Sydney Architectural Photography for Your Property Portfolio

Perfect For Designers, Builders & Suppliers

Sydney Architectural Photography for Your Property Portfolio

Perfect For Designers, Builders & Suppliers

Good design intent, form & function with great photos

Great Architectural photography requires a deep understanding of the detail and thousands of hours of concept, drawing revisions, material selection, and crafted construction techniques to accurately capture the design intent for it to be represented in an image well.

Interior architecture designed photography highlighting the interior finishes and features, form and function where human occupation is the primary intention.

Exterior can include excavation, construction structures layers including exterior cladding, and detailed finishes. Also perfect for Construction are progress photos without the expense of time-lapse and associated risks.

Orlando Sydney has 20 years of experience in the Commercial Interior Real Estate sector. Is a licensed contractor, Joiner, and has an appreciation for the thought, passion, and detail that goes into every project.

Engaging Modern Architectural Designs

Architectural Designed Interiors Photographer forLuxury Waterfront Interiors and Design led Office Fit outs

Modern Architectural Designed Seating

Striking Photos for Commercial Building Office Interior & Fixtures

Architectural Designed Interiors Photographer forLuxury Waterfront Interiors and Design led Office Fit outs

Commercial Building Office Interior Photo. Window, Door and Celling Fixtures

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Photography for Beautifully Warm & Inviting Office Spaces

Photos of Commercial Interiors, Indoor spaces, Interior Design, Detailed finishes and features. Luxury Office Interior Designs with Modern Style Workspaces.

Luxury Waterfront Interiors and Design led Office Fitouts

Architectural Designed Interiors Photographer forLuxury Waterfront Interiors and Design led Office Fit outs

Photo of the interior of Opal Suite Meeting Room at the Crown Tower with Darling Harbour Water Views

What are the types of architectural photography?

Architectural photography can mean different things to different people depending on either the Designer or photographers niche and expertise.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of architecture photography.

Interior architecture-designed photography intentionally excludes the exterior detail. It solely highlights the interior finishes and features, form and function where human occupation is the design intent or, in the case of industrial photography, and it highlights machinery and processes.

Exterior can include excavation, construction structures, and exterior cladding and finishes. It includes landscaping after civil works or local council LGA’s beautification programs on local roads and parklands.

12 types of architectural photography specialties

  • Domestic homes designed by architects
  • Interior designed homes
  • Hotel and accommodation photography
  • Restaurant interior photography
  • Art gallery installations
  • Corporate Head Office architecture
  • General office interiors
  • Architectural products supply chain
  • Construction site photography
  • Civil infrastructure projects
  • Retail interiors
  • Industrial and manufacturing

Above list contains the majority of genres that fall under the umbrella of interior architectural photography.

With our experience of over 20 years in the commercial interiors sector, we are well positioned to photograph your project and be meticulous with the deliverables.

Great design meets great photography

Affordable interior photography is most certainly indispensable during the final phases of property development. After all that development work, construction, and long manufacturing lead times, skimping on photography is not something you want to do.

Interior Photography Pricing

Package pricing starts from only $1100 with royalty free image licensing so can use the photos with confidence.

We can package a fixed amount of professional captured, processed and meticulously retouched photos so you have the confidence of knowing exactly how many deliverables you will get.

Interiors Video fly through and Interior photo packages can be arranged as an optional extra. So contact us for details today.

For national Brands that need consistency and dependability, we travel interstate to ensure the high standards are kept throughout your portfolio of projects.

We do not shoot your average residential real estate, and it is not something we get asked to do. Our focus is on providing low churn, high hands-on photography that captures the finer detail of your vision.

Photos of Installations, Finishes of Interior & Exterior Spaces

Wynyard Railway Station, George Street View, Ceiling Panels Inside George Street Sydney Entrance, Interior Ceiling Panel Supplier. Sydney Town Hall, Interior Photo, Showing Seating & Organ. Modular Building Interior. Retail Showroom Interior photo.

Architectural Designed Commercial Spaces

Architectural Designed Interiors Photographer forLuxury Waterfront Interiors and Design led Office Fit outs

Interior Photo View of Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background

Complete Interior & Exterior photo package using your drawings for small and large projects

3D CAD Drawing of a multi story building

Tips and Ideas for engaging Architectural Photography Services

There are many subjects to discuss with a photographer if you haven’t worked with them before.

This section of the article covers the topics that should be added in detail to the photographer’s brief. Otherwise, these items should be openly discussed at the preliminary meeting when engaging a photographer for a proposal to supply their services.

Photo Processing and retouching

Always clarify what type of processing is included and whether any retouching is part of the proposal. If so, to what extent.

Are they replacing a sky, removing small objects or marks on the flooring? If so, how much time has been allocated for each delivered photograph?

Our standard processing allows for 16 characteristics of the photo to be considered. Photo retouching may be included in your package if noted. Typically this allows for up to 10 minutes to be spent on each image. Some photos may need a retouching expert that is outside the scope of the proposal. Good trusting communication is vital.

