76 Headshot Frequently Asked Questions Ultimate Guide

The Most Comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) List

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Are you looking for detailed information about headshots but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. On this page we have compiled the most comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on all things headshots. You can also visit one of our many pages on headshots, as they have very specific use cases FAQs as well.

Below are tips on how to prepare for a shoot to advice on choosing the right photographer, clothing, location and much much more. This FAQ list has got everything you need to know to get the perfect headshot. So, whether you’re an actor, model, executive board member or looking to update a single professional profile picture, read on and get ready to have your best headshots experience by being prepared.

Headshot Frequently Asked Questions Ultimate Guide

Starting with General Headshot FAQ’s

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a professional photograph of a person’s head including all their hair, shoulders and upper body. Typically used for business, acting, or modelling purposes.

Why do I need a headshot?

You need a headshot as it serves as the first impression that you make with potential clients or employers. It portrays your level of professionalism and helps you stand out in a competitive market. And for dating it can make or break getting lots more matches.

What makes a good headshot?

A good headshot should be a clear representation of yourself that showcases your personality and professionalism. It should have good lighting, sharp focus, and a clean background. Your facial expression should be natural and engaging, and your clothing and hair should be neat and appropriate for the purpose of the headshot.

What should I wear for a headshot?

You should wear clothing that is clean, lint free, neat, and appropriate for the industry or purpose of the headshot. Solid colours, non reflective options are our recommendations, fine patterns or other company logos should be avoided.

How should I do my hair and makeup for a headshot?

Your hair and makeup should enhance your natural features and be kept simple and natural unless you’re going for a specific look. Avoid extreme, lustrous or reflective makeup. Hairstyles should be you and the way you’d like to look for the next year or two.

Where should I take my headshot?

You should talk to us about the location of your headshot, we recommend in a well-lit area, or we bring appropriate lighting, with a neutral background that won’t detract from the focus on you, your eyes and face. An office with good lighting, outdoor locations with soft natural light are for environmental portraits.

Who should take my headshot?

A professional photographer who specializes in headshots should take your headshot. They have the necessary equipment, expertise, and experience to capture the best possible shot.

How can I tell who is a professional photographer that specialises in headshots?

A professional photographer who specializes in headshots will have a large body of work you can view on their website. Their specialty should be covered in many web pages with photo galleries.

What should I bring to a headshot session?

You should bring a few outfit options, hair and makeup products for touch-ups, and any specific props or accessories related to the purpose of the headshot.

How can I prepare for my headshot session?

You can prepare by practicing different facial expressions in front of a mirror, getting plenty of rest the night before, and arriving at the shoot with a positive attitude and confidence in your appearance.

What should I expect during a headshot session?

You should expect your photographer to guide you through the process, including posing, wardrobe changes, and direction on facial expressions. The shoot may take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the number of shots needed. We can set up a headshots station at your office or event for the whole day and capture hundreds of photos.

What happens after the headshot session?

After the shoot, you will typically receive proofs or digital images to review, if that was part of your package and select your final images. Your chosen images will be edited [Wikipedia] and delivered to you in a various resolution formats as described in your package and ready for use.

How many headshots do I need?

The number of headshots you need depends on the purpose of the photos. Actors and models often require a variety of looks to showcase their versatility, while business professionals may only need one or two shots for a website or marketing materials.

How much does a headshot cost?

The cost of a headshot varies depending on the location, photographer’s experience, lighting equipment used, number of shots required, how long they provide retouching to each shot, and whether hair and makeup services are included. Prices generally range from under $100 for high volume to $1,000 or more depending on the brief.

How often should I update my headshot?

You should update your headshot as often as necessary to keep it current and representative of your current appearance. This could mean updating it every year or every two years, depending on the industry or purpose of the headshot.

Changing hair style, or changing companies will mean changing your headshot.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in headshots?

Common mistakes to avoid in headshots include wearing distracting clothing, overdoing hair and makeup, using low-quality or outdated equipment, and neglecting to convey a sense of approachability and professionalism in the shot.

Can you retouch my headshot?

Yes, we can retouch your headshot to remove blemishes, adjust lighting or colour, and enhance certain features. However, it’s important to avoid excessive retouching [Wikipedia] that could make the image appear unrealistic or misleading. We remove some temporary blemishes but leave those natural distinguishing features that help make you unique.

Should I use a black and white or colour headshot?

Colour photographs are are most commonly use, it is rare for black and white.

