How Many Photos Do I Get for My Event?

How many photos do you need?

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There are there better questions than just quantity

Much better questions are;

  • How well will my event be covered?
  • Can the photographer shoot to a brief?
  • Will you follow the event program?
  • What’s your experience at these types of events?
  • How many events do you photograph in a year?
  • How long until I receive my photos?
  • Will a human process the photos or AI?
  • If it is AI will my guests have their biometrics scanned?

All much better questions to ascertain whether you’ll get great service.

Typically the photographers that have hard limits on photo quantity are on the third party aggregators websites. It is a common tactic used overseas to try to keep the fee ‘looking’ low then try to upsell more photos.

Very rare in Australia for full time professional photographers that are charging market rates to have any low or high photo quantity limits. We’re much more focussed on client satisfaction and photo quality.

Filler photos to reach a target number are quite disrespectful to the craft of photography. Lucky for us we don’t get asked too often.

I understand what you’re saying about photo quantity as a single metric, but can you give me a guide?

Here’s a Chart as a Guide for Photo Quantity from an Event

Event Type Hours Simple Event Intermediate Event Complex Event
Small simple meeting (1-2 hours) 1 50 60 75
Meeting with some activations (3-4 hours) 3 100 150 225
Conference (4-8 hours) 6 180 300 400
Gala awards + Networking or Media Wall (8+ hours) 8 250 350 450
Tradeshow multiple days (10+ hours) 10 350 500 600

What Does AI Copilot Say about Photo Quantity?

The number of photos you receive from an event photographer by Copilot -

There are so many variable between a Birthday Party event and Business Conventions, quantities listed below may be meaningless.

Event Duration (Hours) Simple Event (Photos Per Hour) Intermediate Event (Photos Per Hour) Full Program Event (Photos Per Hour)
1 30
2 30 50
3 90 150 200
4 90 150 250
5 150 250 300
6 150 250 375
7 210 350 400
8 210 350 450
9 270 450 450
10 270 450 500


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