City of Sydney Proposal Photography & Video

Let Sydney Harbour be your canvas for a love story that begins with “Yes!”

Picture this: the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge shimmering in the sunset, your love’s hand in yours, and a nervous excitement bubbling in your chest. Kneeling on Mrs Macquarie’s Point, with the endless expanse of the harbour as your witness, you ask the question that will change both your lives forever. This is the magic of a Sydney Harbour marriage proposal, and we are there to capture every moment of it.

We specialise in crafting documentary style photo stories that tell the unique tale of your love. From the butterflies in your stomach to the tears of joy in your eyes, we’ll be there to discreetly document the raw emotions and genuine moments that make your proposal unforgettable. Scroll through the photos below and see for yourself. Sydney’s iconic backdrop can be a canvas for your own love story. Or at the lush Sydney Botanic Gardens.

Ready to make your Sydney Harbour proposal dream a reality? Contact us today and let’s chat about capturing the magic of your “Yes!”.

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Photo gallery examples of a very special romantic proposal

Marriage Proposal photos from Mrs Macquaries Point. With the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge background

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