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Event Photography is a specialist genre of photography. There are many elements combined to create a seamless event experience. We are specialist photographers in Sydney that understand business events.

We believe using a specialist photographer is the solution that gives you, your guests and your brand the best outcome.

With an experienced event photographer you can enjoy the Corporate or Business function knowing that you’ve chosen the best vendor for your event.

Orlando Sydney Event Photography understands that helping you meet your business objectives to raise your profile, demonstrate your capabilities and lift your brand to existing and new audiences is vitally important. 

Investing in an event to showcase your professionalism will be give you a great return on investment. You will get great press and buzz that will be remembered long after the event.

Great photography keeps your clients thinking of you instead of your competitors. 

Event Photography Corporate Launch Party

Our Photography Services for Business events range from small workshops with a few dozen guests. To niche panel discussion and forums, all the way to the larger industry conferences and expos that have many thousands of guests over multiple days.

If you have a uniquely themed show created by a large team of creative professionals, we will ensure the vibe, colour, detail and the overall message is captured.

Subjects covered on this page;

  • 18 Elements of Event Photography
  • 3 Risks of Hiring the Lowest Price Photographer
  • 10 Ways to use event photos for your business marketing
  • 8 Interesting statistics on photo use
  • 8 Reasons to only use Professionally Taken Photographs
  • 8 Pre Event Planning Ideas
  • 3 Easy Event Photography Booking Steps to follow

​​”Attract Attention by Being Spectacularly You”

Strong brand recognition is an important component of a strong sales pipeline

Event Photography Sydney

18 Elements of Event Photography to Capture Your Best Image

  • Your key event objectives
  • Sponsors, stakeholders & VIP’s recognition
  • Your audience mood at the time
  • Capturing the engagement with the events theme
  • The venue design and table arrangements
  • Your audience interactions
  • Your branding elements
  • Who the award recipients are
  • Speeches and formal proceedings
  • Elements of your brands theme
  • Audience participation
  • Media wall and branding
  • Live social media use
  • The events or award sponsors
  • Your audience demographic
  • Awards ceremony programming
  • Theme, style and creative direction
  • Guests using your marketing collateral

Yes, we take all these elements into consideration in helping you and your brand stand out from the competition.

Risks of Hiring the Lowest Price Photographer

Risks of Hiring the Lowest Price Photographer

The old saying of you get what you pay for, is especially true when it comes to hiring a specialist professional. Low cost photographers can put you at risk. Would they take into consideration all of the 18 points above.

Event Photographers being in the wrong place at the wrong time

When photographing an event, the audience should be a primary consideration. Professional photographers will know where to position themselves correctly, it should be second nature at most business and corporate events. Professionals will get to the venue early to get an understanding of sight lines, have the correct equipment with them and discreetly take the photos they need and move aside.

Your guests should have a clear sight and not miss key messages or get a poor impression of your brand. Their event experience must always remain a positive one.

Poor quality event photos

How are your PR, Events and Marketing people going to show you at your best to follow up the event guests. Or increase the amount of touch points with prospects who weren’t there, with low quality photos. What lasting impression will that leave.

You’ve spent $10 000’s or $100 000’s on the event and you’ve got very little to run with until the next event.

We understand sometimes budgets run really tight and you must attempt to cut costs. Cutting back a little here and there is ok, we understand, but we suggest to look in areas that don’t live as long or aren’t as versatile as photos.

At the end of the next day many of the other event elements have been forgotten or unused, photographs live on and pay a return on investment for many years.

Will the event photographer understand your guest demographic

Will the low price photographer you hire relate to your guests? Have they worked with this demographic before? Two questions you may want to consider.

Is there an understand of the pressures that your event presenters, staff or other vendors are experiencing.

Working as team during your event is paramount to bringing all the elements together seamlessly from the perception of your guests.

Low cost photographers may appear to save you a few dollars, but at what cost in compromising your brand.

The American Press Institute also found a similar result What-do-newspapers-lose-when-they-use-non-professional-photography

Choose a specialist business event photography service provider. Whatever your event, we can capture your style and message that will be long remembered for both you and your guests.

