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Conference, Conventions and Summits in Sydney are a great way to re connect and educate your industry, suppliers and clients. Lead your sector by hosting world class corporate events, encourage International Trade in Australia and have great photos captured by us.

Conference Photography is an ever increasing essential way for your industry to stay connected and an important way to learn from peers. The networking aspect is also a main feature.

We’ve seen conferences also use the opportunity to hold small Trade Exhibitions for the reasons of exposure for the exhibiting business and for showing the market place new products and services. Many are also followed by a Gala Dinner Event of sometime to further cement those essential relationships.

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We can shoot to your brief or use our years of experience to get great shots. Many also increasingly including an event headshot station at conferences.

It is a detailed understanding that helps us be a trusted photography services provider at conferences and seminars.

So get in touch, send us your event program or photographers brief. We also like to have a phone chat to help understand your unique needs. That way we can quote you the services you need and be gentle on your budget.

The article below shares some of our knowledge on making the best of each conference, it’s intended for the newer conference organiser and visitors.

Check out the photos below, and we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

All Conference & Convention Photography Services Provided

Conference in tiered auditorium Photo in Sydney. Photography by

Photo from Pyrmont Theatre, 1000 pax

Conference at Darling Harbour Theatre Interior Photo· ICC Sydney. 2500 seated capacity. Photography By

Conference at Darling Harbour Theatre, 2500 seat capacity

Photo Highlight Examples from Conferences

Photos From Conferences in Sydney. mixture of small and medium size Events

How do you get the most out of Conferences, Summits & Conventions?

You can get the most out of conferences by reviewing the program. Sounds simple until you sit down and actually study it, so study the full program.
You or your employer has spent a considerable sum on your industry conference or seminar attendance so preparation is a good idea.

You may have needed to travel to a big city centre. If at all possible stay at the venue or at a hotel close by. It’ll save a lot of time and energy. So to get the most from it review the agenda, which speakers are most appealing, what subjects do you need to hear the latest on trends. Is there research being shared that you can utilise in your profession?

All good questions to cover and get clarity so you can make the best of the conference and have a fuss-free time.

How to make registration at a conference easier?

Pre-registration, there are usually many payment options, are you a member of the Industry bodies or associations and entitled to a discount? Perhaps you’re a student and you can register at half price?

Lanyard collection will be at the reception or check-in counter. Always wear it, as it helps identify you and makes it easier to network. At a glance, you can see who are good networking candidates.

When photographers take your picture you can be identified to the organiser and a) more than likely you’ll get to know about it or b) you may even be highlighted on their site or social media channels. Getting recognised or mentioned at a professional event is great for your personal brand.

How can presenters and speakers prepare?

Is this you? Are you one of the shortlist selected to share your knowledge?
Congrats, everyone will be keen on hearing your talk. If you’re a fast talker and animated in the delivery of your presentation photographers will tend to capture you expressive.
On the other hand if don’t move around the stage and have lots of pauses between sentences then experienced Sydney photographers tend to wait for the pauses to photograph a more neutral expression. Hopefully the spotlights are not directed at your eyes but slightly above your natural view port so you can make regular eye contact with the conference and seminar attendees.

How to network with industry peers?

Who else do you know that going to the conference, ask your existing contacts, take a client or supplier along? If you been attending summits or seminars year on year it is likely you’ll be running into existing prospects at the event in Sydney.

Introduce newbies or graduates to your existing network, reciprocity has a magical way of working. Expand the social aspect of professional conferences.

Take lots of business cards, although some large Corporates have banned the use of business cards. Use a phone app for capturing new peer details, or just connect on LinkedIn. But always send them a message so you two are not just another connection on a cyber network. Catch up for a coffee is best.

How best to be prepared at events?

Bring a laptop with an all-day battery. If you use it in a darkened room, please turn down the brightness in consideration of the people around you and the battery will probably last most of the day.

Bring a warm jacket or jumper. Sometimes those big conference venues can get a bit cool.

Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll probably have to navigate many stairs in the larger conference venues in Sydney.

Keep sipping water, otherwise, you’ll struggle to make day two or worse, not be able to enjoy the Gala dinner that is common after conferences and summits.

Attend Workshops

Many conferences have workshops as part of the package. If the subject matter is on your shortlist, make sure you get a spot. Workshops provide you with even more value as far as knowledge, networking and soaking up any new concepts.

Small group workshops are even easier to get a chance at asking questions of the speaker or trainer. In a conference of 500-1000 not so much.

On multi-day conferences don’t overdo it on day 1, it is easy to get information overload, networking overload, pace it and have a good time.

Sydney Business Function Venues

A few locations we’ve photographed at; Grace Hotel, Opera House, ICC Sydney, Star City, Dock Side, Doltone House, The Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park, Novotel Sydney Central, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, UTS Sydney.

Is there a checklist for attending conferences or summits?

  1. Pre-event research, pick 3 or 4 events a year.
  2. Suss out the speakers and workshops.
  3. On the day, check online for up to date itinerary.
  4. Shortlist your options.
  5. Connect on social media – speakers & contacts.
  6. Download the app if any.
  7. Drink water and eat enough.
  8. Networking. Who is on your list?
  9. New contact follow-ups.
  10. Reporting on the benefits within the business
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What you need to consider for photography at conferences?

Are conference photo shot lists necessary?

Shot lists are usually provided by whoever booked you. Usually in our case the event company or directly from the client’s marketing team. They are very handy to have.

If they don’t have one check out our long shot list on the Corporate event photography page.

What is the conference & summits photography pricing?

Conferences are normally priced like a regular business event, typically no special pricing requirements. If you would like to read the long version on photography pricing check out this page.

What are some camera & photography techniques at conferences?

A comprehensive guide on event photography tips can be found on that page. Here are few specifically for conferences and summits.

Modern cameras work well on ‘A’ or as I say, semi-automatic. Spotlights on the presenters can vary in temperature, ie how blue or at the other side of the spectrum, how amber it appears. Spotlights can vary greatly in intensity. Be prepared by doing a few test shots from various parts of the stage.

DSLR cameras batteries should easily last a full 10-hour shoot. Same for flash / Speedlight batteries.

Photographers aren’t invisible but they should try to keep a low profile. Be discreet around the front of the stage. When you’re finished move to the back of the room and use a longer focal length lens. If you need to use a snoot on the flash do so.

What are common types of photos to capture?

Capturing posed portraits of the speakers is common, sponsors and other VIP’s. Both the key people and photographer should be comfortable about this part, but not always are.

That’s cool if not, it’s not natural for everybody. Photographers may ask you to stand in particular positions or move in a very small way. That’s ok, as sometimes these minor adjustments can make a big difference on a photos. It is worth it as these are the types pf photos that high circulation. But be guided by the Conference Manager.

Take lots of candid shots, people taking notes, using the event program and intense listening.

Be considerate of the attendees and don’t take photos like you’re firing a machine gun, no one wants to hear all that. Be deliberate with every frame, keep the camera clicking to a minimum. Less is more.

Will there be Corporate Entertainment photos to capture?

If so be ready for that. At some conference there are also awards given out, again be ready. The best way to be ready is to read and follow the event management program. Also take plenty of photos of the audience, some shots of the audience demonstrating attentive listen or taking down notes.

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