Ultimately, the choice between a black and white or colour headshot depends on your personal preference and the purpose of the photo. Black and white photos can convey a classic or timeless feel, while colour photos offer more vibrancy and detail.

Can I use my phone to take a headshot?

You can use your phone to take a headshot, but the quality of the photo will not be very good. And the equipment used is only a part of the story. It is the knowledge that goes along with it to make a great photo of you that will further your career.

Do you offer Headshot printing?

We offer headshot printing as an additional service. This may include high-quality prints on premium paper, or custom-designed comp cards for actors and models.

How do I pay for my session?

The payment process will vary depending on the size and scale of the session. At times we require a deposit or full payment upfront. It’s important to clarify the payment terms before the proposal is sent.

Do I need a hair stylist for my headshot session?

Whether or not you need a hair stylist for your headshot session depends on your personal preference and the specific requirements of the shoot. A hair stylist can help to ensure that your hair looks neat and styled in a way that complements your face and clothing. Most of the time se suggest to do it yourself.

Do I need a make-up artist for my actor headshot session?

A make-up artist may be recommended for an actor headshot session as they can help to create specific looks and styles that are appropriate for the intended roles or characters. However, it ultimately depends on your preferences and needs.

Do you recommend make-up for men?

Make-up is not typically required for men in a headshot session, but it can help to even out skin tone and reduce shine. If you have very dry or flaking skin, an easy to absorb moisturiser is a good idea.

Should I get a haircut before my headshot session?

If you plan to get a haircut before your headshot session, it’s best to do so at least a week in advance to allow time for any adjustments or styling. This will help to ensure that you are comfortable with the new haircut and that it looks natural in the photos.

Should I shave before my headshot session?

It’s generally recommended to shave before a headshot session if you prefer a clean-shaven look. However, if you have a specific facial hair style that you prefer, leave it. If the shadow is you look or a beared, great leave it on if you’re likely to to wearing it for the next 12 months.

How many outfits should I bring to my headshot session?

The number of outfits you should bring to your headshot session depends on the photographer’s policies, your package inclusions and the intended use of the photos. Typically, 2 or so outfits are recommended to provide variety and options for different styles or looks. Or simply a photo with a jacket on and one without a jacket.

Should I wear jewellery in my headshot?

Jewellery can be worn in a headshot, but it’s important to choose pieces that complement rather than detract from the focus on the subject. Simple and classic jewellery is typically preferred.

What happens during my photo shoot?

During the photo shoot, our photographer will guide you through various poses and expressions to capture a range of images. They will also adjust lighting and backgrounds as necessary and may offer feedback or direction on hair, makeup, or clothing.

Can I see my images during the shoot?

At most indoor session we may have the option for you to view images during the shoot to provide feedback. However, this depends on a few factors so it’s best to clarify this beforehand if it is a priority for you.

Headshot FAQ Details at the Session

What is the best time of day to take a headshot?

The best time to take a headshot is in the morning when you’re feeling freshest. If it’s an outdoor shoot, when natural light is abundant, typically in the late morning or late afternoon, golden hour is also great. However, this may vary depending on the location and type of lighting used.

What should I do with my hands during a headshot session?

You can place your hands at your sides or incorporate them into the pose in a natural and relaxed manner. Avoid clenching your fists or placing your hands directly on your face, as this can appear awkward or uncomfortable. Where ever you place your hands, keep your fingers together, no stray fingers.

Should you smile for headshots?

Smiling is generally recommended for headshots, as it conveys approachability and warmth. However, the intensity of the smile should match the intended purpose of the headshot, and it’s important to avoid forced or overly exaggerated expressions.

How should I smile for a headshot?

Your smile should be natural and engage the muscles around your eyes, which creates a more genuine and authentic expression. Avoid over-smiling or forcing a smile, as this can appear insincere or awkward.

What is the most flattering angle for headshots?

The most flattering angle for headshots varies depending on the individual, but in general, it’s best to aim for a slightly raised camera angle that captures the subject from just above eye level. Our photographer will guide you as every face, hair style will have different proportions.

What colour background are best for headshots?

Neutral colours such as black, white, and grey are often recommended for headshots as they provide a clean and unobtrusive background that won’t detract from the focus on the subject. However, other colours may be appropriate depending on the intended use and style of the headshot.

How should a woman pose for a headshot?

A woman should pose for a headshot in a way that feels natural and comfortable while still conveying professionalism and confidence. She should avoid tilting her head too much or placing her hands directly on her face, and opt for simple and classic poses that highlight her best features. A neutral chin position suits most.

