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Photographic Services for Sydney Construction Sector

Constructing or redeveloping a commercial building is an important investment, for a company, its stakeholders, and even members of the local community where the property is located. For these reasons alone, the importance of professional construction photography services cannot be overstated. Email your brief or contact us for a no-obligation phone consultation, we provide striking and detailed photography and video.

Construction Photographer in Sydney

Orlando Sydney has over 20 years in the commercial interiors sectors so can give you a unique point of view on how we can create images that sell for your next project. Let’s workshop ideas to build your digital asset library.

Both In-Progress, on Completion and Before vs After Content

School of Built Environment. After Refurbishment with new Façade

University of NSW, Kensington (UNSW) School of Built Environment. After Refurbishment with new Façade

During Refurbishment

University of NSW, Kensington (UNSW) School of Built Environment. During Refurbishment

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Construction at The Bays Precinct Station, Aerial Photos and Video

Construction at White Bay, The Bays Station Precinct, Rozelle, NSW. Aerial Photo. Station Box Excavation

Aerial Photo North East Looking. Station Box Excavation before Tunnelling Begins

Construction at White Bay, The Bays Station Precinct, Rozelle

Sydney Construction Drone Video Services

Aerial Construction Video Sydney, NSW, Looking in a North East Direction

Construction Progress Video over 5 Months

Sydney Construction Project Video Example, Over 5 months, from Footings to Furniture in 4K

Types of Construction Photography

The type of construction photographs you’d need to take would depend, to a large extent, on the requests of your stakeholders, your expected outcomes, and on the project itself. Nevertheless, this is a general list of the building industry photographs to include in your collection:

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Construction Workers
  • Civil Earth moving works
  • Contractor Engagement
  • Construction workers in their work environment
  • Major project milestones
  • Record Keeping in line with Heritage requirements
  • Factory or warehouse production lines and systems
  • Photographs of the finished project
  • Exterior Features
  • Remedial & Renovation works
  • Aerial construction photography
  • Fitouts
  • Base Building
  • Industrial photography
  • Exclusive Design elements
  • Quality Detailed Works
  • The project viewed within the context of its surroundings
  • Before & After Shots

Before and after photos and video can literally take you over the edge in winning your next major tender submission. Millions of dollars more work, who doesn’t like that.

For starters, construction photography helps generate a buzz around the project, making it that much easier to market upon its completion. It’s also a useful way to document project milestones and progression, as well as keep your stakeholders in the loop at all times.

Photos for Different Construction Phases

Photos of Commercial Construction Process Stages. Top 3 Photos are of Finished Exterior. Other Photos are in progress. Full suite of Building Industry Photography Packages available.

Photography for all Major Industrial Construction Projects

Major Construction Projects Photography in Sydney.

White Bay Redevelopment, Rozelle Sydney, Construction Progress Photo

Sydney CBD Construction & Refurbishment Photography Services

Sydney Place 180 George Street. Construction Progress Photo. Commercial Photography by

Sydney Place 180 George-Street Construction Progress (Location of Jacksons on George 2023)

Modular Building Projects

Modular Building Construction Photo of Site Shed at Building site. Photography By

Modular Building Photo of Site Sheds at a Building Site in Sydney

Topping out Ceremony Photographers Sydney

Topping Out Ceremony Photographers Sydney. Photography By

Topping Out Ceremony Photography for all Milestones of Your Project

Topping Out Ceremony, Standing on the rooftop at a project. Photographers in Sydney.

Photos with Major Stakeholders, Developers, Builders and Government

How Much Does Construction Photography Cost?

The pricing for commercial construction photography is dependent on the type of building, where it is located, the number of images required. Construction photography Pricing can range from $1100 to $3600 or more if the property is in another State.

While the prevalence of, and advancement in technology have made construction photography more accessible than it used to be, some aspects of it may still require a considerable outlay.

Digital cameras and smartphones have made point-and-click photography the most affordable and accessible option, especially if you’re only interested in taking informal shots of the work in progress. For completed projects, a professional shoot is a better option.

Drones and 360° cameras can cost more. In addition to the cost of renting the drone, you will also need to include the fees of the drone pilot, plus other maintenance fees as well. Time-lapse cameras will also require a significant outlay. Plus, you may be required to pay for a monthly subscription throughout the duration of your project.

This all leads to the fact that the price of construction photography may range between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Of course, the specific price will depend on the duration of your project and the level of technology you need.

Topping Out Ceremony Photographers

A Topping Out Ceremony is a traditional construction event that marks the completion of the highest point of a building or structure. It is a celebration and acknowledgment of the hard work of all the tradespeople, engineers, and architects involved in the project and signifies the start of the final stages of construction.

Professional photographers play a crucial role in documenting this important moment in the building’s history. With expertise and quality equipment, we can capture the significance of the event and produce memorable images that will be used for years to come making it a valuable investment for the building’s future.

These photos can be used to show off the project and the people involved, making it great for Marketing and PR.

So, having professional photographers at a Topping Out Ceremony is a smart investment. Contact us today about your building’s major milestones.

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