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Affordable Business Portraits in Sydney

Our experienced Sydney Portrait Photographers will capture you at your best, and right now, you are your best.
We shoot outdoors, in your home or office, and out of a studio for print-worthy Portraits. Even if you’re camera shy, now is the time to try something new. Bookings are available this week in Sydney and Sydney CBD.

Whether it’s your first time or a regular, Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography can help you look your best with great portrait photos. Be authentic, be a leader, let your personal story shine. And with affordable prices, it’s a must-have for any professional.

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Affordable Business Portraits in Sydney

We like to keep portrait shoots simple. Photographers often complicate the process, and it may not be a great experience for you.

Many people want the benefit of a professional portrait without all the fuss.

We can help you look your best and have some fun at the same time.

We answer the common questions below. If we missed one, feel free to reach out. Just ask. We have easy-to-book affordable packages available.

For booking Corporate Headshots see this page.

If you are ready to enquire about our availability and prices, use the contact form below or the red button above to request your free quote.

Yes, there is. The traditional men’s and women’s corporate headshot is on a plain white background like a wall or backdrop and only captures from the top of the shoulders to just the top of the head.

On the other hand, a business portrait is a modern contemporary version of the old headshot that captures more of you. Usually up to half body and has more variety in backgrounds to add to your personality.

Typical uses are for LinkedIn, marketing, websites, and social media. The best clothing for the photoshoot is plain, bold or simple coloured shirts, blouses, and jackets.

Modern portraits shows less of the old corporate stiffness and a more approachable presentation of you.

Portrait Photo Example

Business Portrait Photography Sydney. By Photographer

“I am super happy with the outcome and quality of the photos!” LinkedIn Portrait, Upper North Shore, Sydney

Natural Light Headshots

Portrait with Natural Outdoor Backdrop

Personal Branding Portrait

North Sydney Portraits

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

Couples Portraits with Sydney Opera House in the background, Sydney Harbour

Contact Sheet - Natural Light Headshots

Portrait Photo, Outdoors, with a vibrant Natural Background in Darlington NSW

Sports Portraits Commercial Shoot Examples

Portrait Photographers in Sydney, Sport, Commercial. White Background, Contact sheet. By

Portraits, Sport, Commercial. With White Background

A portrait records you as the primary entity in a photograph. Portraits can be either full length but are usually half-body shots. The person or people in the photo should be the main feature of the image, and that’s how we like it, a strong focus on you.

The Wikipedia description of a portrait is little a different. “…capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses…”

Do you only offer Portraits for Singles?

We offer 1-hour Portraits Photo session for singles, couples and groups.

They can be outdoors in a suitable location or the comfort of your own home.

Perfect if you have older family members who are not as mobile.

Are Professional Portraits Really Necessary?

How important is it for you to record your and your development? Is having photos documenting the transition from one era to the next important. If so, then yes.

Is Personal Branding in Business important still?

It is more important than ever as your image is in front of more people than ever online. Your brand must stay consistent across all media on or offline. Yes, your look is an excellent part of your brand, so make sure you are instantly recognizable.

Quickly gain trust, and it will be easier for you to deliver on your brand promise.

Who are professional portraits for?

Portrait Pricing in Sydney, What’s the Cost?

Portraits in your home starting from a low $440 in a local area. The Sydney business portrait pricing can average $440 – $500 per single person per hour.

When you book for yourself and your partner, it is the exact cost.

Prices per person drop dramatically for small groups, as there’s greater efficiency.

Contact us for the best price on large group bookings.

Can you provide Photo Prints and Wall Art?

Yes, we can supply a full range of prints on paper, canvas, and framed wall art. We can even create a wall collage print with the whole family.

Can portraits be taken outside?

Natural light portraits in Sydney can definitely be captured outside. Some careful selection of what time of day. Away from direct sunlight and consideration given to where we have some control with the light. Outdoor portraits can look great. Shots in a local park or nature area will be a great experience that will be more fun than a studio.

We can also capture natural light portraits indoors. When softened near a window, the natural outdoor light in an office can create some of the loveliest soft skin tones. It can help take a few years off too.

Contact us today for an obligation-free chat and free quote.

Creative Portrait Photo Gallery Examples

Example photos at different outdoor locations

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