody.

A great corporate headshot can push a career forward, not because we’re shallow or appearance-obsessed but because we all want to feel a connection.

Good portraits and headshots make that connection even when we haven’t met the person.

So yeah, your friend can take your photo, but you shouldn’t use them for your career advancement unless they’re a professional photographer.

Can Headshots be Taken Outside?

Natural light headshots in Sydney CBD can definitely be captured outside.

Some careful selection of what time of day. Away from direct sunlight and consideration given to where we have some control with the light. Outdoor headshots can look great.

Natural light headshots can be taken indoors too, see the photos on this page. When softened near a window, the natural outdoor light in a small office (near natural light) can create some of the loveliest soft skin tones. It can help take a few years off too.

Many of office high rises have an abundance of natural light. Perfect light for executive portraits where you’d like the person not to appear too chiselled or too hard and business like. Great for both female and male headshots.

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Advantage of Using Pro Photographers

A great photographer will bring all the equipment necessary to ensure your shoot is flawless, but you can also prepare yourself for the session.

It’s often best to wear neutral colours, but bring along something bright and fun to ring the changes – this could be a scarf, tie, hat … anything with a bit of va va voom. Your accessory can create variety in some of the shots.

Of course, if neutral isn’t you, that’s fine – while professional headshots do have to work in a fairly restricted framework, because they are often displayed in rigid formats. A professional headshot photographer will always be able to work with you to capture who you really are, without having to overstep the constraints of the genre.

Think about where you plan to use your headshot. Is it designed to polish up your social media profile, or are you planning to use it as part of a promotion and publication process? Do you want your headshot to be used in print media or will it be a purely digital presence?

There’s nothing like having a really good headshot to boost your professional identity.
It’s a business boost and a personal confidence-builder, and thinking about how you can get the best use from your headshot helps you maximise its impact.

It takes less than 30s & it’s free

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