Headshots for Sydney based Lawyers, Attorney, Legal Professionals

Lawyers, Attorney’s and Legal Professionals know all about personal branding and making a difference. Corporate Headshots are a key part of making that impact.

As a legal professional in Sydney, you know that your image is important. A well-taken corporate headshot can help you make a great first impression on potential clients and colleagues, and it can also help you build trust and credibility.

At Orlando Sydney Corporate Photography, we specialize in creating headshots for legal professionals that are polished, and confidence-inspiring. We understand the importance of your image. We offer a variety of headshot and business portrait packages to choose from, so you can find one that fits your budget and needs.

We also offer a convenient mobile headshot service, so we can come to your office or other location to take your headshot. We look forward to helping you create a headshot that will help you achieve your professional goals.

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Just one of the many styles we can create for your Legal Sector Headshots

Sydney Headshots for Lawyers, Attorney, Legal Professionals. By orlandosydney.com
Headshots for Real Estate Agents and Top Property Valuers. By orlandosydney.com

Above: Legal Sector Headshots shown in 1:1 Square format option, and with a white to grey radial gradient background

Who are our Legal Professional Headshots for?

We provide headshot photography services for a wide range of legal professionals, including:

  • Lawyers (solicitors, barristers, in-house counsel, etc.)
  • Judges
  • Magistrates
  • Prosecutors
  • Defence attorneys
  • Law clerks
  • Paralegals
  • Legal academics
  • Legal administrators
  • Arbitrators
  • Mediators
  • Notaries
  • Patent attorneys
  • Trademark attorneys
  • Immigration attorneys
  • Real estate attorneys
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Family law attorneys
  • Criminal law attorneys
  • Corporate law attorneys
  • Labor and employment law attorneys
  • Intellectual property law attorneys
  • Tax law attorneys

We also provide headshot photography services for legal professionals who work in government, non-profit organizations, and other settings.

Brief overview of some of the legal professions we work with listed above:

  • Lawyers (solicitors, barristers, in-house counsel, etc.) provide legal advice and representation to clients.
  • Judges preside over court cases and make decisions on the law.
  • Magistrates are lower-level judges who typically preside over misdemeanour cases.
  • Prosecutors represent the government in criminal cases.
  • Defence attorneys represent defendants in criminal cases.
  • Law clerks assist judges with legal research and writing.
  • Paralegals are legal professionals who provide support to lawyers.
  • Legal academics are professors and scholars who study and teach law.
  • Legal administrators are responsible for the day-to-day operations of law firms and other legal organizations.
  • Arbitrators are neutral third-party individuals who resolve disputes outside of court.
  • Mediators are neutral third-party individuals who help parties in conflict reach a mutually agreeable solution.
  • Notaries are public officials who witness signatures and verify the authenticity of documents.
  • Patent attorneys specialize in patent law and help inventors obtain patents for their inventions.
  • Trademark attorneys specialize in trademark law and help businesses register and protect their trademarks.
  • Immigration attorneys specialize in immigration law and help clients obtain visas and green cards.
  • Real estate attorneys specialize in real estate law and help clients with the purchase, sale, and financing of real estate and who may work with Real Estate Agents and Property Valuers.
  • Estate planning attorneys specialize in estate planning law and help clients create and implement estate plans.
  • Family law attorneys specialize in family law and represent clients in divorce, child custody, and other family law matters.
  • Criminal law attorneys specialize in criminal law and represent clients who have been accused of crimes.
  • Corporate law attorneys specialize in corporate law and represent businesses with a variety of legal matters, such as mergers and acquisitions, contracts, and securities law.
  • Labor and employment law attorneys specialize in labour and employment law and represent employers and employees in a variety of legal matters, such as employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour disputes.
  • Intellectual property law attorneys specialize in intellectual property law and help clients protect their intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents.
  • Tax law attorneys specialize in tax law and help clients with a variety of tax matters, such as tax planning, tax preparation, and tax audits.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our headshot photography services for legal professionals.

Headshot session tips to keep in mind

What to wear for your headshot

You should dress in professional attire that is appropriate for your target market. For example, if you work in a luxury market, you might want to wear a suit or dress. If you work in a more casual market, you might want to wear business casual attire. Avoid wearing anything too revealing, too casual or with such strong colours or patterns it distracts your client from getting to know you.

The best colours for processional headshots

Neutral colours are generally best for legal sector headshots. They are flattering and will not distract from your face. Some good options include navy blue, grey, and black. Avoid wearing bright colours or patterns that will draw attention away from you.

The best background for headshots

A simple background is best for headshots. This could be a blank wall, a neutral-coloured backdrop, or a natural setting. Avoid backgrounds that are too busy or distracting. Our photographer will give you a choice before heading out to meet with you. If you want to know all the many choices for headshots background, we have this comprehensive page showing many options.

The best poses for legal headshots

A confident and approachable pose is best for legal sector headshots. You should smile and make eye contact with the camera. Avoid looking stiff or unnatural. Some good poses include sitting at a desk, standing in front of a window, or leaning against a wall, or your chosen coloured white or black background.

How to find a good headshot photographer

You found us as you probably searched online for photographers who specialize in legal sector headshots. When choosing a photographer, be sure to ask about their experience, style, and headshot pricing options. Look over their website to see how many pages and content on headshots, are they an expert, i.e. they have many pages detailing their detailed knowledge or just one page.

How to prepare for your headshot session

Get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive on time or even a little early for your shoot. You may also want to bring a change of clothes in case you don’t like how your first outfit looks in the photos. Most headshot packages as for one look but if you’ve booked 2 or more, definitely bring the extra changes of clothes. You can read the full article on what to wear for your headshots here.

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