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A Headshot Station set up at your office says to your staff that you care and have set a high level of professional presentation in your sector.

Mobile come to you headshot and portrait stations are also a great activation value add at your annual events such as Trade Exhibitions and Conferences. Especially if you are an Association or Peak Body and responsible for standards across your sector.

A Headshot Station is the easiest and most efficient way of ensuring that all of your staff have consistent portraits that match your clients expectations.

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Mobile Office Headshots Set Up Example

Behind the Scenes, Corporate Headshots Set Up. Photos by

Optional – Full Mobile Studio Set Up at your Office, Showroom or Event

Staff Headshots Setup Video

Behind the Scene Video Example of Headshots Set up

Headshot Station Questions and Answers

What is Photo Headshot Station?

A Photo Headshot Station is where a photographer brings the equipment necessary to set up a photo studio at your location.

How does a Headshot Station work?

A Photographer will set up a temporary photo studio on location. Your staff or event guests will be able to have a professional headshot captured just like in a studio. Your Staff and Event attendees can either book or come at their leisure between pre arranged hours.

What are the Benefits of having a Mobile Headshot Station?

The benefits of having a headshot station are many, such as costs will be lower than individual headshots due to the economies of scale. Your company will save staff time by them not needing to travel offsite.

The benefit at Trade Shows and Conferences is that your event guests can have an up to date professional headshot. This lifts the sector professional standards and expectations which is especially important if your are an Association that represents your sector at national level.

Attract and retain higher calibre talent.

What equipment do you bring for a headshot station booking?

The equipment we can bring for a mobile headshot station setup are; background, lights, camera equipment and tripods, light stands and light modifiers. All the studio type equipment that we can get onto your location.

There are 2 levels of equipment, one for small groups and one for large groups where there is sufficient space.

What does your headshot station cost?

The cost for a headshot station setup varies depending on how long the event is, how many people are expected or will book in to use the service.

One option is to have it set up as a fee-for-service for your guests at a trade show or conference, the economies of scale means they will pay a fraction of the cost for an individual booking.

Pricing for a mobile studio headshot station at your company is a little more predictable to manage because you will know how many staff at a minimum will require updating their headshots or how many new staff members need a fresh Headshot.

Contact us to work out a custom headshot price for your specific situation and budget.

Do you have bulk discounts for high volume?

Yes, there are price breaks for volume bookings. Contact us to discuss how many people and how many photos each.

Can you set up a Headshot Station at our Event?

Yes we can set up a head shot station at your event. They are perfect for large trade show exhibitions and conferences especially if you are an industry body or association or Gala dinner awards when everyone is dressed up formal. Also great for university and training college graduations.

Can you come to our Company office to photograph headshots?

We can set up a headshot station at your office or company headquarters either in a basic simple format or a full studio in your boardroom, large meeting room or space. These are effective and efficient to have a production style line with your staff up to 200 staff can be accommodated on most business days.

What kind of backgrounds can we choose from?

There are a variety of backgrounds you can choose from. You can use your company headquarters as a backdrop, your cityscape outside of the window, or you can choose a plain colour background that we can bring in. The colour choices are a white, grey or a black background. Other options can be made available for volume orders.

Any backdrop is ok as long as it’s not distracting to the main subject.

Do I need Professional Hair & Makeup?

To have your employees and guests look their best, an optional professional hair and makeup artist can provide a quick touch up before they get their photo captured.

Should I book a Corporate Headshot station?

If you have 25 or more staff to get updated or fresh headshots in one session, a headshot station is perfect for you and you should book a corporate headshot station as it can be very cost effective and present your company in a way that aligns with your brand.

For less than 25 staff you also have the option with a simpler set up to keep costs down.

So for both large and small groups (we regularly shoot on location for 5 to 10 staff) there are good reasons to book us for a mobile Headshot Station at your office or event.

Headshot Examples from Mobile Headshot Station Sessions

Lighting for large group booking example

Professional Headshots Station Lighting Setup Example

Ask about Optional Lighting Packages

Std Backdrop Colour Choices; White, Grey, & Black

Headshots Backdrop Colour Examples, Grey, White and Black

Ask about Custom and Creative Alternative Options

Headshot Station Photo Tips

How do I pose for headshots?

Casual relaxed pose; The relaxed pose captures the way you look when you’re drifting off in thought. The smiling pose; a headshot that shows your soft smile. Neutral pose or assertive expression pose is an option depending on your profession.

What Should I Wear for a Headshot?

Avoid fine detailed repetitive patterns as moiré will be difficult to remove in post production. If in doubt, bring a few choices of colours to add some life to the standard black and white clothes.

How should I prepare for a Headshots?

To prepare for your Headshots use this brief outline.

Allow enough time, plan ahead of time, your hair, clothing and travel to the location.

Before heading out to the actual photo shoot, check your hair, makeup if any under different lighting conditions. Your clothing should be clean and pressed or ironed and be lint free.

What makes a good Headshot?

Good flattering lighting, being comfortable with the photographer, feeling relaxed in the chosen area for the shoot. Have a clear mind going to the shoot. These are key to making good Headshot.

Should I smile in a Headshot?

A good approach to your portfolio is to have a range of images, some where you smile softly and naturally and other photos that you have different expressions. Especially if you work with a broad range of people.

Should I wear jewelry in a headshot?

Our suggestion is to not wear anything that is distracting, jewelry can be a distraction. If the role you’re looking for will have a the likelihood of wearing embellishments, perhaps consider it. Otherwise suggested no unless it is small or non removeable.

How often should I update my Headshots?

Corporate headshots should be updated every two years maximum.

What if I’m not photogenic?

Firstly, what is photogenic, we believe everyone is photogenic by our description. Every face and person is unique and you will appeal to some and not others. That goes for everyone.

Should headshot photos be in colour or black & white?

Most Corporate Headshots are in colour.

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Modern headshots can have you standing out with a little creativity and lots of personality. Headshots are essential in furthering your staff career.

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