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Hire Photographer Questions to Ask. Have you wondered what questions to actually ask a Photographer? And what Qualities should you look for in a photographer? Let’s answer those two great questions.

This hire a photographer article is comprehensive but not exhaustive or an absolute in what the best traits are for every photographer. It is meant to highlight some priorities in how photographers can deliver top quality service.

Hire Photographer List of Questions to Ask

  • Are they Value for Money
  • Are their Photos Versatile Assets
  • Do Your Customers Want to Know the Real You
  • Do you Value a Unique Memorable Brand
  • Is there High ROI
  • How does your Image Media Represents your Business
  • Are you Visual Telling your Story
  • Is it Hassle Free
  • Will you be able to Work as Partners
  • Patience in Building New Relationships
  • Getting to Know Your Industry and Company
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Treats Every Client as The Most Important One
  • Responds Promptly
  • Provides A Summary
  • The Collaborative Teamwork Quality
  • In-House Collaboration
  • Collaboration with Clients
  • Building Trust
  • Customer Focused
  • A Defined Customer Vision
  • Focused on Client Experience
  • Engaged in The Client Thought Process
  • Responsive in The Digital Age
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Individual Attention
  • Results and Goal Driven Processes
  • Results Driven Photographers
  • Prioritisation of Tasks
  • Great Decision Making
  • Contingency
  • Flexibility
  • Makes Things Happen

Detailed Answers for Hire Photographer Questions

You can’t afford to treat photography as an afterthought?

We live in a digital age where photos make the first impression and visual content matters today more than ever before.

Whether you’re from a large corporate or an SME business, you can’t afford to treat photography services – in advertising, publications, websites and e-communications, as an afterthought. The most obvious way to get the most out of your digital image assets, re photographs, is to hire the right professional event photographer.

Selecting a photographer is easier said than done. There are factors to bear in mind. You want to hire a professional who will be a good match with the brief of budget, timeframe, style, lighting conditions of the location and subject together with their skills to ensure a successful shoot.
A big part of the selection process involves knowing what the key attributes of professional event and wedding photographers are.

Below are 5 top questions and qualities to look for when hiring event photographers for your next occasion.

Are they Value for Money?

While there are plenty of amateur or beginner photographers out there. A seasoned professional can guarantee consistency and value for money. When you hire a professional event photographer, you aren’t just hiring someone with an expensive camera and equipment. You’re investing in an expert who understands their craft.

They have the skill to focus on the right details, put the subject at ease and create images that speak a thousand words. When it comes to photography, you get what you pay for, and hiring a professional will ensure you get custom crafted images that will represent your brand in the best light. For all the detail on photography rates in Sydney, read our pricing and rates guide.

Professional Photos Are Versatile Assets

The phrase “content is king” is synonymous with digital marketing. While this still holds true, it’s important to realise that photos are also content.

Digital assets are a versatile and powerful content forms. On social media, photos can be used to build your brand. They can be used online to make your website more engaging.

They can also be featured in print media, advertising, blog posts and online articles, the possibilities are endless.

By investing in professional photography, you’re arming your business with the ammunition it needs to enhance its marketing efforts.

Do Your Customers Want to Know the Real You?

It’s easy to consider stock photos as an alternative when you feel a professional photographer may be out of reach. While stock photos may work, they are not actual photos of your business. This means stock photos are not the best way to showcase your business.

Do you Value a Unique Memorable Brand?

When you have a Corporate Event in Sydney for example, people want to see actual photos of the event.

They want to see who attended the event and what was its purpose.

Stock photos don’t help them do that and they could give people the wrong impression of your brand.

The best way for potential customers to know more about your business is by hiring a professional photographer to take actual photos of your business, employees and products.

High ROI on hiring

Regardless of the size of your business, you should invest in a professional photographer within your budget and reap the benefits.

When you have unique photographs that are professionally taken, you won’t have to use the same stock photographs other businesses use, your investment keeps on giving.

How does your Image Media Represents your Business?

The cost of professional photography often lures business owners into looking for cheaper alternatives or doing the photography themselves.

