Photography During COVID-19

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Photography During the Pandemic

USA and English photographers are working in different circumstances to Australian photographers in early 2021 during the pandemic. The EEAA released the Covid Safe Operating Framework. This may also be helpful to events, wedding suppliers & venues in other major cities such as London.

We all know corporate events and weddings play an essential part in their respective communities. So lets work together and get our sector healthy again.

“The EEAA is committed to best-practice industry standards and the Safe Operating Framework has been developed to ensure the safe delivery and operation of exhibitions and business events across Australia.” said Claudia Sagripanti, Chief Executive of EEAA.

4 main areas of readiness are;

Physical Distancing, Protect and Detect, Cleaning, Hygiene Environment Management and Communication.

To have a better chance of business events making a quick return we all need to embrace this. To not only keep the vulnerable safe but to also give some confidence to all the stakeholders such as people who manage their expo staff, venues and sponsors

Hopefully the Government will play their part in allowing the industry to get back to business. “The number one priority of the exhibition and events industry is the health and safety of everyone who attends and participates in-person at trade and consumer shows, conferences and meetings.

The COVID-19 Safe Operating Framework forms the second phase of the EEAA be #ExpoReady campaign.

Chart: Photographers Covid 19 risk outdoor and indoor
Chart: Photographers Covid 19 risk outdoor and indoor

Event Safe Operating Frame Work by EEAA Download Here

Where are event staff and photographers at most risk

New Study on the risks associated with corona-virus, indoor and outdoor events, ventilation and exposure time matrix may help photographers gauge their risk on shoots.

This research is applicable to photographers that capture mass participation events such as weddings and event photographers.

This helps give us some confidence about where we as suppliers to the events sector are at low, medium and at high risk. Outdoor well ventilated events according to this report are where we could look for more opportunities to shoot events. Bride and grooms may decide an outdoor wedding is best in 2020. You can shoot headshots and portraits outside as well instead of a high-rise building in the CBD.

More space for people to spread out in large outdoor venues in fresh air. Though the economics of running events may be prohibitive.

Chart first published on BMJ.

About – They have been around for 190 years and publish articles that help readers around the world. Mainly to doctors so they can make better decisions about practice, policy, education, and research.

Chart: Photographers Covid 19 risk outdoor and indoor

Chart: Photographers Covid 19 risk outdoor and indoor. Source

Last Updated 26-04-2020

COVID 19 Effect on Photography 

Will the photography industry be the same again? Going by history it will (in a macro sense). The photography industry has adapted over the last hundred years. Whether the influence is by technology or consumer trends. Creatives always get creating.

This post was first published on the 25th March, about 30 days ago. The Australian risk was very different with escalating numbers. Now we’re enjoying the peace of mind that comes from the early sacrifice. The mood is more upbeat about the mid to long term future on the newsletters we receive. Albeit lots of continued short term pain.

A month ago there was a huge thirst for information on the effects of COVID-19 and photography. That’s tapered a little. Either by an algorithm or searcher intent.

This article update highlights data on the charts below from visitors to this page. Although not huge numbers it gives us an insight into who had an interest in photography during the up swing of COVID-19 cases.

Australian photographers and others who are interested in the subject (just over 500) visited the page. That’s enough to see some patterns. All the data is from Google Analytics.

Photographers interest by age

Data sample from 25th March to 25th April 2020 with a data sample size of 535 page entrances in Australia.

First thing that jumps out is that the 25-34 year old are by far the highest visitors to this page, 41.5%.

Perhaps not too surprising given that many people in the entertainment, events and photography sectors are pre middle age.
With many gig, casual and part time workers.

People over the age of 65 are the lowest visitors to the article, 5.8%.
Given the higher numbers in the 25-34 age bracket, if you have staff or co-workers who fall into this segment, perhaps keep a closer eye on them as they may need more support.

The Australian government has not been as helpful to gig or freelance workers as other sections of the workforce.

Australian Photography Interest By Age 2020 COVID-19

Interest by Australian States

The clear observation that NSW has got the most views of the page is clear.

Our assumption for this is that one of the biggest population in proximity to us plays are large factor.

Search engines like to serve pages that are close to the searcher.

The numbers don’t accurately match the Australian interest probably because not everyone that has set Australia as their home country but a few may not have NSW listed as their State.

NSW 256 clicks, Queensland 100, Victoria 87 and the remaining from other States.

Chart - Australian Photography interest by State COVID-19 data

Photographers by gender

The interest by gender of Australian searchers to the site during the pandemic up swing is pretty even.

We had thought there were too few female photographers. Perhaps there are and these numbers were balanced out by events professionals, are there more females than male in the Events Industry?

48.8% female page visitors and 51.2% male.

All the data presented is from Google Analytics.

Chart - Australian Photography interest by State COVID-19 data

Risk for photographers and events professionals

The data from this research reveals some of the risk scores for our industry.

  • Photographers COVID-19 risk score is 22.3
  • Marketing Managers scored 23.7
  • Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners 42.4
  • Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairers 10.6
  • Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers 51.2
  • Printing Press Operators 17.7
  • Security Guards 23.9

See chart below for a visual on risk to income positioning. Not all job types are marked on the graphic but more are available with a manual search of the data. A few industry specific job types are added manually.

Photographers COVID-19 Risk Score

Photographers COVID-19 Risk Score

Last Updated 25-03-2020

Venues ‘Closed’ for Business

ICC Sydney our largest and newest purpose built exhibition and performance space is essentially shut down for the Federal Governments mandated period from 18th March to 16th June. With not more than a hundred people allowed indoors, this cancels every business event and live entertainment at all major venues.

ICC Sydney Postponed Events due to COVID-19

Smaller venues are similarly effected. One of our favourite to visit are our historic houses that operate as “Living Museums” are also closed.

Sydney Living Museums Closed due to COVID-19

Lost Jobs During COVID-19 in Events

Jobs and business losses in some parts of the media sector will struggle. Change is going to hurt. APP – Medianet knows this well with their recent turbulence. Even so they’ve put together a Jobs Board for those who need every avenue to get a camera back in their hand.