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Photography Rates for Sydney Corporate Events

Hiring a Photographer? How Much for a Professional?

Photography Prices and Rates in Sydney will vary a little or a fair bit depending on your exact needs.

Hiring a professional photographer is going to require some investment, that goes for any specialised field.

A professional photographer is also a game changer for your peace of mind and getting great results.

If your budget is really tight we still don’t recommend hour by hour. It will probably cost you more as the hourly rates will be higher. We suggest hiring for either half or a full day. When hired on full day rates basis, usually the photographer stays on location much longer than just the standard 8 hours. For half day rate, they may need to get to their next booking, not always but…

Photography Prices - Rates

Photography Prices

The other way to think of it is, you’re a professional offering your services. Would you work all day with your professional equipment, skills, experience, including pre and post production for $300 pre tax and expenses? Nope, you’re a professional and you get the job done.

If you only have the budget of $600 for a half day shoot, just let us know upfront. Our regular clients benefit from the best rates, just ask.

$600 for a full day won’t get you the results you and your guests are expecting. Photographers that are starting out and doing it on the side may deliver results you hope your Manager and Marketing department will like. If you can afford the risk, give’m a shot. Will they know how to treat your business guests and VIPs? Maybe.

Professional Photographers Rates

They’ll definitely (hopefully) take better photos than phone pics. Can your brand risk it? Are you ok with slightly out of focus photos. Look around our website and you’ll notice our photos are clear, bright and sharp. Know how and experience makes all the difference.

Are you organising a large event for a Not for Profit or Community cause? let us know. Building long term relationships with our clients is most important to us.

Engage a professional and let them demonstrate their value.

Being upfront and honest is welcomed around here. That’s how we like it. Once the budget is out of the way, you’ll have more time for other tasks.

We are sure to have some of best event photography prices and rates in Sydney

Contact us, we’re approachable.

Photography Prices - Rates

In Summary About Photography Rates in Sydney

In summary, photography prices and rates in Sydney can range from the concerning low rates most of the entry level aggregate websites advertise at. Just not sustainable unless it’s a side project they are tinkering with. To the start up professionals that have prices starting from $150 an hour, and that’s cool, to the more sustainable rates of $180 up to about $360 per hour for the larger bells and whistle operators, that’s for a half day booking assignment (and to be clear that’s on location hours I’m referring too).

You may / should get lower rates per hour than that for a full 8 hour day assignment for an experienced photographer.

I think it’s worth pointing out that for every hour on location there are many more included for pre and post production hours in that hourly rate.

If you want to read the long version on this subject see here on How Much Should Photographers Charge and this is in US dollars for 2016.

What is your brand worth, entry level or top shelf? perhaps somewhere in the middle?

When you choose to work with a professional photographer, you’re paying for years of experience, creativity, event experience, people skills, technical know-how, camera and processing equipment, excellent reputation and their full and professional commitment to your event success.

Event Photography Rates Fashion - Business

Event Photography Rates Fashion – Business

Photography Prices and Rates in Sydney

Many factors helped us determine the best Event Photography Prices and Rates in Sydney, some of which are:

  • Style and Consistency – As you look through our work, you’ll see consistency in a style of photography and post production that is unique to us, you can depend on this consistency for your event.
  • Service – At any point in time, before, during, and after the event, you’ll have easy access to your head photographer, we pride ourselves with responsive personal service.
  • Post Production – we personally post process our raw images, we do not farm them off to some overseas mass production house. We use the latest desk top workstations with the latest specialist software to give you dependable and consistent results.
  • Photography Equipment – We use professional grade equipment, use only genuine Nikon lenses, no cheap substitutes. Our Eizo monitors are hardware calibrated and very accurate, We have great confidence in our equipment.
  • Backups – All images are backed up immediately upon entering our studio, then they are backed up twice, catalogued and logged into our system. We have strict QA processes we always follow before, during starting the post production work.
  • Qualified Second Shooters – We’ve screened countless photographers to find the right people to work with us. Their experience, manner, can do attitude with an eagerness to offer a high level of service is a must. We also look at their equipment list and their years of consistent results

Get in touch for the Best Rates for Photography in Sydney

Professional photography rates are not always in reach of every business or event managers budgets. If this is you, let’s chat about co-branding or sponsorship contra opportunities. If you are managing an event on behalf of a Not For Profit community organisation or fundraising event. Talk to us.

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Photography Prices - Rates