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Use Experienced Photographers for your event Media Wall Coverage

You can run an event without a media wall but if you go to just a little bit of extra effort and budget it will be a more memorable event with branded photos.

Why do we say an event is better with a media wall?
So you can be actively engaging with your guests instead of passively.

Read below for all the reasons and how to maximise your event traction and increase its longevity by utilising this old time tested method of building a story for your business and live longer in the minds of your guests and customers.

Social media sharing of photos plays a part in building the connection between your guests and your staff. A media wall or backdrop will add value by providing a meeting place at the event and having your business name and logo displayed all over social media.

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your reach. Read below for all the important information.

Common Media Wall Example Photos

Social Media Wall Backdrop Examples from various Events. Lighting is critical to good high quality photos

Red Carpet Media Wall Photography By

Media Wall with Live View

Red Carpet Event Creative Services Sydney Australia. By Orlando Sydney Photography.

Red Carpet Event Creative Services Sydney, Australia

Electronic Display Backdrop Examples with a Presenter

This is how a good professional photographer will capture photos of presenters in front of electronic backdrops, clear and well exposed no matter the display brightness.

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Basics of a Media Wall or Backdrop

Event media walls and backdrops should be designed by a professional graphic artist. Or at least a supplier that has one inhouse.

What do media walls usually have printed?

Media Walls usually contains brand name, logos and any brief key messages, such as you’re celebrating a milestone business birthday for example. See the 40th anniversary photo on this page.

These marketing techniques work and leave a lasting impact on your guests.

Media walls or photo walls as they are sometimes called are intended as photo opportunities.

They are like a billboard where you can showcase your brand with a beautiful custom design.

In contrast, electronic backdrops at Business Events make a flexible branding solution. But can sometimes cost more to hire or have size limitations.

We’ve seen standard fabric media walls up to 4 meters wide, which makes great group photos. Whereas electronic backdrops can be smaller but are more versatile in displaying rolling media.

Solids printed backdrops can equal or be larger than media walls, cost become higher when size and complexity and custom design is required.

However, regardless of the comparison, event organisers and planners consider them as a perfect solution as a live event advertising platform.

They also allow photographers to capture bold, eye-catchy moments of the event guests while strongly highlighting your brand identity in sharable digital assets.

Social Media Wall photo

Highlight Your Business with a Media Wall or Backdrop

Having a media wall or event backdrop has always been an important tool in branding. But there is another element that can make the planning have an even better outcome. And that’s with great photography.

For a high-end event, you need an activation that is eye-catching, a theme that inspires people to dress up or come with the idea in mind they are going to be active participants and network in style and have fun.

Backdrops add to this mindset, so too the lighting, music and the other key elements of a great high end event.

Not having it captured by an experienced event photographer is seriously missing out. After all, photo are assets that can highlight your event to a larger audience.

We take clear, sharp photos of your guest in front of your media wall.

Orlando Sydney takes on the job of covering both your event photography and media wall photos. For large events with 400 people or more we recommend having a dedicated media wall photographer.

We’ve had the privilege to work with many successful events from small intimate cocktail parties to large gala awards events and the media wall have been a feature and well used.

Considerations in the design of a Media wall and Backdrop display

Media or photo walls are an amazing way to highlight your brand to the target audience. Whether it be product launch events, red carpet events, or others, a well-customized media wall is one element what helps the event be talked about.

However, designing the perfect media walls or backdrops takes time. Careful consideration to the making and and designing are important.

Some things to consider are;

  • Does it tell a succinct story
  • Is it going to be reflective of room lights or flash photography
  • Does the material wrinkle or twist easily
  • Is the size big enough for group photos
  • Graphics, will they coming up clear on photos from a distance
  • Keep graphics simple and large
  • Transportation and installation ease
  • Will you be able to re use it for the next event

Keep your media wall design simple. Simple media or photo walls make a great impression. Simplicity defines beauty.

High-resolution print

Printing brand logos in low-resolution will look pixelated on a media wall.

Get the correct file size of your brand and sponsors’ logo before sending them into printing. Your graphic designer will be able to advise that the specs are.

Details are important not only to have clear sharp logos and text but also to get the correct colour.

Leverage Social Media

Social media walls are a great way to engage with attendees and prompt them for social sharing.

Tap into your social media event feed to display public posts on your hashtag live. It is an excellent tool that will help you get people talking about what’s happening at your event while they’re there.

Make sure you highlight your company’s or associations #hashtag.

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Electronic Media Backdrop photo example

Sydney Photographers for events at ICC Sydney

Electronic Backdrop Example

Positioning the media wall

Place the media wall near the entrance of the function room, but not in the way to let others pass. If it is too close to the bar for example that could also cause congestion.

Importantly when deciding the final position consider how much light is available. Is it very low light or directly overhead giving the guests a non flattering creepy look?

Both media walls and backdrops should be positioned in adequate light. If that’s not possible the photographer should be advised as this will allow them to be prepared and bring their own additional lighting.

Even great photographers can be limited by the available light or poor placement options or choice.

If you’re expecting large group photos also allow enough space to actually capture the full width of the branding wall.

Around 10m plus should be ok for small set ups with groups of 6 people. For larger group photos the more space photographers will need. For this 36 person group on this page we were 20m back from the media wall.

If you’re unsure, just ask your photographer for feedback. Hi quality photos will be more consistent when the light can be managed.

Example photo of media wall too small for a large group

Corporate Event Group photo at Doltone House Hyde Park Sydney

Media Wall Photo

Prepare early, don’t leave your Electronic media wall to the last minute

For a multimedia project use an Electronic media wall to display your company achievements, project wins and completed works.

Also highlight key staff, slideshow of photos of new products and services etc. They have many uses.

To avoid any surprises on the day, it’s important to start early by coordinating with your supplier at least 4 weeks before the date.

Your marketing the business development teams will need to short list your visual display assets so make sure to engage with them early too.

Solid Printed Backdrop example photo

Group photo at Trade Show Expo

Branded backdrop photo

Custom Backdrops will enhance the Event experience

The right backdrop can make your event theme a great reality. It adds that extra touch to an already successful business.

Great photography paired with great visual walls will enhance your event activities in the following ways;

  • Establishes impactful branding for a corporate event
  • They can be used behind event registration desks, media, reception spaces, at photo booths, directional and safety signage.
  • Engage sports event audiences.
  • Create stylized dividers for networking or workshop rooms.
  • Enhance the theme and style of your event by printing personalized images and designs.
  • Make motivational speakers’ backgrounds more interesting.
  • The stage backdrop and branding behind the stage and panel speakers.

Our professional photography for social and media walls are tailored according to your needs.

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