You may end up saving in the short term, but the long-term costs will definitely be expensive. Moreover, your photos represent your business. Unprofessional, low-quality photos will communicate the same about your venture and the products and/or services you offer. Your visual content and website have a huge impact on customers’ first impressions. Don’t skimp on them.

Hiring a professional photographer is a critical business decision, and should be considered with deliberate thoughtfulness.

Hiring an amateur, or using visual branding that is inconsistent with your brand and business goals can have far-reaching negative consequences.

Are you Visual Telling your Story?

One of the most crucial aspects of establishing a brand is to convey who and what your business is while offering clients something that they can immediately recognise as desirable.

Booking a professional photographer gives you the power to tell your story without saying a word.

Hassle Free

Maybe you have a hard time deciding what to convey through your corporate photography and how to achieve that may seem tough.

Don’t sweat, professional photographers are usually more than happy to work with you on the creative process. They are well versed in your industry and know what they need to do to address your wants and needs.

In addition to letting go of the logistics of the creative process, hiring a professional photographer means you’re also hiring their equipment, lighting and skills.

It’s a hassle-free solution worth the time and cost.

Partners – 5 Top Photographer Qualities Photographer Sydney

Working as Partners – Top Qualities

Will you be able to Work as Partners?

Seeing Photographers as partners and not just as a transaction is important to the outcome.

Photographers have a uniquely artistic way of looking at the world. Although they can spend countless hours with their cameras, they’re also likely to help you focus on elements of your brand you probably never ever thought of.

A professional photographer’s perspective can make them one of the most interesting people to partner with.

In fact, exceptional client service constitutes a core value of the professional photography business. Experts always aim to be a trusted partner of their clients, rather than just vendors.

A photographer worth their salt will differentiate themselves from the competition through strong relationships and high-quality level of service delivery.

Here are a few attributes that outline what it takes for a photographer to transition from a mere vendor to a trusted partner.

Patience in Building New Relationships

Mutually beneficial relationships take time. Rather than rushing into doing business, a partner will take the time to know more about your business, and share a bit about themselves. Most importantly, the photographer will remember that their work is a critical building block of the relationships. At the end of the day, there’s no amount of personal connection that can substitute for excellent work.

Getting to Know Your Industry and Company

Professionals thrive to keep up with client’s companies as well as their industries. The idea is not to be an expert, but to speak the same language as you, the client. You need someone who understands your strengths and weakness and knows what to do when and where.

Goes the Extra Mile

Experts will go the extra mile to offer customised solutions to your business’s unique opportunities and problems. You may be growing your business and have events in Sydney, for example. A professional will now when to adjust or expand their core offerings to cater to your needs.

Treats Every Client as The Most Important One

A happy client is more likely to make referrals. Every professional photographer knows this and will work to provide all clients with their best service, regardless of whether they are a small start-up or a fortune 500 company. Your photographer wants to be the partner you can recommend to others.

Responds Promptly

A great partner fosters effective communication with their client. When you’re working on a photo shoot and email your photographer, you can expect them to acknowledge your email as quickly as possible, even if they don’t have the answer you may be looking for. A good partner gives you comfort by simply acknowledging the receipt of your request and by letting you know that they’re working on the case/issue.

Some professionals also make use of other channels, other than just email to shed light on an issue. Making a phone call can be a great way to build a better relationship and send good news about a shoot.

Provides A Summary

No matter how heated or calm a client meeting seems, a professional photographer will always recap with a summary of the next steps. Many novices will skip this, creating confusion and disagreements that may result from miscommunication. The photographer’s main idea is to recap on all the details and align on the same page to prevent confusion during the photo shoot.

Collaborative-team work – 5 Top Photographer Qualities

Collaborative-team work – 5 Top Photographer Qualities

The Collaborative Teamwork Quality

Collaborative – Teamwork

Collaboration is a multi-faceted aspect of professional photography. This quality involves everything from the collaboration between employees in a photography company to working closely with clients. Event photography, for example, often involves collaboration with other like-minded professionals. Such as videographers to flower and cake designers, hair and makeup artists, musicians, event planners, and others in the events industry.

