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Modern Actor headshots can have you standing out by adding a little creativity and personality

Your Actor Headshots and show reel portfolio are the basics of getting or furthering your Acting career. On this page we’ll touch on the basics of preparation as you’ll no doubt have mentally prepared, talked to your fellow industry contacts and know the basics already in; clothing choices, hair and make up do’s and don’ts. Read below for our take on you looking your best.

If this is your first time, we will guide you in very easy steps. Regulars will breeze through it

Whichever you are, we’ll help you look your best and make you feel special

How can more of your unique natural style be captured in your shots?

For a start we can stop using only the plain white studio background. Over the last 20 years that is mostly of what we’ve seen.

Whether it’s your first time getting professional headshots or you’re updating them every year or two for fresh castings. A good experienced photographer can can help you look your best.

For something different head outdoors and use a natural backdrop such as plants or sandstone textured walls, cityscape with natural light and fill light from the photographer’ kit. Whichever background you choose, it should be soft focused and subdued.

Studio have their place, same too for having acting headshots at home or at your office, especially for convenience.

Enage a professional photographer that has the skills to blend in a variety of light and styles for your next acting headshots.

Examples of Creative Headshots with Plain Colour Clothing

We Shoot at your office, home and Outdoors

“We Bring Lighting and Equipment (and Backdrop if required) to Show You at Your Best”

“Common Backdrops Choices Include; White, Grey, Black, Outdoors or Office”

Simple Cost Effective Actor Headshots with Light Background Colour

Photo Examples with light colour Background

Headshot Examples with a Dark Background

Corporate Headshots Photography Sydney EXAMPLE

Actor Headshot FAQ’s

What is an acting headshot?

An acting headshot is a photo that is taken of an actor or actress to promote their acting career.

An acting headshot typically features the individual’s face and shoulders, with a neutral expression.

How do you pose for acting headshots?

Casual relaxed pose; The relaxed serenity pose should capture the way you look when you’re drifting off in a day dream. The smiling pose; capture at least one headshot that shows your soft and joyous smile. Every Actor portfolio should also have a neutral pose and an assertive expression pose.

What Should You Wear for Acting Headshots?

It is a good idea to always have at least one Black and one White t-shirt for actor headshots. If you know you look best in darker colors then bring an extra. Avoid fine detailed repetitive patterns as moiré will be difficult to remove in post production.
If in doubt, bring a wide range of colours to add some life to the standard black and white.

This type of photo is used for casting purposes and can be used in auditions, résumés, websites, and other promotional materials.

How should I prepare for Actor Headshots?

To prepare for Actor Headshots use this brief outline. Allow enough time, plan ahead of time, your hair, clothing and location. Contact the photographer once or twice before the shoot.

Before heading out to the actual photo shoot, check your hair, makeup if any under different lighting conditions. Your clothing should be clean and pressed or ironed.

What makes a good Acting Headshot?

Good flattering lighting, being comfortable with the photographer, feeling relaxed in the chosen area for the shoot. Have a clear mind going to the shoot. These are key to making good Acting Headshots.

How much do Acting Headshots cost?

Acting Headshot pricing sweet spot in Sydney is an average of $330 – $550 per person for a standard booking. We recommend a minimum of a one-hour shoot session.

What Backgrounds are best for Acting Headshots?

Actor headshot backgrounds are best with a off white, mid grey, or natural outdoor location that is blurred out. Any backdrop is ok as long as it’s not distracting to the main subject, which is the Actor.

Should you smile in an Acting Headshot?

A good approach to your portfolio is to have a range of images, some where you smile softly and naturally and other photos that you have different expressions. Especially if you are looking for a broad range of acting roles and would like to be cast for them.

What exactly are Headshots for Actors, and how they differ from Portraits photos?

Actor headshots are photos that show off your looks in a flattering way with some personality and confidence shining through. Casting directors will gauge whether you’re a good fit for the role with these photos. Whereas portraits can have a lot more flexibility and creativity.

Should you wear jewellery in a headshot?

Our suggestion is to not adorn yourself with anything that is distracting, jewellery can be a distraction. If the role you’re looking for will have a the likelihood of wearing embellishments, perhaps consider it. Otherwise suggested no unless it is small or non removeable.

How often you should update your Acting Headshots?

Actor headshots should be updated every two years, not longer for adults. For the younger Actors every year or as you start to look different. It is very important you look like the photos in your portfolio, Bio and Comp card.

What if I’m not photogenic?

Firstly, what is photogenic, we believe everyone is photogenic by our description. Every face and person is unique and you will appeal to some and not others. That goes for everyone. The Casting Director has this in mind too.

Should Actor headshots be in colour or black and white?

Most Actor Headshots are in colour. Colour is easier to see skin tone and complexion for casting purposes. Mixing it up is a good idea but if the budget is limited we suggest stick with colour photos.

Next Step to booking your Actor Headshot is to contact us to discuss your goals.

Modern Actor headshots can having you standing out by adding a little creativity and personality. Your Actor Headshots and showreel portfolio are essential in furthering your Acting career.

Look good with professional Actor headshots or you might get overlooked for that new opportunity. Our shooting style and your unique vibe will seal the deal.

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