​​”Are you using the same narrative as your competitors”

Find out more about how our services has you standing out from your competition

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10 ways to use event photos for your business marketing

Once you have all these terrific images from your event. How do you maximise the ROI on them. A few ideas on where to use Corporate event photos for marketing and communications purposes.

  1. Media announcements
  2. Campaigns
  3. Client communications
  4. Newsletters
  5. Alerts
  6. Social media
  7. PR communications
  8. Press release
  9. Website
  10. Intranet

Businesses without a memorable story tend to get forgotten. Photos from your events not only tells your story but can reinforce it over and over again. By using the photos across these 10 channels your reach and coverage will be comprehensive and easily justify the investment in hiring an experienced corporate event photographer. Here’s a short write up on with a few more ideas on this subject.

​​”There’s a strong relationship between what we see and what we feel”

How would you like your clients to feel about you?

Strong Visual Brand

Be Remembered at Your Event

Professional Photos are Essential for Your Brand

Marketing specialist also agree;

  1. Articles with relevant images average 94% more total views than articles without
  2. 60% of consumers who use online search say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image.
  3. Nearly 70% of e-commerce website shoppers say the product image is very important when making their purchase decision.
  4. People remember only 10% of information three days after hearing it, on average; adding a picture can improve recall to 65%
  5. Nearly 60% of people say they’re visual learners
  6. Consumers are significantly more likely to think favourably of ads that emphasise photos, over ads that emphasise text
  7. Images on Facebook receive 20% more engagement than videos and 352% more engagement than links
  8. Journalists say providing images is among the most valuable things PR professionals do

Given the power of photos, they’re valued by leading Businesses Source and more information

8 Reasons to Use Professionally Taken Photographs

  1. Extend your reach to thousands of new prospects
  2. Attract attention to your brand and build a larger database
  3. Connect and develop personal relationships with clients
  4. Show your resourcefulness by hosting events that gather your business community
  5. Raise your profile in the industry and add value to your brands
  6. Attract new agents and distributors for your business
  7. Launch a new product and generate media interest
  8. Share images across your teams to improve business outcomes

Photos are a unique promotional medium, allowing the viewer to easily consume and connect with your message. A convenient at call two-way personal interaction between client and organisation. When used with the right mix of online strategies, photos are a very powerful tool to communicate your message.
There’s a strong relationship between what we see and what we feel. How would you like your clients to feel about you?

Have no doubt to the value of great photography.

8 Pre Event Planning Ideas

  1. Objectives – you’ve got a mapped out plans, the goals are attainable, and all things considered such as budget, they are realistic. What outcome would you like from the event?
  2. Is your audience well defined – Who will be the audience at this event? What products and services are they interested in? What is there expectation of the level of production?
  3. Develop a concise message – Keep it simple and memorable. Aim the event to be specific to the target audience and clear messages. What lasting impression would you like your guests to have a month later?
  4. Attract people to the event – Consider which promotions you’ll run, prizes or giveaways, competitions, or a sample of the launched product.
  5. Communicated – Who you are. What you do. What benefits you offer to your clients. The obvious should be reinforced.
  6. What mediums will you use attract – Face to face via your staff, online, print press, via PR Company, mail lists.
  7. Sales team – give them the appropriate resources such as pdf flyers, web page to reference. Hard copy event promotional collateral. At team meetings share with them the why, what, where, who and your event outcome objectives.
  8. Capture the moment – Photography and media should have similar briefing notes if these are developed. That way every service provider has the same outcome in mind.

​​”Recognise, Reward, Praise, Celebrate and be Remembered”

How would you like your Business remembered?

Awards Night and Gala Dinner at the Grace Hotel Sydney

Awards Night and Gala Dinner at the Grace Hotel Sydney – Lifetime Achievement Award

Working with an experienced professional event Photographer can be a game changer in meeting your digital media needs.

Event Photography for business is a specialist genre of photography. It’s like high end jewellery photography, it’s a specialist category of photography that wouldn’t normally crossover. We know business events, and we know them very well.

Orlando Sydney Event Photography is your perfect partner when you need help capturing Business to Business and Corporate events.

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