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Your university graduation is one of the most significant events in your life.

Your family and everybody who cares about you will be there, celebrating with you as you complete one chapter of your life and wishing you all the best as you begin another.

You’ll probably be experiencing a whirlpool of emotions; happiness and excitement for the present and probably some fear and anticipation for the future. But even then, your graduation is one of those occasions that some part of you wants to last forever.

You want all your smiles, handshakes, and hugs to stay frozen in time, stored someplace safe where you can borrow the positive vibes whenever you need them.

And that’s where the magic of photography comes in. With a click of the shutter, special moments like these can be captured and frozen so that in the future, they’ll be visual manifestations of the happiest moments in your life.

Graduation Photography

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Sydney Uni Graduation & Formals Photography Example

Why do you need graduation photography?

It’s an achievement worth celebrating

Completing four years of regular classes, assignments, projects, and late-night studies isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what college puts you through, so earning that graduation gown becomes a considerable achievement. And when you do something big, it’s never a bad thing to celebrate.

To relive your University Formal moments

At some point in your life, you’ll wish to relive some of your favourite school moments. Maybe it’s sitting at the library or lounging in the garden, hanging out with friends, or in this case, your graduation. But since you can’t physically do that, having photos of such moments becomes necessary. So, when you are longing with the desire to experience your graduation again, all you have to do is open your graduation photo album and let your memories do the rest.

Some people can’t make it to the ceremony

Sometimes, people want to be there for important milestones in our lives but can’t be there. It’s often the case that they wanted to, but something was standing in their way. Maybe it’s a relative that’s too sick to travel or a friend that’s on the other side of the world. Fortunately, photos allow you to share special occasions with people who couldn’t make it.

Everybody will be doing it

There is a good chance that everybody around you will be taking graduation photos. So, why not join in the fun and have some of your own? You don’t want to be the only one that never captured this moment.

But here is the thing, many people think, ‘I got a smartphone. So I can do all this all by myself.” And while they’re not entirely wrong, as it is quite possible, nothing captures important moments better than pro photography.

Graduation is a significant milestone

Graduation is a significant milestone in your University experience. Celebrate with your school and family friends. Celebrate hard at your graduation ceremony. Be proud of your achievements. Great shots are not optional but essential.

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Graduate Photos with the Family

Sydney Uni Graduation and Family Photography in Sydney. Photography By

Family Memento Photo with Graduates from Sydney Uni

Graduation Portraits inner Sydney Outdoors photo

Graduated from ACU North Sydney Campus

Graduation Portraits, Master of Engineering Degree. Southern Cross University. Photos by

Master of Engineering Degree, Southern Cross University. Photo at Darling Harbour

Graduate Portraits Services at UNSW. Photography By

Graduate Portraits Services at UNSW

PHD Graduation Photography Session at The Rocks, Sydney

PHD Graduation Photography Session at The Rocks, Sydney

Graduation photo at Sydney University usyd Quadrangle. Cap throwing

Graduation photo at Sydney University Quadrangle. Cap throwing. Composite photo (optional)

Professional graduation photography

Hiring a pro photographer is pretty much the best way to take your graduation photos. There’s no doubt that the smartphone camera has improved over the years. But even then, the photo quality of the highest-end smartphone cameras is nowhere near the output of a good DSLR with a $3000 lens.

If you want your graduation moments captured in the best way possible, hiring professional graduation photography services is the only way to go.

This is due to;

  • The superior technology of DSLR cameras captures every detail as it is
  • Professional photographers understand the art of photography better than anyone else.
  • There are also editing services (optional) that come with graduation photography. The photographers can adjust the colours and textures of the photo to make it look as good as possible.
  • You can also have as many photos of you, your friends, and your family taken without worrying about your phone’s storage filling up or its battery dying on you.
  • Having someone else do the photography takes a significant load off your shoulders. You have more freedom than you would if you were the person holding the camera.

That doesn’t mean that your phone should be off the entire ceremony. You can still use your selfie camera to capture those quirky moments with friends and record short videos for social media. Just remember that to get a portrait photo worthy of printing and framing, you should hire a professional photographer.

But who is a good professional photographer? I mean, not everybody who walks around with a camera is exactly a professional. You may hire someone just for them to turn the occasion into a complete nightmare by producing amateurish photos.