What neckline is best for headshots?

The best neckline for headshots is usually one that is simple and classic, such as a v-neck or scoop neck. Avoid high neck tops. If in doubt, look at other women who are more senior in position in the sector you work in for more ideas.

How do you look thinner in headshots?

If you think you need to look thinner in your headshots, try elongating your neck and tilting your chin slightly, as this can help to create a more defined jawline and slim the appearance of the face. Your clothing choice can also impact how your perceived.

How to be more photogenic?

To be more photogenic, practice good posture and facial expressions in front of a mirror, experiment with different angles and lighting, and relax and have fun during the shoot. Remember that confidence and authenticity are key to a great photo. Looking tired or stressed has the opposite effect.

Is it better to stand or sit for headshots?

It depends on the intended use and style of the headshot. Standing can create a more dynamic and active appearance, while sitting can be more relaxed and approachable. Let us know the purpose of the photos and we can help guide you on what may work best in your circumstance.

What kind of lighting is best for headshots?

Natural light is a good choice for headshots, as it offers a more flattering and authentic look. However, good studio lighting can also be used to create a consistent and professional look. Professional headshot photographers will be proficient in the use of studio lighting and can sculp almost any look.

What kind of backgrounds are appropriate for headshots?

Neutral backgrounds, such as white, grey, or muted colours, or plain or textured black are often recommended for headshots as they provide a clean and unobtrusive background that won’t detract from the focus on the subject.

For environmental portraits we love and recommend a natural green foliage background that is soft focus.

How do I choose the right photographer for my headshot?

Choose a photographer who specializes in headshots and has experience working in your industry or field. Look at their portfolio to ensure that their style and quality of work align with your needs and preferences. Every creative has their own unique style, select a photographer based on that rather than price alone.

Can I use a friend or family member to take my headshot?

While you can use a friend or family member to take your headshot, it’s generally recommended to use a professional photographer who has the necessary equipment and expertise to capture the best possible shot. Unless they are a professional with the right equipment, no family or a friend should not.

What kind of facial expressions should I use in my headshot?

You should aim for a natural and relaxed expression that conveys approachability and professionalism. Avoid extreme or forced expressions, as these can appear awkward or insincere. Our photographers will always offer guidance.

What is the difference between a traditional headshot and an environmental headshot?

A traditional headshot focuses solely on the subject’s face and shoulders against a neutral background, while an environmental headshot incorporates the subject’s work environment or surroundings to provide additional context and depth.

How long does a typical headshot session last?

The length of a headshot session varies depending on the number of shots needed and the photographer’s process. Sessions can range from quick 15 minutes very basic to a more common 30 minutes per person at a solo session.

Group and volume sessions can be over many hours.

What file format should my final headshot be delivered in?

Your final headshot should be delivered in a high-resolution JPEG format suitable for digital use or by prior arrange be processed print ready. To make them print ready we’ll need the colour profile and paper type you’ll be using for best effect. Make sure to confirm the file format with our photographer before the shoot.

Can I use my headshot for social media profiles?

Yes, you can use your headshot for your social media profiles. It’s important to ensure that the photo meets the size and resolution requirements for each platform. Our web size is perfect and ready to use for social profiles.

Do I own the rights to my headshots?

The ownership of the photo always remains with the photography studio, the rights to use your headshots is part of the agreement. Make sure to clarify any ownership rights and usage restrictions before requesting receiving a quote.

What is a comp card?

A comp card, short for composite card, is a collection of an actor or model’s headshots and resume information. They are typically used as a marketing tool to showcase versatility and experience.

Can I use the same headshot for different purposes?

Yes, you can use the same headshot for different purposes as long as it aligns with the intended use and format requirements. However, it may be beneficial to have multiple headshots to showcase versatility and fit the specific needs of each purpose.

How can I ensure that my headshot stands out from the competition?

To ensure that your headshot stands out from the competition, focus on conveying approachability, professionalism, and authenticity. It’s also important to work with our skilled photographers who can capture your unique personality and style in the photo.

Headshot Use Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

A headshot focuses primarily on the subject’s face and shoulders and is typically used for professional or commercial purposes, while a portrait may encompass a wider range of poses [Wikipedia] and settings and may be used for personal or artistic expression or simply use it as a family heirloom.

How can I use my headshot to enhance my personal brand?

You can use your headshot to create a consistent and recognizable personal brand by using it across multiple platforms, such as your website, social media profiles, business cards and tender submission. Make sure to use a quality image that conveys professionalism and approachability. By being consistent this will help enhance your recognisability and personal brand.