And it’s the ability to collaborate with other talented experts that continues to inspire and motivate professional photographers to do more for themselves and their clients. Moreover, collaboration leads to a more meaningful, richer brand experience.

In-House Collaboration

Many professional photographers already understand the value of collaborative web pages and documents for in-house collaboration between employees. They are great at powering collaborative brainstorming and keeping company resources organised. As such, when you hire a professional you can expect them to empower customers by creating a collaborative space for conversation. Customers will know where to go when they need to delve deeper into the brand’s world. By fostering collaboration and allowing employees and customers to interact and shape a project’s trajectory, there will be a lot more excitement towards a successful photo shoot.

Collaboration with Clients

A reputable photographer views themselves as a collaborative member of your team, no matter how brief the length of the project. They work in a collaborative capacity and see themselves as part of your marketing department. Essentially, your hired photographer is a translator – one responsible for understanding your company’s vision, mission, values, personality, goals and branding. They ensure this information is portrayed in your corporate photos.

Most accomplished photographers will have gained a wealth of experience with a broad range of clients in various industries and business sectors. As a result, they will have directed photo shoots in many different situations. This experience can come in handy when coming up with ideas and concepts for your corporate photography. So, get them involved early in the projects as they can help you to highlight your value proposition.

Thanks to the internet and the ease of access to information, most professional photographers already realise that customer expectations are changing. This means your photographer expects more from you and will be ready to respond accordingly. While technology can transform customer data into predictive and personalised customer experiences, it really boils down to human interaction. The photographer you hire who cares about human interaction to build collaborative relationships often stands out to be the real winners.

Building Trust

Trust and empathy certainly go a long way toward building trust. This is an essential component of building lasting collaborative relationships. A collaborative photographer always remembers that it’s not only about them. He/she will listen carefully and thoughtfully to provide a caring response that shows an understanding of the client’s position. Your photographer of choice should be able to put themselves in your shoes, with a simple yet clear comprehension of the type of service delivery you need as a client.

Ultimately, a successful photographer invests in more than good equipment and expertise. The company has to leverage their talent and time to the fullest. Nonetheless, artistic integrity won’t work by itself. The photographer has to ensure all processes function smoothly pre-production, during production and post-production. For everything to work out seamlessly, it takes time, organization, careful management and most importantly, collaborative effort. This is part of what you get when hiring a professional photographer.

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5 Top Photographer Qualities - Customer Focused - Sydney Business Photography

5 Top Photographer Qualities – Customer Focused

Hire Customer focused photographers

Customer Focused 

Being client focused could be one of the most thrown around and overused phrases in sales. But what does it mean?

Client-focused photographers work on a business model and culture that supports a dedicated commitment to customer service. The basic premise is that a customer-focused culture must start on the inside, with the photographer’s employees. What happens on the inside is consequently felt on the outside by customers. A photographer focused on their client will have the following attributes.

A Defined Customer Vision

A client-focused photographer will put into words the kind of experience they want to deliver to clients. This is where it all begins. Every photographer or employee of the photography company knows, understands and constantly reinforces this vision.

Focused on Client Experience

Rather than focus on the low bar of mere satisfaction, a client focused photographer will concentrate on your experience as a client. This involves providing a meaningful and valuable experience aimed at exceeding your expectations. The whole idea is to measure and map client experience accurately to ensure satisfaction with the end results.

Engaged in The Client Thought Process

Analytics alone won’t just cut it anymore. Client focused photographers need to actively engage with customers to ensure accurate knowledge of the company’s objectives. You want to work with a photographer who understands your desires and deeper needs. More often than not, an old-fashioned sit down will help to cultivate revealing dialogue that will drive results and influence brand loyalty.

Responsive in The Digital Age

Client focused professionals will respond to and address client needs in real time. They will adopt a flexible approach to dealing with customer concerns, adapting with shifting client needs and concerns. They know that providing prompt solutions and being responsive with detail is also as critical as taking the time to research and address sensitive matters.