Photo turnaround times

Some projects are more time-critical than others. Clarity around the delivery of images is another essential aspect to make clear before accepting the offer.

Are there strict publishing dates for the promotion? Is there a deadline that must be met? Make it clear before the start of the engagement.

Image delivery methods

Typically we deliver photos via cloud file storage. Some multinational organisations and government departments have their own asset management systems to upload to. This is another item to add to the proposal request and a detailed commercial photographers brief. It can take considerably longer to use these systems with file tagging and meta data entered manually.

Image licensing

Image licensing is a big subject for any commercial type shoot. It can get complicated quickly, and we do try to keep it simple. These are some of the considerations.

Do you want to share the photos with interior designers, suppliers such as painters, carpet, lighting tenants, real estate leasing agents, landlord representatives, construction builders, interior builders, or others?

These types of questions and needs must be discussed prior to the final price, or it will need to be renegotiated post-shoot if your needs change.

How much do you charge for interior photography?

Professional Photographers usually charge $280 – $550 per hour depending on how many total hours on the property is required.

Interior & Architecture photography pricing and fee structure

Architectural and interior design photography pricing varies just like any other genre and any other professional services supplier.

With many variations, it is sometimes better for you, the client, to nominate your needs upfront. Then, the photographer can put forward either a proposal or budget estimate based on your needs rather than making too many guesses and assumptions. What tends to follow that scenario are many price adjustments and that no one wants.

Key stakeholders in the shoot

Who are the people that usually get involved in pre planning a Designer shoot?

  • Project owners
  • Directors
  • Designers
  • Lead Architects
  • Agencies
  • Investors
  • Marketing teams
  • Product development
  • Tenant advocates
  • Property managers

Project Brief Subjects for Consideration

What information does a photographer need?

  • Intended demographic
  • Quality level
  • Photo licensing requirements
  • How many photos of each area
  • Image file specifications
  • Main features overall
  • Detail for key selling attributes
  • Lighting, day or night
  • Consistency with previous projects
  • Budget
  • Timelines

What more information can be provided in a full brief?

  • Your business history and direction
  • Business goals
  • Brand direction and objectives
  • Buyer personas, two or more
  • Competitors
  • Third party licensing if any
  • Who your key people are
  • Time frame for delivery
  • Assumptions and ideals

Budget estimate pricing

If you are still early in the process of putting together a marketing package and all you need is a pricing estimate. Jot down in an email your key criteria and over a quick phone call if needed we’ll be able to give you a budget estimate so can secure the spend with your upline.

Techniques and preferences

Both architectural and interior design photography use wide angle or ultra wide-angle lens. We tend not to use ultra wide to keep distortion to a minimum then in post production we can correct any miss aligned horizontal or vertical lines.

Ultra wide is not something we use or recommend due to the extreme distortion many create when at near its widest focal length. You just can’t fix everything in post so getting it close to perfect onsite is key.

Mood and Lighting considerations

Lights on or lights off. That is an important consideration because of the likelihood of mixing colour temperature. Too yellow in one area and too blue in another. Shooting interiors for such places as hotels and hospitality this can be very important in the look for the final images.

Exterior some consideration to artificial lighting, shoot at dusk or sunset for example.

Anatomy of great photos

We like to create visual interest by create layers or leading lines in the photos where we can. Accentuating depth in the frame and utilising as many composition rules as is practical and pleasing, all while keeping to the photographer brief.

Using light modifiers to bounce or control light. Using a scrim by a window on a sunny day as an option.

So you can see how the light, time of day and the Interior Designers & Decorators intended mood is a very important consideration and should be clearly articulated on the photo brief or at least discussed at pre shoot meetings.

Focused on the Details, Planning, Execution and Delivery

For small shoots only some information is needed but if there’s lots of information, all will be considered during shoot.

For many smaller projects we can take care of most of the detail and create a mood for you. Just let us know. We will study whatever sources we have on your business and market trends for your type of development and provide you with our take on what works best. Freeing you up for other tasks.

Send us your photographer’s outline or share your thoughts over the phone.

Dramatic Exterior Architectural Photograph Examples

Exterior Architectural Photography Sydney

Exterior Architectural photo accentuating angular lines and contrasts

Sydney Football Stadium 1988-2018 with City View photo

Sydney Football Stadium 1988-2018 with City CBD View

How important is photography for your project?

Photography can be critical for your marketing success. It can make a big difference and either your sales campaign being short or a prolonged.

High-quality photos helps attract more buyers, helps your future bids by including them in your tenders and they will contribute to you winning that next design award.

Great photos also helps those interested parties who may be interstate or overseas and can’t have a look in person.

Quality Photography has a quick return on investment and is cost effective.

We will capture your design intent in a pleasing natural style

Quality photos with fixed pricing for your peace of mind.

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