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Experienced photographers can take great photos of large groups of people, for those with less experience it is one of the most daunting types of photos to get right.

In this article we will go through some detail to demonstrate how we take great group shots in different scenarios. And help new photographers on how to compose, pose and light groups of people for best results.

We list some common places and set ups for group photos of your team. We capture many group photo by the media wall at gala dinner and awards ceremony and on stage.

The most common types of group photo we take are in front of Media and Branding Walls. Sometimes at Cocktail parties other times at product launches. See the group photography examples below.

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Small Group Bridal Party Dresses photo

Places and ideas for group photos

List of places to take group photos

  • Business events
  • Outdoor groups
  • Indoor photos
  • Low light mood settings
  • Direct bright sunlight photos
  • Local park and harbour
  • Studios and Sets
  • Tourist attractions
  • Catwalk or Runways
  • Beach and rivers
  • Formals and galas
  • Office and work places
  • Home and backyards
  • Private and public gardens

Descriptions and ideas

List of the types of group photos

  • Group photos with family kids
  • Multi generational group portraits
  • Creative and artistic
  • Close friends group
  • Community Club photos
  • Sports group photos
  • Wedding and bridal party
  • Fashion collaborations
  • Modelling
  • Team photos
  • Business groups
  • Formal events
  • Senior’s groups
  • Editorial purposes

Multi generational group portraits with family and kids

If you are lucky enough to have Great-grandparents, grandparents, parents and lots of kids all living within reasonable access to each other makes for the best family group portraits.

Picture having single generation photos, then layers of age brackets in photos that will be family air looms for future remembrance of your heritage. Especially if you print the family group photos and hang them in a prominent place on main walls in your homes.

Creative and artistic photos

Making artistic photos has been around as long as photography it’s self. There are many reasons friends and artists will create projects either for self expression or to push the boundaries of new thoughts. Groups of artists and models will always hopefully come up with ideas in how to portray the human form in small or large groups of people.

As polar opposite examples, there’s been very large groups of nude people on the Sydney Opera House forecourt (2010, photographer Spencer Tunick had 5200 people) and to students from the local art school for assignments hashing out ideas with a couple of your class mates.

Community clubs and Sports group photos

There are literally hundreds of community clubs whether hobbies and special interests or sport where group photos are loved. Some are of the volunteer committee members others are the participant. All love group photos of their championship year.

Photos can be captured either indoors or out in the field. We suggest if outdoors use a location in the shade of a big tree or under an awning shielded from the direct sun for better pictures.

Wedding and bridal party

When a photographer take pictures at a wedding of the couple or bridal party they are indeed taking group photos.

Capturing photos of all the family groups, friends and the select bridal party are all very important and may be daunting for newer photos to capture. Our suggestions is if you are new to photography start small. Take couple photos, friend photos in 2 or 4 people then progress to larger groups and weddings.

Fashion collaborations and Modelling

Another common and loved group photography is for new fashion labels and models to get together and showcase new collections.

The fashion designer and maker can get great photos for lower then commercial rates when they team up and collaborate with models.

The benefit for models is that they will gain experience, top photos for their portfolio and expand their network. So collaborate when it feels right to do so.

For Team photos, Business groups and Formal events see examples below.

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10 person Group photo on stage receiving their award

Sydney Photographers for events at ICC Sydney

10 person group photo on stage receiving their award

Tips & techniques for group photography

Photo example abovePhoto tips and detail
Group photo descriptionThis photo was taken at the Sydney International Convention Centre where they had good stage lighting of around 3700 kelvin. Fill flash was used to improve any overhead light shadowing.
How to

Time pressure was on as this event had a live audience and was broadcast as a hybrid to many other capital cities.

As you can see, the time spent aligning and posing each person paid off as everyone is evenly spaced. Awards certificates are held uniformly and without reflections. All up it took around 60 seconds. This is not always possible depending on the program and quantity of awards.

Camera settingsSpeedlight on camera, mid power from 15m away, bounced off light coloured ceiling.
Do’s and don’ts

Do talk to the event manager beforehand about any time pressures and their priorities throughout the event.

Don’t assume your perfect picture is going happen every time. Read the sentiment in the room is also a good tip.

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Example of a Large group photo of Staff at an Event

Group photo at Doltone House Hyde Park Sydney

36 person group photo at a business event with off camera speedlight

Tips & techniques for large group photos

Photo example abovePhoto tips and detail
Group photo descriptionPhoto was captured at Doltone House Hyde Park for cocktail party and company anniversary. Lighting was very warm and directly overhead casting strong shadows and together with minimal reflected light from the dark carpet made it challenging. Strong flash was used to improve the overhead light shadowing.
How toShooting large group shots at events are always time sensitive and so too it was at this cocktail party. People were keen to get back to their drinks and network.
We had to work quick to set up the lighting on a stand with soft box to defuse and broadly send the light to cover the entire width. Quickly made sure most if not all office staff faces were clearly visible.

All up it took less than 1 minute after a lighting test shot. Large group photos of this type at a live event are only recommended for very experienced photographers.

Camera settingsOff camera lighting on a stand placed in the centre of the group about 10m away. Full power through a softbox.
Do’s and don’tsDo a test shot or two before gathering everyone. Spend as much time as you can get away with setting up the group of people.

Don’t attempt on a client shoot unless you have the experience to capture a good well lit clear shot.