Client focused photographers promote, fund and nurture programs that cultivate creativity, such as through brainstorming practices and adoption of recent technologies. They also promote dialogue with clients to increase co-creation and brand loyalty.


Innovation arises out of co-creation with clients. A client focused photographer will boost active innovation by blending a mix of the right technology, creative capital from the company’s talent and direct penetration into client thought.

Individual Attention

Photographers must rethink what customer satisfaction and market orientation mean to them. In the digital age, photographers challenge themselves to be innovative, collaborative and also supportive. Truly client focused professionals do this through engagement on deeper levels with their employees as well as their clients. The end result is a world of positive growth, change and experience for all.

The more your photographer knows about your business, the better they’ll be able to represent your brand through photos. Your photographer should be able to constantly gather information and research each client thoroughly. When you meet, they should be ready to ask questions that deepen their understanding of your business. Such knowledge makes it easier to understand the purpose of the photo shoot and produce outstanding results.

Results Driven – 5 Top Photographer Qualities

Results Driven – 5 Top Photographer Qualities

Results and Goal Driven Processes

Results Driven Photographers

A results-driven photographer sees the light at the end of the tunnel. This means that they know what it takes to make a good photo shoot. They care about results, and not just the activity. This is the person with the skill and ability to create momentum based on the ultimate goal of getting their work done. The ingredients that make a results-driven photographer are basic, but combine to make a highly productive and powerful force that can transform your business for the better.

Prioritisation of Tasks

Most activities have a priority, based on cost, time constraints and effort required for completion. Photography is no exception. A results-driven photographer is able to prioritise tasks and oversee the progress of several action items simultaneously, without wasting time on tasks with low priorities. A professional photographer won’t waste time trying to fix a broken camera during a shoot if they have a spare one that can do the same job. By prioritising tasks and planning ahead, results become a reality in real time without a hassle or extra costs.

Great Decision Making

Results driven photographers will calculate the options and go for the most productive and efficient routes. They are not perfect, nobody is, but they make quick yet thoughtful decisions backed with contingency and confirmation. Their experience gives them the rationale to explain why they pursue certain decisions.


When making plans, it always helps to have a backup strategy or several. Results driven photographers understands that plans can easily fail, hence the need to have alternate methods to solve the same problem. A bulb may burn out during a shoot or the main camera may run out of space to store extra images. Having contingency at hand means the photographer will be able to deal with adversities, and sometimes changing requirements, without compromising your budget or requiring additional time.


Photography is dynamic and technology keeps changing by the day. To prevent stagnation, the results-driven photographer will move beyond outdated modes of operating in the modern environment. Forward-thinking photographers are constantly adopting new technologies and finding ways to support talent and opportunity. Such flexibility aims to cut the red tape that can limit what they can do for you as a customer.

The new-age photographer is getting on the cloud and asking for input from all sources to generate result driven effort. Consequently, their staff and processes become more results-driven while also building a strong and positive work culture focused on continued development.

Makes Things Happen

The results-driven photographer puts all their efforts towards making things happen, fast and within the agreed upon time-frame. They work by a set of defined goals and methods that set them aside from the crowd. By prioritising to save time and effort, being decisive, they will demonstrate what it’s like to get your photo shoot done on time and the final results delivered on schedule.

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Professional Photography Bottom Line – 5 Top Photographer Qualities

Any other top tips in choosing a photographer?

Our conclusion

Whether it’s for your print materials, billboards, social media or website, expert photography will make your business seem more professional. An entrepreneurial spirit goes hand in hand with the “do-it-yourself” mindset, but when it comes to photography, hiring an amateur or doing it yourself may not be the ideal option.

Having custom and professional photography presents you with the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Creative and clear photo designs demonstrate your company’s professional competence and credibility and will result in higher levels of brand loyalty.

In the long run, you are your brand. Having professional photos reflects the essence of your products and services. Research has established that better visual appeal results in higher conversion rates. Professional imagery tells potential clients that you are dedicated to quality and operating with professional competence.

If you’d like to reference or share this content, feel free to do so and please include a link back to this article.

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