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Say “I Do” to Forever, Simply & Beautifully: Registry Wedding Photography in Pyrmont & Chippendale

Forget longwinded consultations and complicated packages. We understand your time is precious, so booking your registry wedding photography with us is a breeze. Just pick your date, and relax – we’ll guide your through the rest. We know how to keep registry weddings simple, so you can focus on the joy of your union while we capture the magic with timeless photos.

So, skip the wedding planning marathon and embrace the beauty of a simple, intimate ceremony. Let us be your seamless photography partner, documenting the laughter, tears, and pure love that make your registry wedding unforgettable.

For full wedding photography packages see that page. For proposal photos, check out Sydney Botanic Gardens Mrs Macquaries Point.

Ready to make your “I do” magical? Contact us today to chat about your Pyrmont or Chippendale registry wedding photography!

Example Photos from NSW Sydney City Registry Wedding

Photos from NSW Sydney City Registry Wedding

How much does photography cost for a small Registry only wedding?

“Quick & Chic” package:

Up to 1-hour coverage

  • Immediate family and witnesses only (up to 4 people)
  • Ceremony
  • Group portrait photos
  • Legal signing ceremony

Price: $880

“Classic Ceremony” package:

Up to 1-hour coverage (additional options available)

  • Up to 30 guests
  • Ceremony
  • Family group portrait photos only
  • Legal signing ceremony

Price: $880

Optional add-ons:

  • Additional hours of coverage
  • Albums and prints
  • Outdoor portrait sessions
  • Guest group photos
  • Video packages

In sun-kissed Pyrmont, where vows take flight,
Or Chippendale’s charm, bathed in golden light,
Love’s whispered promise, a gentle breeze,
We capture moments, put hearts at ease.

For $880, a love song sung,
One hour of magic, where joy’s begun.
Immediate family, witnesses true,
A tapestry woven, just me and you.

Legal only, four souls entwined,
“I do” echoing, a love defined.
Or classic ceremony, a vibrant throng,
Up to thirty hearts, where love belongs.

Like whispered secrets, memories bloom,
Each smile, each tear, forever in bloom.
Invest in forever, in laughter’s gleam,
A timeless treasure, a love’s sweet dream.

So let champagne flow, let laughter ring,
With every click, a love we sing.
No matter the size, your story untold,
We’ll paint it with light, worth more than gold.

So say “Yes!” to forever, hand in hand,
With our love lens, your vows withstand.
A poem of light, a memory’s embrace,
Your happily ever after, etched in space.

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