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Compare Professional Photographers With Third Party Booking Sites

Professional Photographers Compared What Are the Differences Between Independent Professional Photographers and Third Party Booking Sites? Snappr Review The advertiser claims they have the best photographers. Their best photographers will be at the top of the Snappr database listing? That's good for those few photographers and good for prospective clients. How would they compare [...]


Festival Photography – Blues Fest

Festival Photography - Blues Fest Blues Festival Photography - The Best of We love large scale event photography assignments. Festival photography comes in many styles and types. They cater to just about every genre of music and artistry. And consequently, festivals attract every demographic. Price nor distance will keep the die-hard fans away from their [...]


Entheogenesis Australis EGA Symposium

Entheogenesis Australis EGA Psychedelic Symposium Entheogenesis Australis EGA Psychedelic Symposium Panel Discussions Entheogenesis Australis Event Summary 3 days, 50+ lectures, workshops and panel discussions. Immersive arts program, market space. The event covered a diverse range of fields from the botanical, academic, and philosophical, to arts and drug law reform. "This world-renowned conference will once again be placing a mature discussion around [...]


Photography at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018

Festival Photography at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 Live Art at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 Festival Photos from Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 So many people from almost every culture and subculture from around Australia and the world. 18,000 people coming to one place to unite, hug and dance. Hundreds of acts of every colour and rhythm participated [...]


Indigenous Culture Homeground Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Event Homeground - Indigenous Culture Homeground at the Sydney Opera House has returned bigger and better at the Sydney Opera House forecourt. There are many events hosted on the Opera House forecourt, many internationals and big name local artists. But having some of the best First Nations dancers from around Australia for locals Sydney siders and tourists alike is rare. And [...]


Stadium Stomp Sydney SCG Event

Event Photography Stadium Stomp Sydney 2017 SCG The Shoot This is the only event of this type I photograph, and now my third year. I like the big focus the event has on gathering a community of people but also in that it keeps my skills honed with a broad mix of event photography. Staying sharp and challenged leads to be [...]


Wedding Neutral Bay Ceremony

Wedding Neutral Bay Ceremony The very last wedding was on 25 Acres, which contrasts to this one in the size of the location. I'm very pleased to highlight this wedding with a blog post to show you some variety in which types of weddings I photograph. This wedding was on a 15 square metre deck in Neutral Bay with an open outlook on a [...]

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