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Editorial, media, promotional, branding and your biggest asset, people. Create impact in your advertising campaigns with custom commercial photos.

Orlando Sydney has over 20 years in the business and commercial sectors so may be able to give you a unique point of view on how we can workshop commercial photography ideas to build your new digital assets.

Questions for hiring a commercial photographer

Questions between a client and commercial photographer

  1. Can the assignment be delivered by the budget allowance.
  2. Can the photographer source the equipment for this type of shoot.
  3. Does the photographer have specific experience for the intended purpose.
  4. Does the client like the look of the photographers portfolio.
  5. Has the photo usage been articulated to the satisfaction of both parties.
  6. What are the usage rights and associated fees.
  7. Are there limitations on how the photos can be used or for how long.
  8. What is the lead time, is it practical.

Clarify the production standard the client has in mind. Do they need a solo photographer in Sydney or a full team and a number of pre shoot meetings?

High production costs may not suite every budget. A lower priced simpler shoot may be just what’s required for the specified end use. Ecommerce or billboard, high gloss large format magazine, standard prints or local news rag. Great conversation starters with for all parties to discus.

Book a call with us to discus your commercial photography project.

(skip the detail overview if you’re after commercial photography example photos before contacting us)

What is Commercial Photography

Overview of commercial photography

Commercial photography is a method of capturing the essence of your product or service.

This page breaks down the detail of commercial photography, its importance, and how and where to use the photos.

What exactly is commercial photography?

These days the majority of business owners, managers and entrepreneurs invest a lot in promotional photography. They present their products or services in the most appealing way possible to draw the attention of new clients. Doing it themselves is not advisable or in most cases, possible.

That’s why they hire us for professional commercial photography for retail, websites, marketing, magazines and other media.
In modern industries, the impact of commercial photography is seen everywhere. People learn about new, rising, or successful brands through online advertising, brochures, press releases and business reviews.

What is commercial use of an image?

You can’t use Google images for commercial use, that will get you into all sorts of troubles. If you use stock photos what will that do to your brand.

Any time you use an image or creative works you must make sure you have either ownership or a licence to use the works. Without it you could / will end up in a costly situation where you’ll be repairing your brand and paying large sums of monetary compensation. Every so often there are media reports of the types of violations.

How can commercial photos help my business?

Simple answer is to promote your business to your existing and new clients.

Most large business and government do this well. Consistent copy and consistent images is a powerful tool to convey the right message. When you have hundreds or tens of thousands of staff it’s the only way.

Small or medium size businesses don’t always do well. If this is you, start now!

If you don’t your competitor will. Especially now that online is as important (if not more) than what your showroom, retail products or office space looks like.

First 2 Steps

  1. Engage your key staff and write down what visual message you’d like to consistently say to your customers.
  2. Then call a meeting with your favourite commercial photographer.

If you haven’t got one you’re hooked on yet, give us a call and we’ll workshop some ideas and budgets.

Examples list of types commercial photography

    • Editorial
    • Media
    • Branding
    • Fashion
    • Product
    • Food
    • Advertising
    • Street portraiture
    • Headshots for business
    • Architectural photography
    • Interior and showrooms

List of where you can use commercial photos

  • General print and magazines
  • Digital media ad campaigns
  • E-commerce websites
  • Films and television
  • Corporate profiles
  • Editorial purposes
  • Newsletters
  • Retail promotions
  • Books
  • Packaging

Commercial photography prices

The commercial photography prices in Australia depend on the location, service availability, length of working hours, and the scope of production with it’s associated amount of gear to be used.

Some full team commercial shoots for a premium international brand can be up in the $250 000 plus and involve dozens of people.

Others such as food, product and editorial photography for local retail outlets a more modest $2200 for a full day and series of photos.

Inner Sydney retail, café and local business photography with a medium to low pre and post production starts at $440.

Rates can vary greatly, from under $350 per hour to you name it depending on the creatives reputation and how extensively the images will be used.

The photographers in Sydney you can depend on

Commercial Photography Examples

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots
Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots
Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots
Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots