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How Much Should Photographers Charge?

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Professional photography prices in 2021 will be more volatile than ever. Planning your photo budget will be even more important than previous years.

If this is you, contact us to see how we can maximise your ROI on professional photography. If you’re a photographer thinking about taking your own business photos, contact us on the form below. We may be a more cost effective solution.

Many businesses and people will need to stretch their dollars much further.

Photographers, will you be reducing or increasing your prices?
Buyers, how are your expectations and budgets in 2021?

How do photographers prices compare in changing market expectations? How much will photographers charge?

To help answer these questions this informational article focuses on listing some real rates (historical) about how much professional photographers were actually charging. Price data is always from the past.

Some numbers are from us (a professional photography business in Sydney Australia, not outsourced copy writers), and data we regularly research.

Photography Pricing and Rates Prediction

List of average photography prices in 2021

  • Beginner Photographers – $10
  • Amateur Photographer – up to $50
  • Photography Student – up to $120
  • Semi-pro Photographer – up to $150
  • Professional Corporate Events ~$220
  • Wedding Photographers ~$800-$3600
  • Business Portraits ~$150-$350
  • Product photographers ~$35-$170
Photography Pricing List 2020

Photography Pricing and Rates Chart

Pricing Guide Details

This section provides a little bit of detail in how we estimated the numbers. Some we know because of direct experience, other values is throughout our network of contacts. And finally, there’s enough detail online to make the other assessments on the going photography rates in Australia.

There are always many variations in all such things these days. We suggest that all Event and Marketing Managers get a quote from a professional photographer that is tailored to their specific needs.

Photographer prices per hour

Hourly rates for photographers are sometimes asked. Hourly rates are recommended in a few limited circumstances. The customer and the photographer will need to allow for all the processes and systems professional photographers use to deliver consistent results. If you take short cuts on the process sub-standard results will lead to dissatisfaction for both. With that in mind, the photographer hourly rate in Australia is fairly high.

Professional photography in Sydney Australia hourly rates average from $250 to $350 for a single hour booking.

Event photography

Event photography rates varies a little by virtue of there being at least half a dozen different sub genres of B2B photographers in Sydney. And that’s just in the Corporate events in Sydney. The obvious omissions being all the consumer, domestic or personal types of events such as wedding, christenings and birthday parties. Average rates for an experienced professional photographer are listed on the the event rates article for both full day events and per hour shoots.

How much should a beginner photographer charge?

Beginner photographers typically aren’t paid, or they don’t usually ask for a fee.

Some beginners and hobbyists are pretty good. Others are really just starting out and have only basic equipment. If they are taking a couple of shots for their mate, hopefully, they will buy them a beer. In the Sydney CBD, that’s about $10. So when thinking about photography prices for beginners, they just might be happy with the value they are getting from the experience bank they are building.

Do amateur photographers charge fees?

Amateur rates up to $50 per hour. One could argue that by description an amateur would not earn money from their effort. Let’s go with the idea that they sometimes do and it’s only a side interest. There are a lot of the upcoming photographers that will get a free ticket to a show and photograph it. If you don’t mind late nights and solo work this can be fun if you like live music. So a ticket just may be worth $50.

Photography tertiary student

Photography Students fee is up to about $120 per hour. That’s about right in AU dollars if they are part way through a multiyear structured photography course.

Semi-pro photographer freelance rates

Semi-pro, rates up to $150 per hour. This description get a few people riled on up photography forums? Like most of the categories, there’s a fair amount of variation up until this point in their career development. At semi pro level you’d be building your own network, might start to pick up semi regular shoots with a client. Developing or building your contacts list should be an active part of their process.

Corporate photography rates

Professional Corporate photography prices are from $220 per hour or around $400-500 for typical 2 hours run and gun type shoot. Our recommendation is to book minimum half day shoot for better value.

Business portraits (corporate headshots)

Business Headshots and Portraits rates are $150-350, for a 1/2-hour photo session in a local area. Many of the full time pro Sydney photographers we’ve seen have a minimum of $500 per session. Taking the high amount and dividing by two, to give an average rate per person. Which makes sense and hopefully they encourage the Business to arrange for more than one employee at a time.

Average price for a wedding photographer

Wedding Professionals* $800-3600. Sydney Wedding photographers costs are listed here as a comparison to the business focused genres.

Beginner wedding photographers prices start obviously on the low side as they have limited experience. On the opposite side, some do top consistent work and charge accordingly. Some wedding specialists near us can easily double the top rates with average photography packages from around $6000 and up.

Many wedding photographers prices are quoted for a standard 8 hour day. They typically have a selection of wedding photography packages to offer. 12 hour shoot days are pretty common.

Typical wedding packages include;

  • Photography hours and photo processing only
  • Photography and print packages in various configurations
  • Packages including, photography, second shooter, prints and couple shoots
  • Occasionally they may add photo booths as options

*As Brides and Grooms know, wedding photography can attract some of the highest costs in photography. And wedding photographers know for the $3600+ fee it will require at least a couple of years full time honing their skills and 20+ hours of a very detailed workflow.

Product photography pricing guide

Product photographers charge per photo from $35-170 for typical e-commerce web product photos. At the high end, lifestyle product photography can be up around $1000 plus.

Magazine/ National Newspaper and print can attract a considerably higher price and or license usage fees. This will be on top of the actual photo session. We’ve left this off the chart as it’s not based on a per hour basis.

Types of product photography

  • Standard product photos
  • Hero and banner shots
  • Lifestyle products
  • Mannequin photography
  • With hand modelling
  • Transparencies
  • Online shopping packages
  • Infographics
  • Product perspectives

Product photos vary such as; Hero images for web banner and printed flyers, Lifestyle products, Mannequin photography, product demonstration with hand modelling, Transparencies or deep etched, E-commerce style product photo packages, Info graphics and product perspectives.

Pre and post production will have an impacted on prices depending on the image final use. Bulk packages will have a lower cost per unit.

Photo license fees

Usage license fees are typically included in this types of photography which may contain some limitations on length of time, number of times and on what product types they can be used.

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