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Event Photography Buying Guide

Selection Guide for Booking Event Photography Services

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Help for Selecting Event Photography Services

Event photography adds value to both your guests and business. Your digital presence is more important than ever. Understanding the differences of all the event photography genres, shotlists and jargon can be difficult when you’re shopping for a photographer and low on time.

Below are articles and guides to help clarify and educate on each type. We are confident they will help you in procuring the best event photography service when you need them. Otherwise we are just an email or phone call away and happy to help.

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We provide photography services primarily to leading event managers, coordinators and their assistants. And to both local and international marketing managers, business owners, editors, office managers, media outlets.

Personal service with an honest, hands-on approach and great value based photography pricing. Integrity and transparency with a commitment to ensure your success.

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