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Great professional headshots will accelerate the careers of woman and men in business, actors, executives and authors.

Whether it’s your first time or a yearly regular Orlando Sydney can help you look your best. Be authentic, be current, be the influencer, look professional and let your your personal brand shine.

In this article we want to demystify the ‘headshot’ and explore where and when headshot photography will benefit you and your professional career. We’re also going to dig into personal branding and give you an overview of corporate headshot prices. Professional headshots will also improve your love life. (well, we’d like to think so)

People who include professional headshots in their online profiles receive over 20 times more views and connection requests, says LinkedIn Research. Your messages will have a higher rate of being read and responded to if you show care about your personal brand and career. A professional photo says “you’re ready to start work”

You’ve got a well fitting modern suit, up to date resume, and of course, a professional headshot to tell the new employer you are ready to start work!

3 easy to book packages below, plus a speed shoot half hour Sydney CBD shoot option, contact us for that one.

What is a Headshot Photo Anyway?

Definition of a headshot

A headshot is defined as simply a photograph of an individual’s face, usually including their shoulders, including only the person who is the focus and subject of the photo.

What are professional headshots used for?

  • Linkedin profile
  • Social media profiles
  • Directors briefs
  • Podcasting
  • Website about page
  • Author bio
  • Models
  • Publicity
  • Casting
  • Media stories

Are Professional Headshots Really Necessary?

How important are they to your professional career? Do other successful people in your area of expertise have one? It is expected or or can you get away with doing it yourself photos.

Will the business hiring you need to be impressed with your presentation? Both women and men in business need to present well at first sight. Business greetings used to include handshakes, and people would make assumptions out of that.

Business handshakes are gone so all we now have at first glance is how well our online LinkedIn image represents who we are in real life. You’ve got less than 2 seconds to make an impression.

Personal Branding is So Important in 2021

Your personal brand must stay consistent across all media on or offline. Your look is a great part of your brand so make sure you are instantly recognisable. Quickly gain trust and it will be easier for you to deliver on your brand promise.

Your business headshot should not be more than 5 years old, updating it every 2-3 years is even better. You evolve and so can your personal brand, but no one else will know about your personal growth unless you maintain your public image.

Who uses headshots;

  • Woman
  • Men
  • Actors
  • Business people
  • Office Managers for staff
  • Executives
  • Authors
  • Government officials
  • Media personalities
  • Entertainers

Headshot Photo Examples

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

office staff headshot photography

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

Portrait use example at SBS Australia

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

Natural light corporate portrait

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

Executive portrait Sydney

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

4 looks, outdoor one photo session

Professional Headshots - Sydney Search Darlinghurst

Business headshots – We come to your home or office

Corporate Headshots in Sydney

Headshot use example Sydney Search

Corporate Portrait Pricing, What’s the Cost?

The Sydney headshot pricing sweet spot is an average of $350 – $500 per person with a minimum of 2 people for a standard portrait service.

It is common for office managers to book a full day for their staff to be photographed at the same time. It’s a less personal experience for the executives but gets the job done and you save money.

Group head shots leads to greater efficiency so the prices drop dramatically per person.

Contact us for best price on group staff bookings.

Top tier Sydney headshot photographers can charge around $550 – $1500 per person per session for high quality headshots and service, including hair and make up by professional stylists.

Look good with professional headshots or you might get overlooked for that new opportunity. Our shooting style and your unique vibe will seal the deal.

Leadership and Personal Headshot Package

Perfect for you

+ We come to your home or office
+ No rush photo service
+ 6 x hi resolution digital jpg files
+ 6 x retouched social media files
+ Hair and makeup optional upgrade
+ Photos in 48 hours
+ In-house editing, curation of images
+ 3 months secure online archive
+ Includes travel within Inner Sydney
+ Includes 2 changes / looks

Check availability

It takes less than 1 minute

Half Day Office Staff Headshot Package

Perfect for your leaders

+ We come to your office
+ Up to 25 staff
+ Half day 4 hours
+ Hi resolution digital jpg files
+ Social media 1:1 square photos
+ Hair and makeup by staff
+ Full album 1 week or less
+ In-house editing, curation of images
+ 3 months secure online archive
+ Includes travel to Inner Sydney
+ Backdrop optional
+ Custom packages available
+ Free in-person or phone consult

Check availability

It takes less than 1 minute