Stadium Stomp Event Sydney Cricket Ground 2015

There are many reasons why well over 1150 people would walk and run up and down 6,300 steps !

Some of which are;
to raise awareness for the Stomp Sydney Charity Partner, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) another is to raise funds to find a cure for type 1 diabetes for JDRF, Stadium Stomp SCG has so far raised $65,655.00. If you’d like to contribute to the SCG fundraising, you can still do so via this link: (this was for 2015)

And let’s not underestimate the warm fuzzy feelings of being part of the friendly and caring community that Sydney has been known for when causes need some attention.

So far the team and participants of Stadium Stomp have raised over $ 180,00.00 across the 4 cities. Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. There was a big effort from some of the organizing team traveling to each city to run these events and they were all to highlight various causes and give locals a chance to be involved in a healthy pursuit for themselves and their communities.
I spoke with a couple who had completed both the Brisbane and Sydney Stomps. I heard there were 4 other participants who managed to bag all 4 challenges, an extra ordinary effort and no doubt the extra personal rewards that goes along with it !

There were a few costume wearing Stompers, We spotted a trio of Richie Benaud, frills, lace and tutu wearing peeps, and of course the firemen and women dressed in full fire protection equipment.
I’d like to see a lot more next year as it adds to the already very friendly community atmosphere.

Stomping good fun !

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