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Business Networking Events for Professionals

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How to Get the Most from Business Networking Events

Over the last 20 years I’ve had regular experience with business networking. Attending events all over Australia and photographing them in Sydney New South Wales.

Countless business opportunities for both myself and for others in my network have resulted in them being essential in learning about new ideas and meeting relevant contacts.

So this page will summarise using both our own experience and research on how you can take advantage of attending networking events. Not only from the perspective of attending but also being an observer from behind the camera.

With so much in the corporate world happening in the digital domain these days a professional can easily get rusty on the interpersonal techniques and making the most of these events and lose sight of the idea behind why you are there.

First the basics of what you probably know already, but if you’re new to the sector or wanting to improve your skills and understanding, read the descriptions. Otherwise skip.

Business Networking Event Examples

Corporate Networking Event for professionals
Corporate Networking Event for professionals

What is business networking definition?

Business networking [Wikipedia] is defined as a group of business or like mined people meet to either exchange ideas or business opportunities and expand their connections.

Why should you network in the first place?

Business leaders and professional should use the power of networking to find leads for business, career and employee prospecting or to broaden their learning of their sector. And you should also go to simply gather information on competitors.

How to improve business networking skills?

There’s many ways to improve your skills with networking. But first it’s important to distinguish between virtual / online networking and the in person type of event.

Tips for Learning Online Presenting Skills

For online and virtual events a good way to improve your presence and presentation is to do some research about the workshops that are available with ‘camera craft’ or ‘presenting in front of the camera’. Our local theatre occasionally conducts these online classes to improve performance in front of the camera.

The other tip is to just practice and practice some more. Start slow, be observant and do short talks first. Gradual can be more enjoyable and you’ll be more likely to persevere and succeed.

Tips on how to Improve your Attendance at Networking Events

Improving our in person comfort when networking is more of the practise makes perfect situation. But here’s a couple of tips on making it easier.

Try to buddying up with someone who will be there that knows a few people. Also when you arrive, find the polished networkers and introduce yourself to them and let them know you’re new to this.

The seasoned professional will no doubt help with introductions and help put you at ease.

One tip that may work for you is, as soon as you get their grab a wine or similar beverage, having an early drink helps calm the nerves.

A tip for those with some networking experience, test yourself by improving the number of the new contacts by timing yourself to 5 minutes max with each person. Then move on the next new introduction taking one person from the previous group with you. This can work wonders in building rapport quickly with a great number of new contacts.

List of Business Networking Events in Sydney we go to

  • Sydney CBD Chamber of Commerce
  • Australian Business Events Association
  • Business Sydney
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Photography at Corporate Events

Importance of event photography

Picture this, you’ve invested a lot of time and resources into creating an inclusive amazing networking event. Rave reviews and people want to come back to meet again at your next event but you have no photos to inspire new people to attend next time. Through natural attraction you’ll soon up with low or now attendance numbers.

To retain and attract new members you will be at an advantage if you have a professional photographer capturing digital assets you will need for post and pre event promotions.

Their employer may also want to use some for social media sharing promoting themselves and the staff attending your event. That’s extra promotion scaling up yours.

Always hire a professional photographer to create some glue that will help keep people in front of mind until they next meet again.

Photo turnaround time

Like most events for business, time to send though photos is paramount to the excitement and freshness lingering on. Preferably highlight photos should be sent the next morning before midday when ever possible.

What do you do at a networking event?

Taking this question about what you actually do at a business event. Firstly it’s an opportunity to introduce yourself and the business you are representing.

You do so in a very concise way. Also called an elevator pitch. This elevator pitch should sound quite natural in describing what you do and the offer and its benefit. It does not need or should take any longer than 1 to 2 minutes max.

Example of an elevator pitch.

I’m Orlando Sydney and provide photography services for business in inner Sydney. Our main focus is capturing quality photos at tradeshows, conference, awards and gala diners. We also shoot events such as this networking event.

There you go, an example that’s less than a minute of who, what, where and who for.

Planning for post event follow up

Collect as many business cards as you can as they are the link between your new contacts and any opportunities that may grow from meetup.

You can use online platforms to connect such as LinkedIn but they can quickly be diluted with your other 700 connections.

And you can win favour with your marketing manager by providing new people to add to the CRM so they can do some marketing too.

Extra reasons to get in touch


Success Rate


Photo Delivery

Number of photos on average per business event in Sydney CBD

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