Tips and Ideas for Saving Money on Wedding Photography

How to get Affordable Wedding Photos

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How to get excellent Wedding Photography on a budget

Many brides or brides-to-be dream of having the perfect wedding, surrounded by love, friends, and family, in a magical location. In the ideal scenario, the cost is not an object. Or is it that way for most?

However, the reality is that cost is a factor, and most weddings are planned to a specific budget. And since professional wedding photography costs about $3000 on average, it’s one of the first areas most couples target when trying to reduce costs.

The good news is, you can still have the wedding of your dreams, even on a budget, without the quality of your photographs paying the price.

In this article, we’ll discuss six clever hacks for bringing down wedding photography costs.

It’s important not to veer too far in that direction, so we’ve balanced this article with reasons you should not go too cheap. Or else it may lead to great disappointment. Check out all the tips below.

Budget Affordable Wedding Photographer Tips and Ideas

6 Tips For Saving Wedding Photography Costs

  1. Customize Your Package
  2. Cut Down Photography Staff Size
  3. Get no more or less than 3 Quotes and Compare Value
  4. Book Early
  5. Work With a Local Photographer
  6. Crowdfund Photography Costs

While it’s true that you get what you pay for, these tips can ensure that you get absolute value for your money while paying lower than the average cost.

1 – Customize Your Package

Most professional photographers offer pre-set packages. They are detailed and straightforward, showing exactly what you’re going to be getting and at what price. The problem with these packages is that they often include services that you won’t be needing.

Some photographers will be unwilling to tweak their packages, so you should start by finding one who’s willing to let you customize your package. Then, you may reduce the hours of coverage or take out the option of an album entirely if you don’t think it’s necessary.

2 – Cut Down Photography Staff Size

If you’re planning a small wedding, there’s no need for your photographer to come with assistants or extra hands. A single lead photographer would be enough, and you’d be saving costs that could end up being significant.

For larger weddings, or if you’re expecting a lot of guests, you can ask the lead photographer for reduced hours for the second photographer.

3 – Get no more or less than 3 Quotes and Compare Value

If the first tip doesn’t apply to you, then send out invitations to professional photographers within your neighbourhood whose work you fancy. Before you do this, however, please spend some time researching them and reviewing the quality of their offerings.

When their bids come in, don’t be afraid to compare their quotes until you’re able to settle on one that offers the most bang for your buck in terms of quality and pricing.

4 – Book Early

As soon as you’ve secured your venue, you should be looking at booking with a photographer next, to avoid having to scramble when the date begins to appear on the horizon. Some organizers recommend booking with a photographer as much as eleven months before the date.

One other advantage of booking early is the possibility of getting a nice discount from the photographer. This isn’t always an option, but you won’t go amiss by asking.

5 – Work With a Local Wedding Photographer

There are many advantages attached to settling for a photographer who works within the general vicinity of where you live or plan to hold your reception.

For one thing, they may be more receptive to your requests for a few discounts here and there. For another, you’ll effectively eliminate travel costs as a factor when you hire photographers that are closer to home.

6 – Crowdfund Photography Costs

This option is practical and valuable for lots of reasons. Sometimes, couples are left with gifts that they have no need for or have no intention of using when they unwrap the packages after the wedding, leaving them with no option but to resell them or stick them in the basement.

It would probably make a lot more sense for your guests to contribute to your media fund as an alternative to offering physical gifts. It would also make it easier for guests who would be unavoidably absent from contributing.

Next up are 9 reasons why you shouldn’t go too cheap on wedding photography.

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Why You Shouldn’t Go Too Cheap on Photography

Your wedding day may be the most special day of your life, yet it’s still just a single day. Your memories of that day matter more in the long run, certainly after the dust has settled. So, here are reasons why you shouldn’t skimp too hard on the quality of your photos.

Your Wedding Photos Are Investments

Yes we know you know this one but it isn’t realised until it is too late. How many sad stories on social media about going cheap on a photographer and then all that disappointment with not only the quality of the photos but also the services and non responsive.

Apart from holding all those lovely memories, wedding photos are investments that will last a lifetime. So, if you want to have an album of wedding photographs you can be comfortable with placing before guests, and that you plan to show your grandkids, it’s best not to place your friend in charge of taking pictures on that day.

Nothing Beats The Professional Touch

Photography is an art, and professional photographers have an innate talent that other people with cameras just cannot replicate. In addition, they are well trained in the subject [Porch], have better equipment, and make use of the best editing software. Hiring professional photographers gives you complete peace of mind, because you know you’ll be getting a thoroughly great job at the end of the day.

You Can Still Get A Great Photographer On A Budget

If there’s one thing we’ve tried to establish with this article, it’s that you can still hire a qualified, experienced, talented photographer on a budget. So, you don’t have to get too fixated on price. Just prioritize those things that are important to you and you’re set.

Photo Processing and Style

Always clarify the type of processing is included and if any minor retouching is part of the contract.

Spot cleaning a bit of rubbish on the grass. A small stain on the bridal table setting are all minor retouching in our book.

Our standard processing allows for up 16 adjustment of each photo. We typically spend around 10 minutes on each photo. Some of the more important photos may get a lot more time than that.

The wedding size and location will play a big part in the post production work.

The photographers you short list should have their own website with diverse photos to demonstrate they can perform consistently under different wedding conditions.

Will the wedding photos take 6-12 weeks?

No, the turn around time these days should be fairly quick. 6-12 weeks is no longer the norm but the exception. For very busy photographers that are very low budget priced may have a big backlog of processing.

If you are paying market rates you should get your photo album in 4 weeks. If you go too cheap who knows when and how they’ll turn out.

Consider value for money based on the photographer’ style and experience your primary drivers.

How will the photos be delivered?

Typically we deliver photos via cloud file storage. This is very easy to use and secure. You can also send the private link to the close family to easily share the shots in crystal clear resolution rather than on highly compressed social media.

What is the Photo licensing?

Photo licensing is included for you, your family and guests. Third party vendors such as florist and venue etc will need to contact us before using any of the photos for their own promotion.

How much do you charge for wedding photography?

Affordable professional wedding Photographers in Australia usually charge $1100 to $4400 depending on how many total hours, size of the wedding, location and of course their creative abilities and depth of experience.

Check out the wedding pricing below from our small intimate wedding page for reference as a starting point.

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Small wedding group photo

Affordable wedding photography Sydney

Close friends and family of the wedded couple

How important is your wedding photography?

A wedding takes months and months of preparation, and it’s easy to get lost in all the details. However, your wedding photography shouldn’t have to take a back seat, because it’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to keep memories of your special day fresh in your mind.

Great wedding photography is not cheap, but with a few smart decisions, you can enjoy excellent wedding photography on a budget.

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