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There was so much colour at the 20th Anniversary of Rainbow Serpent Festival. The amount and variety of entertainment would be enough to keep most people happy for a whole year, let alone over the 4 days of diversity and inclusion in Dja Dja Wurrung and Wadawurrung (that’s around Beaufort – Lexton in Victoria).

Just a few, a very few of my favourite general festival photos with some from Rainbow Serpent Festival after dark with my short list favs of night time activities.

Fire, Led spinning, Lasers and Beaming projections and the most beautiful sunrise. If you had a good nights sleep as I did, waking up in time was easy (ish) otherwise next time stay up all night until this fiery sunrise greets you. Colourful Festival for sure.

Many thanks to all those lovely people who have sent me emails and text messages about festival photos.

As an aside about Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia.

The old website they had pumped in a lot of resources to build has been taken down, hopefully all that history and stories is safe for the new phase of Rainbow Serpent Festival rises up again.

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Rainbow Serpent Festival Photo Album

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