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Why are Corporate Team Events Important?

Corporate team-building events’ main focus is primarily designed to bring employees together via a series of group activities. The goal is to help foster teamwork and togetherness to improve communication, productivity, and other key interpersonal business skills.

Often these events are key to business and they will need them to grow.

Professional Team Building Photography in Sydney

Every photo tells a story of your event in the most in-depth detail. Our professionals’ capture subtle details, outlining the best parts of your event. Capturing the emotions of often several hundred people over the day or sometimes over several days.

Whether it is a team-building exercise or an award ceremony, our event photographer is sure to capture every detail at the right time! That’s why we continue to be one of the most trusted professional photographers in Sydney.

What is the Goal of Team Events?

The goal of a corporate team activity is to help encourage teamwork and improve communication. If your business relies on your people, this is a critical opportunity that your marketing team must organise.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), corporate team building events are important because they help employees feel valued, which has a direct and measurable positive effect on productivity. Almost all employees are motivated to do their best work.

While team building most certainly works, it also needs to be a source of inspiration and motivation for often new or aspiring employees. Corporate Team Event Photography is meant to capture the highlights of these events, which encapsulate the strong bond that each team member has with the other reinforcing the concept of working together.

Accurately and effectively capturing these often emotional bonds is one of the keys to building effective teams. It helps motivate new or less experienced employees.

Professional photographs can also be used as part of effective marketing and sales campaigns, which helps highlight the business’s commitment to, employee development, a charity, the environment, or serving customers.

That’s why we believe that every photo we capture is valuable.

While corporate team event photography is most certainly an art, it takes experience to be at the right place at the right time to capture every highlight in crisp detail.

Every event, corporate or otherwise, deserves the attention to detail required to capture the important highlights. Those details quickly add up to make your photographs stand out from all the others shared across social media and online.

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What are some Corporate Team Building Ideas?

We’ve already mentioned how important in-Person, virtual, and hybrid Team Building Events can be in building cohesive work teams. Here’s a summary of some good examples.

Office Treasure Hunt, Competition in Collaborations, Corporate Survivor Games, Game Show Q&A, Virtual and in-person Speed Networking are just a few that can be coordinated by your office or sales team manager.

One event that has a direct impact on individual and team morale is organising a Virtual Presentation workshop. Practicing with an experienced online coach can do wonders for your staff comfort in front of the screen.

Also try a sales focussed debating event to help find those leaders who can think outside the norm and present new ideas in an engaging way.

Photos at some of these team building events can help your staff review their interactions with their colleagues and reflect on areas of improvement.

High-Resolution Photos Capture Every Step of Team Building

Building a strong team relies a great deal on bringing together new employees who have hardly worked together through a series of challenges that requires them to work as a team.

When we are capturing team-building events, one of the goals is to focus on the process, starting with the initial introductions, to each team planning and working together.

We capture high-resolution photographs across a wide variety of shooting conditions. Everything from capturing the set up to post-production, we meticulously consider every creative stage to showcase your successful event.

Quality camera and lighting equipment allows us to develop editing and photographic techniques continuously and ensure we get exactly what is needed.
Capturing team events demands versatility and the confidence needed to transform what may be a conceptual image of a team into one that motivates and inspires.

Our corporate event photography aims to inspire and encourage your employees to work as a team to win.

Experienced Professional Photography

At Orlando Sydney Photography, we provide various services geared towards large and small corporations based in Sydney, Australia.

We guarantee personal service and are there with you at every step from the date of your planned corporate team event to the photos we take during the event and prompt post event communications.

Whether it is a corporate dinner, gala, or in-person team-building event, our commitment and professionalism is with you.

As professional event photographers, we know how to take photos in the most unobtrusive way, which helps document your event via naturally flowing, candid photos.

We provide exceptional quality photography that’s competitively priced. We invite you to browse through our corporate event photography portfolio of work that demonstrates what we can do for you.

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