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Discover 13 Popular Industry Headshot Styles

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List of Industries that headshots are most popular

Headshots are popular in a variety of industries, including:

  1. Acting
  2. Modelling
  3. Broadcasting
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Public relations
  7. Education
  8. Real Estate
  9. Law
  10. Medicine
  11. Finance
  12. Consulting
  13. Non-profit

There are more of course and depends on which part of the world you live or come from as personal tastes vary. So too is the influence from corporate head offices as they some times dictate the mood and style to match the HQ Brand.

What is the style of Headshots in those sectors?

General trend of headshot styles that are popular in each industry;

  • Acting: Creative, expressive, and unique.
  • Modelling: Flattering, stylish, and professional.
  • Broadcasting: Professional, polished, and engaging.
  • Sales: Professional, confident, and approachable.
  • Marketing: Creative, innovative, and thought-provoking.
  • Public relations: Professional, polished, and trustworthy.
  • Education: Professional, approachable, and passionate.
  • Law: Professional, trustworthy, and intelligent.
  • Medicine: Professional, compassionate, and caring.
  • Finance: Professional, confident, and successful.
  • Consulting: Professional, experienced, and knowledgeable.
  • Non-profit: Professional, passionate, and committed.

Headshots Style Description in these Sectors

Headshots are essential for professionals in a variety of industries, including acting, modelling, broadcasting, sales, marketing, public relations, education, law, medicine, finance, consulting, and non profit. They should be professional, flattering, and reflect the individual’s personality and goals. And it will vary from location to location.

Description about each of the industries where headshots are popular:

  • Acting: Headshots are essential for actors to use in their auditions and to submit to casting directors. They should be professional, flattering, and capture the actor’s personality and adaptability.
  • Modelling: Headshots are required for models to use in their comp cards and portfolios, and to submit to agencies. They should be professional, flattering, and show off the model’s best features.
  • Broadcasting: Headshots are needed for broadcasters to use on their websites, social media profiles, plus marketing materials. They must be professional, flattering, and need to sometimes align with the broadcaster’s brand.
  • Sales: Headshots are essential for salespeople to use on company websites, social media profiles, including LinkedIn, and in their marketing materials. Sometimes overlooked, added to their tender submissions. They should look professional, confident, and convey the salesperson’s ability to build relationships.
  • Marketing: Headshots are important for marketers as they lead the marketing of the business so have an added reason to set the standard. Used also on their websites, social media profiles, and in their marketing materials. They should be professional, creative, and reflect the marketer’s ability to think outside the box.
  • Public relations: Headshots are essential for public relations professionals to use anywhere online. Professional, polished, and convey the public relations professional’s ability to represent their clients in a positive light at a glance.
  • Education: Headshots are used by educators on websites, social profiles, and in their school marketing materials. University staff and Lecturers need to look polished and approachable, and convey the educator’s passion for teaching with some personality is what we think looks best.
  • Law: Headshots are essential for lawyers, typically on websites bio section, social media, marketing materials and client documents. They should be professional, trustworthy, and convey the lawyer’s ability to represent their clients’ interests. Typically they have a dark background and low lit, a little mystic and chic.
  • Medicine: Headshots are widely used by doctors, always on their websites for generating trust prior to appointment, and to list their credentials. They should be professional, compassionate, and convey the doctor’s ability to provide quality care.
  • Finance: Headshots for financial professionals are on their websites especially if they occupy a senior role, and in their marketing materials. Professional, confident, and convey the financial professional’s ability to manage their clients’ money.
  • Consulting: Consultants to use headshots on their websites, social media profiles, and in their marketing materials. They should be professional, experienced, and convey the consultant’s ability to solve their clients’ problems.
  • Non-profit: Headshots for non-profit professionals could be a little more low key than some other sectors. They should convey the non-profit professional’s commitment to making a difference.

Casual Headshot Photo Examples

White, Grey or Black Background Business Photos, or optionally an outdoor session if it fits within your Brand.

Most Common Places where Headshots can be Used

  • Social media: Headshots are a great way to add a personal touch to your social media profiles. They can help you connect with potential employers, clients, and other professionals in your field.
  • Resume: A professional headshot is a must-have for any resume. It’s a great way to make a good first impression and show potential employers that you’re serious about your career.
  • Business card: A headshot on your business card is a great way to help people remember you. It’s also a way to show off your professional image.
  • Website: A headshot on your website is a great way to introduce yourself to visitors. It can also help you build trust and credibility.
  • LinkedIn profile: A professional headshot is essential for your LinkedIn profile. It’s the first thing potential employers and clients will see, so you want to make sure it makes a good impression.
  • Press releases: If you’re ever featured in a press release, a headshot is usually required. It’s a way for the media to identify you and show your face to the public.
  • Advertising: Headshots are often used in advertising, especially for businesses that sell products or services that require a personal touch. For example, a headshot of a real estate agent might be used in an ad for a new listing.
  • Marketing materials: Headshots can also be used in other marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and presentations. They can help to make your materials more visually appealing and engaging.
  • Personal branding: If you’re building a personal brand, headshots are a must-have. They can help you to create a consistent and professional image across all of your online and offline channels.

Make sure it’s high-quality and from a professional photographer.

Get Ready for Your Headshots

At Orlando Sydney Photography we take the time to understand your unique needs and goals before we even pick up the camera. We work closely with you to create a personalized plan that captures your personality, highlights your strengths, and aligns with your professional brand.

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Here’re our LinkedIn Company Page. And an ultimate guide FAQs article for headshots can be found here.

Our Services

We offer a range of packages to meet your needs, from individual headshots to large group sessions for your entire team. There are mobile headshot options, we come to you. We also offer different levels of retouching services to ensure that your final photos are polished and professional.

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What You Can Expect from Us

Our services include:

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  • 2 different levels of retouching
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  • Digital delivery
  • High resolution and ready to use web size

How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

We offer a range of headshot services, including:

Full Mobile Studio Option for Staff Profile Photos

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