Can I use my headshot as part of my resume?

Yes, you can use your headshot as part of your resume, especially if you’re in an industry where appearance is important, such as modelling, acting or sales role. However, make sure to confirm whether a headshot is appropriate for the specific job or industry before including it.

How can I make the most out of my headshot session?

To make the most out of your headshot session, prepare in advance by choosing appropriate clothing and practicing facial expressions in front of a mirror. During the shoot, communicate with you photographer and ask for feedback to ensure that you’re getting the look you need.

What is the difference between a headshot and a snapshot?

A headshot is a professional photograph taken with the intention of representing oneself to potential employers, clients or industry professionals, while a snapshot is an informal photograph taken in everyday life situations without any particular purpose. Both have their place but should not be used interchangeably.

How do I choose the right clothing for my headshot?

You should choose clothing that is appropriate for the industry or purpose of the headshot, and avoid anything that is too distracting or flashy. Solid non reflective colours and classic styles are often recommended over patterns or bold designs.

How long does it take to get my final headshot images back?

The time it takes to get your final headshot images back varies depending on the photographer’s schedule, workload and how much time and effort they put into the editing. It’s best to clarify the turnaround time with your photographer before the shoot. Some photographers do very little to the photo for post production and will provide your shots almost immediately, others will take great care in each and every photo so will take longer.

Can I use my headshot for print materials as well as digital?

Yes, you can use your headshot for both print and digital materials if they are print ready. Ask us about suitable printing specifications to ensure that the photo meets the size and resolution requirements.

Headshot Clarification Questions

What are the three types of headshots?

The three most common types of headshots are commercial, theatrical, and modelling.

  1. Commercial headshots are typically used for advertising and marketing materials.
  2. Theatrical headshots are intended for actors and performers;
  3. And modelling headshots are designed for those pursuing a career in modelling or fashion.

How do you take an attractive headshot?

To take an attractive headshot, make sure the lighting is even and flattering, choose clothing and makeup that highlights your best features, and use a pose and expression that is natural and confident [Wikipedia]. It’s also important to work with a skilled photographer who can provide direction and capture your unique personality and style in the photo.

What makes a bad headshot?

A bad headshot may have poor lighting, blurry or out-of-focus images, distracting backgrounds, or an unflattering pose or facial expression. It may also fail to convey professionalism, personality, or authenticity.

What do photographers mean when they use the term LOOK?

When photographers use the term “look,” they are referring to a change of outfit or looking different. Can also mean specific expression or mood that they want the subject to convey in the photograph. This may include a serious, confident, or approachable look, for example.

Do you offer on location headshots?

We offer on-location headshots and it is sometimes included in the fee. This may include shooting at the client’s workplace, event or another agreed-upon location.

Do you shoot outside?

Whether a photographer shoots outside depends on their specific style and the needs of the client. Shooting outdoors can provide a natural and dynamic background, but it may also be affected by weather conditions and other uncontrollable factors. Some photographers prefer to shoot exclusively in a studio setting, while others may have a preference for outdoor locations.

Why are all your backgrounds, white, grey or black?

A neutral background such as white, grey, or black is often preferred for headshots [Wikipedia] as it provides a clean and unobtrusive backdrop that won’t distract from the focus on the subject. It also allows the photographer to control the lighting more effectively and create a consistent look across multiple images.

Q&A’s for After the Headshots

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot, the photographer will typically select and edit the best images and provide them to the client for review and selection. They may also offer additional services such as retouching, printing, or digital delivery.

How long before I will receive my final images?

The time it takes to receive final images varies depending on the photographer and their schedule. It’s best to clarify the expected turnaround time with the photographer before the shoot to avoid any confusion or delays.

How do I receive my images?

Images may be delivered digitally through an online gallery or file sharing platform, or physically through a USB drive or other storage device. The exact delivery method will depend on the photographer’s policies and the client’s preferences.

FAQ booking and payments questions

For quoting and booking a headshot photographer, what information do you need?

The information we need as a minimum is, When, Where, and How many hours you need a photographer.

Headshots, portraits or if it’s a wedding and large complex event, a full photo brief is recommended.

What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are typically 7 days prior to the session, with a deposit to secure the date and time. Or you may choose to settle it all at deposit time if you choose. Repeat clients may be able to arrange a credit account.

What are your headshot prices and group rates?

Photography rates vary a great deal on many factors. Check out this page for a headshot pricing schedule of rates.

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