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Family Group photography Example

Hickson Road Reserve Sydney Harbour Family Portraits photos

Outdoor family group photo at a tourist attraction. Using off camera fill flash on a bright day

Tips for family group photography

Photo example abovePhoto tips and detail
Group photo descriptionMulti generational family photos are wonderful treasures to have and we encourage family leaders to have them photographed at least every 5 years. The above photo is at a famous Sydney landmark tourist attraction, The Sydney Opera House in the background.
How toOff camera fill flash was used to improve shadowing on their faces. Place on a small stand just to the left of the group. As the day was slightly overcast and bright afternoon sunlight no softbox was used. Also being outdoors in an open harbour area the wind could toppled it over into the water or interfere with people passing by. So please be mindful if you are shooting groups in public places.

Only a little bit of instructions on posing was needed but not too much as this was not their first group family portrait. Besides a little bit of squinting due to the bright day it turned out great and will be an important family pass me down photos for many years to come.

Camera settingsRemote trigger again for off camera lighting which is just out of the frame on the left. Used a long lens for intentional front to back image compression. Used a high aperture for better sharpness in both the fore and background.
Do’s and don’tsDo get as much information from the lead family member as much as possible beforehand. Don’t engage with every family members wants. Have the booking family member gather feedback and offer direction on anything the others would like.

Chain of command principal will serve photographers well. Don’t get involved with family politics.
If you are familiar with the location you’re ahead, if not do scout out the shooting spot well ahead of time. And be mindful of photography regulations in public places in your local area.

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Example of a Wedding group photo

Wedding Group outdoor marina photo

Wedding Group photography Outdoors

Tips for wedding group photos

Photo example abovePhoto tips and detail
Group photo descriptionFun group wedding shots are great. It is one one the most shared types of photos after a wedding. Photo above is at a harbour resort so after the ceremony and formalities there were ample opportunities to get creative with the bridal party.

Location photos at the resort, break wall, on the foot bridge or on the pier such as this one above.

How toUsing natural light only as it was medium cloud cover that day and bright enough for most people to still need sunglasses. This provided a great soft light from above with some light reflected from the surrounds.

Not a lot of coaxing or posing was needed for this group to strike a pose so we captured a series of fun shots at this location.

Camera settingsUsed a wide lens to help capture the landscape views. Used a high aperture (f stop number) for better sharpness in both the fore and background.
Do’s and don’tsThis being a destination wedding there were a lot of communication between the couple and us. We prepared for most things as it was the first time at this resort and no opportunity to travel up there for a reconnaissance trip.

Do stay close to the couple and their families so nothing is missed. Don’t stop drinking water during outdoor all day events. Stay hydrated. On this weekend it was around mid 30 degrees and the days were long.

Do talk to the resort staff about what is coming up next and if you need any extra space outside the booked area to take wide perspective photos.

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Fashion Models and Creative Group photos

Group photography fashion models

Backstage at a fashion runway show group shot

Tips for fashion group photography

Photo example abovePhoto tips and detail
Group photo descriptionWhether you’re taking portrait photos of one model or a group when they are at a fashion show backstage getting ready, time is off the essence.

This photo opportunity presented itself in a way, we were asking a few models and designers in smaller groups of 2 and 3’s. Then the timing was right for gathering the Talent together for a very quick (less than 10 seconds) photo.

How toSpeedlight flash mounted on camera to keep this agile. The room had very dim lighting with fairly dark flooring and mid tone ceiling.

Directional flash was not working out in such close quarters so persevered with bouncing the light off the ceiling. With the models being comfortable in front of the camera not a lot from us was required to pose and arrange.

Took 1 shot to judge lighting and a second to capture this final image before the models took off for their turn on the runway.

Camera settings20mm wide lens in smaller spaces was the perfect focal length on the day. Speedlight mounted on the camera and added +1 stop to boost the light reflecting from the mid tone ceiling. Camera settings were set at the best available for the conditions.
Do’s and don’tsDo be mindful of the models getting changed. Sometimes they are hurriedly getting changed backstage out in the open so careful consideration to what is happening in the background that you should not capture. Do act politely and respond quickly to any model or designer that accepts your request for a photo.

Don’t spend too long backstage as other photographers may need to get there too and space is always limited. Do hurry back to the photographer pack at the end of the runway. Do make sure you remove your flash from the camera as that is not usually allowed on the catwalk.

Do capture photos of the models and their designers, these make great group shots in a live setting and they will love having these group shots to share on socials.

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Portrait photography small group

Portrait Group photography with pet

Outdoor couple portrait photo with their pet friend

Tips for friend group portrait photos

Photo example abovePhoto tips and detail
Group photo descriptionThis photo opportunity happened during a quiet moment at a rural wedding. The property had a little nook tucked under the canopy of large trees. It was late in the afternoon and overcast, it rained that afternoon.

Kept the mood of the setting by keeping it dim for a more intimate feel. The couple had their much loved pet for it made the perfect group photo for the 3 of them.
Time wise we had a little bit of time so we captured a series of photos around the property.

How toSpeedlight flash mounted on camera to be able to roam the property and get into a flow with the couple.
Camera settingsCamera settings were the best balance available for the dim light and hand holding the camera. On camera flash was set to 1/4 power. Full frame cameras have good dynamic range so always consider your choices in keeping a frame looking intimate.
Do’s and don’tsDo be personable when working with small groups for their portraits.

Don’t spend long fiddling with settings or equipment. Keeping it flowing and making regular contact.

Do capture slightly more photos than you would normally in poor light conditions as some may have a little motion blur when seen on a large screen.

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