Headshots in Black and White

Embrace the Power of Contrast with Black and White Headshots

Invest in Your Professional Image with Timeless Classics

A black and white headshot is a classic choice that exudes elegance and professionalism.

In today’s online world, colour photography has become the norm, making black and white photography seem outdated and unnecessary. But like vinyl records, they are more popular than ever.

We think black and white headshots still have a place in the modern world, and they continue to be a popular choice for some individuals and businesses. Let’s explore the reasons why black and white staff headshots are relevant today and how you can benefit from using them.

Black and White Headshot Examples

Side by Side Comparison, Solid White vs Solid Grey Background Business Photos, Ready for LinkedIn Use

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Ideal for businesses and organizations that need headshots for their employees, executives, or marketing materials.

Mobile Headshot Station

We have a range of options to set up a headshot station at your office or event.

Creative Headshots

Suitable for artists, actors, musicians, and creatives who want a unique and artistic headshot that captures their personality and style.

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Radial Gradient, Off White to Mid Grey Background Examples

Optional Radial or Circular Mid Grey Gradient in Black and White (slightly exaggerated for effect), more Black and White Headshots here

Headshot in Black and White: Why It’s Still Relevant Today

Colour photography is everywhere, but for a point of difference, black and white headshots still have a place in the modern world.

The History of Black and White Photography

Black and white photography has been around for nearly two centuries, with the first known photograph taken by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826. At the time, photography was a complex and time-consuming process, and black and white was the only option. Even as technology improved and colour photography became available, black and white photography remains popular.

In the early 20th century, black and white photography became an art form, with photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston creating stunning images that showcased the beauty and simplicity of black and white. Today, black and white photography is still appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to capture emotion and mood in a way that colour photography often does not and cannot.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Black and White Headshots

One of the main reasons why people still choose black and white headshots is because of their aesthetic appeal. Black and white photography has a classic and timeless feel that can make a headshot stand out from the crowd. The lack of colour can also draw attention to important details such as facial expressions and skin texture.

Additionally, black and white photography can create a mood or atmosphere that is difficult to achieve with colour photography. For example, a black and white headshot or professional portraits can convey a sense of seriousness or professionalism that may be lost in a colourful image. It can also create a sense of nostalgia or romanticism that can add depth and meaning to the photograph.

The Timelessness of Black and White Photography

Another reason why black and white headshots are still relevant today is their longevity, unlike colour, which can quickly become dated with trendy filters, black and white photography has a classic quality that transcends time. A black and white headshot taken today can still look fresh and modern years from now.

The Benefits of Using Black and White Headshots in Business

There are many benefits to using black and white headshots in a business setting. We’ve listed a just a few:

They Emphasize Professionalism and Elegance

Black and white headshots can help emphasize professionalism and elegance, making them a great choice for business websites, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional settings. They can create a sophisticated and refined image that can help establish trust and credibility with potential clients or employers.

They Create a Consistent and Cohesive Look

Using black and white headshots throughout your website and marketing material can create a consistent and cohesive look if that suits your business. This can help reinforce your brand identity and make it easier for people to recognize your business by staying consistent in your visual imagery.

By using black and white photos on your website, your bright coloured call to action buttons will stand out even more.

They Can Be Used in a Variety of Settings

Black and white headshots can be used in a variety of settings, from business cards to billboards. They can be easily adapted to different sizes and formats, making them a versatile choice for businesses of all types and sizes. They won’t clash with your brand colour palette.

Tips for Taking a Great Black and White Headshot

Taking a great black and white headshot requires a few specific considerations. Here are some tips we think you’ll like to keep in mind:

Lighting and Contrast are Key

Lighting and contrast are crucial in black and white photography. We aim for even, natural lighting that will highlight the person’s features without creating hard shadows.

Focus on the Eyes

The eyes are the most important part of a headshot, we make sure they are in focus and well-lit. Some people like the idea of catch lights in the eyes, not so much us, though catchlights in the persons eyes can add depth and sparkle.

Experimenting with Angles and Poses

Black and white headshots can be particularly striking when taken from interesting angles or with dynamic poses.

Edit Carefully and Considerately

When editing black and white headshots or portraits, we are careful not to overdo it. Simple and deliberate, focusing on small adjustments that will enhance the image without detracting from the staff persona. Black and white headshots needs it own unique process. Which we do well.

FAQs: Black and white Headshots

Is it okay to use black and white headshots for social media profiles?

Yes, black and white headshots can be a good choice for social media profiles, especially if you are trying to create a professional or artistic image.

Can black and white headshots be used for printing?

Yes, black and white headshots can be used instead of coloured ones.

Do I need a professional photographer to take a great black and white headshot?

A professional photographer is your best bet for achieving the best possible results, as to do it well there are special techniques that are not very common these days. Careful balance with lighting, composition, and editing, are essential to creating stunning black and white headshot.

How should I dress for a black and white headshot?

Choose clothing that is simple, classic, and flattering. Avoid busy patterns or logos, as they can be distracting in a black and white image. Solid colours, especially darker shades, can create a more dramatic and sophisticated look.

Can black and white headshots be used for non-business purposes, like personal websites or dating profiles?

Yes, black and white headshots can be a great choice for personal websites, dating profiles, or other non-business purposes. They can create a timeless and artistic image that will make you stand out from the crowd.


In conclusion, black and white headshots are still relevant today and offer many benefits in a variety of professional settings. They are classic, timeless, and elegant, and they can help create a cohesive and professional image for your business.

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