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Constructing or redeveloping a commercial building is an important investment, for a company, its stakeholders, and even members of the local community where the property is located. For these reasons alone, the importance of professional construction photography services cannot be overstated.

For starters, construction photography helps generate a buzz around the project, making it that much easier to market upon its completion. It’s also a useful way to document project milestones and progression, as well as keep your stakeholders in the loop at all times.

In this article, we’ve highlighted our best tips on the subject, including important composition elements to look out for when you engage the services of a professional construction photographer.

Types of Construction Photography

The type of construction photographs you’d need to take would depend, to a large extent, on the requests of your stakeholders, your expected outcomes, and on the project itself. Nevertheless, this is a general list of the building industry photographs to include in your collection:

  • Heavy Machinery
  • Construction Workers
  • Civil Earth moving works
  • Contractor Engagement
  • Construction workers in their work environment
  • Major project milestones
  • Record Keeping in line with Heritage requirements
  • Factory or warehouse production lines and systems
  • Photographs of the finished project
  • Exterior Features
  • Remedial & Renovation works
  • Aerial photography
  • Fitouts
  • Base Building
  • Industrial photography
  • Exclusive Design elements
  • Quality Detailed Works
  • The project viewed within the context of its surroundings
  • Before & After Shots

Photo Examples of Construction Phases

Photos of Commercial Construction Process Stages. Top 3 Photos are of Finished Exterior. Other Photos are in progress. Full suite of Building Industry Photography Packages available.

Construction Video Example

We Can Create a Construction Video Slideshow from Your Shoot. Perfect for a Social Media ‘Story’ or Embed on Your Own Website. The Most Cost Effective Way to Get Video Content. 15s, 30s or 60 seconds.

Importance of Construction Photography

What is Construction Photography?

Construction Photography is the sub genre of the Architectural photography discipline. The main emphasis is to capture photos of Buildings, Engineering, Civil, Urban Design and Infrastructure projects. Photos must be both aesthetically pleasing and accurate in terms of representing the actual works. There’s a full suite Of Building Industry Photography options.

Construction photographs are notable for their utilitarian values. Whereas high end photography for before and after photos are essential to advertise your development visual aesthetics. The following are reasons why construction photography is beneficial to the whole building process:

It Documents Important Historical Records

Photos that provide a visual record of your project’s progression can prove invaluable when the construction work is complete. Not only does construction photography detail how things were installed, but it also reveals where specific things were installed.

Progress images taken throughout the project will provide you a unique glimpse inside your building at various phases, whether it’s utilities and pipes flowing behind walls, the location of studs, or how a certain region is constituted.

Consulting these photos in the future, when repairs or alterations become necessary, will eliminate the need for guesswork, since you’ll know exactly what is where.

It Provides Real-time Records For Project Tracking

While you and your team might be on ground throughout the duration of the project, your stakeholders likely won’t. Construction photography can help keep everyone updated on the progress of the project, no matter where they are.

You can observe how the project is moving on a large scale, from interior images displaying the progress of single items to time-lapse footage of the entire site. You can also compare the images to the project’s schedule and make informed alterations, if necessary, if the photos are time-stamped.

Quality Inspection

Onsite photos can serve as evidence that supplied materials or equipment were subjected to quality checks, and that they’re up to the required standards. On the flip side, they can also be presented as evidence in case any material arrived with defects, since the suppliers may want to dispute the claims. These kinds of photographs usually include checklists.

When preparing a pre-construction survey or handing over an area or structure to the next contractor, photographs are a valuable tool for documenting the status of the structures.

Valuable Marketing Tool

Your stakeholders are not the only people interested in watching as that construction project takes shape. Prospective clients will likely take a keen interest, as will members of the community in which the building is sited.

Construction photographs can help sustain their interest, keep them engaged, and also generate a very healthy buzz for both the project and your brand. And this will only help with your future marketing campaigns.

Insulation Against Litigation

This isn’t something anyone desires, but there is a distinct possibility of disagreements arising on construction sites. In the worst cases, these may lead to litigations and claims.

It’s a smart move to protect against this kind of occurrence by taking photographic evidence. These photos will tell the true story, paving the way for a faster and more suitable resolution of conflicts, preferably without loss on your part.

Feedback Loop to Manufacturing

Onsite construction photos are an ideal way to relay information back to your factory. Your joiners and carpenters can see exactly how the install is going or may need new materials to complete the works.

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Construction Photography Detail

Depending on the scope or requirements of your project, there are several construction photography options available to you. These are the major ones:

Traditional Point and Click Photography

Traditional Point and Click photography remains a highly effective method of taking construction photographs. These photos can be used to document a lot of information, whether your project is still a work in progress, or it’s at the stage of completion.

Professionally taken shots of your project while it’s still in progress can be used to document and provide updates on the progress of the project, while stunning images of your completed projects can serve as prized marketing instruments.

Drone Aerial Photos & Video

Drone photos are inventive and exciting, providing a different angle of view for your potential clients, stakeholders, and members of the public watching on with interest. These kinds of photos provide a bird’s eye view of your project, letting people see the bigger picture and showing how your building integrates with the background and surroundings.

During construction, drone pictures can help people visualise the project, and on completion, they help provide a wider scope for greater appreciation of your structure.

360° Images

Just as the name implies, 360° images capture every detail in a room, from a wide variety of angles. These kinds of photos are great for providing feedback to stakeholders or potential clients who want updates on the progress of the project.

Due to the level of detail these photos provide, looking at one of them provides a similar experience to physically being present in the room they capture. In addition to that, these photos also provide information about the layout and mechanics of things installed behind the walls.

Time-Lapse Photos

Time-lapse photos are more detailed; they document a step-by-step take on the progress of building projects. The photos are taken by weather-proof cameras mounted strategically on the site. These cameras can then be programmed to take a photo after every few minutes.

Some of these cameras can even upload the photos to an online portal, making it possible for interested parties to monitor the progress of the project at a micro level. At the completion of the project, you can string the photos together to create a time lapse video.

How Much Does Construction Photography Cost?

The pricing for commercial construction photography is dependent on the type of building, where it is located, the number of images required. Pricing can range from $1100 to $3600 or more if the property is in another State.

While the prevalence of, and advancement in technology have made construction photography more accessible than it used to be, some aspects of it may still require a considerable outlay.

Digital cameras and smartphones have made point-and-click photography the most affordable and accessible option, especially if you’re only interested in taking informal shots of the work in progress. For completed projects, a professional shoot is a better option.

Drones and 360° cameras can cost more. In addition to the cost of renting the drone, you will also need to include the fees of the drone pilot, plus other maintenance fees as well. Time-lapse cameras will also require a significant outlay. Plus, you may be required to pay for a monthly subscription throughout the duration of your project.

This all leads to the fact that the price of construction photography may range between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Of course, the specific price will depend on the duration of your project and the level of technology you need.

Final Words

In addition to generating a buzz for your building project and brand, construction photography helps you keep interested and important people informed and involved in the project, while also marking out project milestones for general information.

Construction photographs can also be useful to you in many other ways, which makes them worth a great deal. For instance, they may help you fight a claim, or even provide proof to relevant authorities that materials used were of the required quality. And even further down the line, they can help make repairs easier and much faster.

Since these are not trifling points, you’ll be best served working with a photography company that knows the ins and outs of construction photography, and is experienced, professional, and personable.

Want to give flight to your marketing campaign with stunning construction photographs? Or you’re looking to reconstruct your office space and want to document the entire process? Reach out to us today for the best possible outcome.

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