Outdoor Headshots in Sydney CBD

9 Places for Environmental Headshots, with Examples & Map Directions

Best Places Outdoor in Sydney CBD for Headshots

When you’re looking for a unique and professional way to update your headshot with a more relaxed and approachable look. Consider asking to take your photos outdoors in Sydney CBD. The city has a stunning skyline, (especially in soft light), Has lush parks, and historic landmarks that make for the perfect backdrop for a stylish headshot.

On this page we share nine of our favourite places in Sydney CBD for environmental headshots. We’ll also provide examples of headshots taken at each location, as well as map directions to help you meet us there. And there’s more photo examples at the bottom so scroll all the way down to see them.

Whether you’re looking for a classic headshot against the Sydney Opera House or a more creative shot in one of the city’s many parks, we’ve got you covered. So read on for inspiration and start planning your next outdoor headshot session!

Near Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and First Fleet Park using green natural background. This spot is a long a short footpath heading towards George St

Tip; This area can get a little busy and may be intimidating for shy clients. The lighting here is soft and best in the afternoon.

Headshots Outdoors, Portrait, Outside of MCA at Circular Quay, Sydney. Photos by orlandosydney.com

Outside the Museum of Sydney (MOS) north facing sandstone brick wall. Perfect spot for quick headshot with a neutral-ish natural wall

Headshot Outside The Museum of Sydney (MOS) with a traditional sandstone wall. Model is facing Bridge Street in the mid afternoon light.

Headshot Outside The Museum of Sydney (MOS). Sandstone Wall. Photo by orlandosydney.com

Iconic Landmark headshot background such as Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge is one of the best places.

If your in a company that has an office in Sydney, you might want to brand your staff headshots by having anyone of the iconic landmarks in the background. Nothing says we’re based in Sydney more than a world recognisable landmark. If it is windy, women’s headshots may be tricky if they have long hair.

Landmark headshot Background, Opera House Sydney CBD. Photo by orlandosydney.com

Early morning shoot with a Cityscape background to give a sense of place. Photographed from northern end of the boardwalk just by the stairs

Pro tip; Avoid early morning shoots in this direction as the light can be quite harsh and or the contrast between model and background is huge. Which can be challenging in getting soft environmental headshots.

Cityscape background Business Portrait. Photos by orlandosydney.com

Hyde Park in Sydney has many great places for headshots / portraits with a natural background

Check out some of the areas in both Hyde Park North and South. This one is next to Sandringham Memorial Garden, enter from Park St. It’s a curved and tiered garden area that has many great options for singles and couples shoots.

Hyde Park headshot natural green background. Photo by orlandosydney.com

The Rocks has an abundance of great outdoor locations for both portraits and headshots especially if you like textured backgrounds

The Rocks has an abundance of great outdoor locations for portraits or headshots. Anything from rustic door ways, green walls or old weathered sandstone and rocks, lot’s of choices

Headshots at The Rocks Sydney. Photo by orlandosydney.com

Another professional portrait at The Rocks. This example is in one of the laneways, just to one side is a café area with this rustic sandstone wall that was chosen by the client.

With so many options at The Rock for business style portraits it can get a little bewildering. Just select one of the options on this page and make the best of it.

Outdoor Portrait at The Rocks Sydney. Photography By orlandosydney.com

Neutral Background using the atrium in your office building

When you’re in a big hurry and just need to get some fresh shots for a press release, using your building entrance for your headshot can work. This one is at 9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney CBD.

Headshot at 9 Castlereagh Street, Sydney CBD, Building Atrium. Photo by orlandosydney.com

Headshots Outside under the Sydney Harbour Bridge at Dawes Point

An impromptu and recent discovery of another option for outdoor headshots. This example is at the top George Street, Dawes Point, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It has some afternoon sun filling the space. The green plant background was only small but worked well.

Headshots Outside by Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photos By orlandosydney.com

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