Strickland State Forest Wedding

Small Outdoor Intimate Wedding at Strickland State Forest Park NSW

Small Outdoor Wedding Strickland State Forest

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We love weddings, we love them, even more, when it’s a small intimate wedding. This particular wedding was at Strickland State Forest in NSW. Which is in the mountains north-west of Gosford NSW. See photos below. If you are planning a wedding at the State Forest park, talk to us.

It was fairly grey with sporadic rain showers, tiny bursts of sunshine and cool air, nature was giving us a bit of everything that day.

Strickland State Forest was the ideal location for Rebekah and Josh’s wedding as its virtually in their back yard and they’ve walked. They’ve been enjoying this forest park for many years.
They even chose their favourite spot for their couples portrait photography session down by ‘Mossy Rocks’ see photos below of the narrow path along one of the walks in the Strickland State Forest.

Make it Personal

Weddings are and should be very personal in the way they are structured, the location, layout, photography and flow of the event. The couple’s to be wed should have it their way and that was the case with this wedding.

Everything from the wedding clothes to vegetarian food, the lighting, decor and music and vows exchanged.

The choices made demonstrated the importance of nature to Rebekah and Josh. Be kind to the environment and to provide a setting that guests could relax and feel welcome.

From my experience, you can tell a lot about the couple by the quality of the hugs they give and receive, Boy oh boy there were that many huge embraces I was very touched by the loving energy that I witnessed and photographed from all their friends and family.

Photographs below really don’t do it justice. Very moving indeed.
It wasn’t all mushy feelings either, there was lots of fun and laughter as you’d expect from these cool kids. See below.

Even the official parts of the ceremony were filled with playfulness and fun, wedding certificate signing with marriage celebrant Ellen Aarts from Ceremony-Artistry.

Couples Portraits

After all the official parts were over we went for a short bush walk mid-afternoon for the wedding portraits down next to the ‘Mossy Rocks’. With a mid to high tree canopy and two huge boulders either side of the track it provided a natural frame for the quick portrait session in natural soft but dim light.

Banksia Visitor area

Banksia Visitor area is 1.4km down the Strickland forest road, by my estimation, there was ample space for weddings of up to 200 people. Even with this early spring wedding, the temperature was very mild and with firewood on hand to provide ambience and warmth during the evening.

Some of the photos below show some of the environment around the Banksia Visitor area, Cabbage Tree and Stony Creek Walks.

This was such an enjoyable Outdoor Intimate Wedding to photograph and I thank Rebekah and Josh for asking us to be a part of it. Hugs guys

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Wedding Photos at Strickland State Forest

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