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For a successful Corporate Event, you will need a Sydney photographer with substantial experience to do it well. Business events are significant investments, so only use trusted professional photographers.

We provide exceptional quality photography that’s competitively priced. We invite you to browse our corporate event photography portfolio of work that demonstrates what we can do for you.

At many events for business, the turnaround time to send through the photos is paramount to keeping the excitement and freshness living on via social sharing. We can help your marketing efforts with quick turnaround times.

Our expert photography services are peace of mind for you when running corporate incentives programs, meetings, exhibitions, conferences and trade events.

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Corporate Event Portfolio Pages

Photo Gallery Corporate Event Photography Sydney

Photo case study on 4 venues featuring the following; Sydney Harbour Marriott, Sydney Observatory, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth and Pier One Sydney Harbour.

Doltone House Photos

Our photographers in Sydney at Doltone House Hyde Park, at a Darling Island function and an event at Jones Bay Wharf with Sydney Harbour views.

Gallery Corporate Event Photography Sydney

3 business events in the health sector; ACTA International Conference, Australasian Sleep Association Conferences and 68th Scientific Meeting of the Cardiac Society Australia.

Niche Specific Corporate Event Photography

A selection of our latest posts that highlights specific corporate photos and business event types we regularly shoot for wonderful clients.

Common events for business are; Trades shows, Conference, Gala dinners, Corporate cocktail parties, Incentive event photography, Networking events, Corporate team building events, Party & entertainment photography plus many other types of business shoots we offer.

Browse these general information pages or just check out the photo galley portfolio below and request your free quote today.

Corporate events are great places for Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs to meet

For both event planners and photographers, what happens before the event is just as important as what happens during. Excellent preparation in the event planning stage of the process can make things run seamlessly on the day.

The professional photographer starts with getting to know the purpose of the business or corporate event. For example, some events are held for the purposes of marketing and promotion or Trade Shows for example. While others are conducted for team building and employee development such as workshops. Many events are to thank their corporate clients with a gala party and celebrate their success.

What are some tips when looking to hiring a photographer?

  • When you’re hiring a corporate event photographer it will be advantageous if they know where and how you will be using the photos. This helps guide them when choosing various types of shots.
  • If you’ve had previous photos as examples send them to us to get a better idea of what you expect. Include what you didn’t like or wanted more off.
  • Photos that highlight your business tone and marketing message is important. Photos should speak in your voice and be on brand.
  • Budget, open frank conversation about photography rates will help both parties.
  • Together with an overview of your vision for the event, the photographer can infuse their creative flair while at the same time get the photos you need.
  • Two way communication is key.

Where to get help on writing a corporate event photo brief?

If you are an event or marketing manager and you run corporate events you may already have a solid photography brief. We’ve got hand template and examples.

A brief is a comprehensive but concise description of the mood, purpose or vibe you’re trying to create at the event. The brief usually includes a list of ‘must haves’ and a few things you prefer avoided.

If you don’t have a brief and you are short on time you can rely on our corporate event photographer to know what shots to capture. We’ve photographed this type of event many times before. We’ve got you covered.

At large corporate events and parties you may have a media person at the show. If they can roam with the photographer and point out some additional key people such as the VIPs and sponsors that is also a good idea. Team work will help in getting exactly what you need.

What are the corporate event photography rates and prices?

Corporate event rates haven’t changed much for many years.

With a competitive market and limited amount of large consumer and B2B trade shows and other corporate events, it has led to professional photographers with corporate event experience holding their prices. Prices vary from $400 to $2800+ for multi day conferences and tradeshows.

Photography Pricing and event photography rates are covered in long form over two separate articles.

What types of Corporate Events do you shoot?

Some of the Corporate events you can use entertainment at are for;

Corporate team building

Many companies run team building events to help create better synergies between employees.

Teams are more effective when they work together on a common goal. So these out of office team building events make a positive difference in creating a good understanding of working together to solve problems and to better understand each other in a new environment.

Corporate awards and gala dinner events

Awards and gala dinner events are to celebrate accomplishment or milestones of a person, team or company in a related sector vertical.

Networking and celebrating with your peers is also a big attraction. These events typically have a variety of entertainment on top of the awards announcements.

Corporate Christmas events

Corporate Christmas parties in Sydney are very popular. It is a time for Corporations to reward and celebrate the achievements. It is a great time for staff, clients and stakeholders to enjoy the each others company in an informal setting.

Seminars and summits

Seminars, workshops, symposiums, and conferences are for information sharing. It is a time when your colleagues and peers come to gather to sharing ideas and research. When for formalities are over there is also some types of entertainment that is enjoyed such as canape and cocktails during the break out sessions and networking.

Charity Events

Charity events are a great opportunity to help raise funds to support a community organisation. They also regularly have a strong entertainment program to help with ticket sale and attendance.

Many include music, other ideas ideas for outdoors activities such as golf days and lawn bowls are used a lot in Sydney.

What is a good photo shot list for corporate event photography?

20 Event Photography Shot-list ideas;

  • Getting set up photos
  • Stage shots
  • Photos of speakers presenting
  • Pictures of staff working
  • Photos of guests engaging and networking
  • Artistic images of food and drinks
  • Interior of the venue and branding
  • Reportage style photos
  • Staged portraits
  • Photographs of the general location, i.e. Sydney Harbour
  • Photos of the program, flyers or other collateral.
  • Full room photos
  • Images of the details and close-ups
  • Candid shots of participants
  • Exterior photos of the venue
  • Images of staff networking
  • Event signage
  • People having fun
  • Event guests at the Media wall
  • Photos of other vendors and service providers

How important are corporate events in running your business effectively?

Corporate events are essential at leveraging your human capital into financial success.

What do we mean by corporate event?

Corporate event means private gathering of people for special occasions at a venue to either celebrate a business milestone, showcase your products and services or reward staff and your best clients.

What are popular times of the year to have corporate event?

Popular times of the years are before Christmas, annual mid year staff parties, end of financial year trade events, special occasions such as major sporting events and before public holidays.

Hire us, we understand corporate events and are the dependable business event photographers in Sydney.

Share your ideas for your corporate entertainment, incentive programs and knowledge sharing conferences, we have helped many medium and large businesses achieve their marketing goals.

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