So, if you want a smooth graduation photoshoot, you need someone reliable pressing the shutter button. You need us.

Why hire us?

We are a professional photography service based in the City of Sydney. So, if you want an event photographer to cover your inner Sydney and North Sydney graduation here are a couple of reasons why we should be the graduation photographer on your mind;

Local to the Major inner Sydney Universities such as;

  • UTS – University of Technology
  • UNSW – University of NSW
  • Sydney University
  • ACU – Australian Catholic University
  • University of Notre Dame Australia
  • and many others.

Easy booking

Our booking process will only take you a couple of minutes. There are not many questions to be answered or long forms to be filled. All we need is information on the location, time, and nature of the event, and we’re good to shoot. You can even book us on short notice, although booking early is encouraged just in case.

Excellent photography

When we say professional photography, we mean it. We are full time well-trained and experienced graduation photographers that never compromise on quality. So, you can be sure that the memories we make will be those you want to look at repeatedly.

Friendly customer service

In case you have any inquiries before and after the job, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our customer service is the best in the photography business.

So, as you plan the ins and outs of your graduation celebration, why not contact us and let us handle the photography side of it? You won’t regret it.

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Graduation and Formal Pricing

What is Graduation Portraits Pricing?

Graduation portraits photos in Sydney with you and your immediate family will cost on average $440 for one hour booking.

How much does it cost for Formal Ceremony Photography in Sydney?

Cost for Photography at a Formal Graduation Ceremony Event in Sydney will depend on how long the event is. For example a 4 hour shoot will cost on average $800 for a professional photographer.

How Much Does it Cost for The Whole Year Class to Have Headshots?

We have package pricing for large group photoshoots. We can arrange to set up a Mobile Headshot Station at your School, University or Graduation Ceremony Event. Contact us for pricing, there are big price breaks from 30 to over 100 students.

Affordable pricing

Even with all that, our pricing model includes some of the most affordable prices in our market. We have a pricing option for everyone, whether you want something budget-friendly or don’t mind spending top dollar on a graduation shoot. Whatever package you pick, you can be sure that we won’t be compromising on quality.

Top Spots in Sydney for Graduation Photos

Top 13 Spots for Graduation Photography in Sydney

  1. Hyde Park Sydney
  2. Sydney Opera House
  3. North Sydney Olympic Pool
  4. Queen Victoria Building
  5. Sydney Harbor bridge
  6. Hickson Road Reserve
  7. Sydney University
  8. Darling Harbour
  9. Pirrama Park
  10. Art Gallery of NSW
  11. Ballaarat Park
  12. Broughton Street Lookout
  13. Blues Point Reserve

What Makes A Great Graduation Photo?

A great graduation portrait usually has a neutral or as we like a blurred natural background. The photo main focus is directly on the face and are half body and face portraits. Eyes are almost always looking straight down the lens. And hopefully you will have your certificate as well. Best in a frame.

Having a group portrait with your best friend or mum and dad are also a great idea. These days gowns and old traditions are not always used. Just wear your favourite formal dress if you like.

These priceless portraits look great printed large and wall mounted where you and the family can see the results of all those long study times. Also a good reminder when things are a little tough and you can be remined of your great achievement so you can keep standing tall and proud.

Professionals photographers can work from a variety of angles to obtain the most attractive image, and understands the role of light, background, pose and facial expression in creating a portrait that truly represents you.

Can the Shoot be Outside?

Natural light photos can definitely look great taken outside. We also bring some extra lighting for a professional look.

Some careful selection of what time of day. Away from direct sunlight and consideration given to where we have some control with the light. Outdoor shots will look great.

Natural light portraits can also be taken indoors too. The natural outdoor light when softened near a window can create some of the loveliest soft skin tones.

Many homes in inner Sydney have an abundance of natural light.

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Getting the Best Value from Your Session

The easiest way to make sure your investment in professional photography is worthwhile is to find a photographer that understands the importance of your achievement.

There the shoot may be with a college friend, people with whom you share special memories and have helped each other grow into better individuals.

Booking a photographer directly rather than through a third party booking service will also be to your advantage.

There’s nothing like working with somebody who can set you at ease and draw out your personality, so that they get a picture that truly reflects who you are.

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